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↠´ A Great and Terrible Beauty µ Download by Ö Libba Bray Don t you ever speak to me that way again, I snarl I am no longer content to be the scared, obedient schoolgirl Who are you, a stranger, to tell me what I can and cannot do Wow, this was such a pleasant surprise If you don t know, The Diviners by Libba Bray is one of my favorite books ever So you can imagine I had my doubts that a book written many years earlier by the author would live up to it.
But A Great and Terrible Beauty was just so good I shouldn t have doubted Ms Bray It had so many great things going for it, with the Victorian setting, mysterious death of the main character s mother, supernatural elements, and rebellious, lovable narrator, Gemma Doyle.
Seriously, this book was too much fun, while also taking a look atserious historical facts, such as how many young girls were bred to be the wives of rich men during this time even if the men were thi Boarding school stories are f a s c i n a t i n g A pitiful review, but two exams tomorrow so I can t give youdear reader O It S , And After The Suicide Of Her Mother,Year Old Gemma Doyle Is Shipped Off From The Life She Knows In India To Spence, A Proper Boarding School In England Lonely, Guilt Ridden, And Prone To Visions Of The Future That Have An Uncomfortable Habit Of Coming True, Gemma S Reception There Is A Chilly One To Make Things Worse, She S Been Followed By A Mysterious Young Indian Man, A Man Sent To Watch Her But Why What Is Her Destiny And What Will Her Entanglement With Spence S Most Powerful Girls And Their Foray Into The Spiritual World Lead To From The Hardcover Edition Okay, so I was a little slow discovering this, but since Rebel Angels just came out, I figured I would read the first in the series first The novel can best be described as Gothic fantasy Lots of Victorian atmosphere and ruminations about the claustrophobic restrictions on women in that time period, combined with a good portion of magic and mystery I loved Bray s sense of humor It saved the novel from becoming top heavy or melodramatic The ending didn t quite work as well for me as the rest of the book, but perhaps I was simply reading too fast by that point I would recommend it to teen girls, say 13 Be aware, there was a definite erotic edge to the book Noso than Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but it s worth mentioning.
Shall I tell you a story A new and terrible one A ghost story Are you ready Shall I begin Once upon a time there were four girls One was pretty.
One was clever.
One charming, and one One was mysterious But they were all damaged, you see Something not right about the lot of them Bad blood Big dreams Oh, I left that part out Sorry, that should have come before They were all dreamers, these girls.
One by one, night after night,the girls came together And they sinned Do you know what that sin was Their sin was that they believed Believed they could be different Special They believed they could change what they were damaged, unloved.
Cast off things They would be alive, adored,needed Necessary But it wasn t true This is a ghost story, remember A tragedy.
They were misled Be Buddy read with some amazing ladies and a traveling book, hosted by Julie over at Pages and Pens A Great and Terrible Beauty is exactly why I am scared to read earlier decade s published novels that I remember were super hyped and popular This also reads just like an early 2000s novel, with all the problematic content being there The basic premise of this book is a young girl named Gemma Doyle, is whisked away to a London boarding school after the death of her mother Before her mother s death, she is given a necklace and she is forced to realize that she is wayimportant and special than she ever thought She s the hero that can heal the realms and save the world Then, at the boarding school that is meant to turn these girls into desirable young ladies to be married off, Gemma falls into a 4.
5 Libba Bray never seems to disappoint and this was no exception I really loved this one I love the time period and all the witchiness and the characters were awesome, it was great

According to the author, this is a story about an English girl named Gemma who sees things A girl with a dead mother, a lot of guilt, strange friends and a mysterious destiny To me, it was a story about a strong willed teen who felt alone in the world I specifically used the word teen to denote a person whose life inexperience causes her to make impulsive decisions not all bad, mind you but implusive nonetheless.
The story is set in Victorian era England, a period in time where a girl s greatest hope was supposed to be to marry well read money Well born girls were trained to smile and be proper no matter what and, eventually, lie back and think of EnglandThey were mislead Betrayed by their own stupid hopes Things couldn t be different for them because they weren t special after all So life took them, led them, and they went alon This book is what it is a young adult novel.
That said, it s a very good one You can read the summary on the book s page, so I won t go into that here.
I loved the juxtaposition of Victorian England, colonial India, and the fairy world The protagonist doesn t belong in any of them, and she recognizes that, which sets up the whole story the outsider tries to find her niche.
I didn t care for any of the other main characters, mostly because I felt that the protagonist, Gemma, was treading on thin ice by being friends with them I liked Gemma I ve read reviews that said she was selfish, angry, and petty, and she can be but what sixteen year old isn t The friendship between Gemma and the other three girls is based on a de I don t know why for so long I just assumed I wouldn t like historical fiction, it s not as if I don t love history I picked it for one of my A levels in college But, I guess it s just one of those genres that sounds tedious and you imagine it to be all oppressed sexuality and prim and properness Diana Gabaldon forever changed my mind with her oversexed and aggressive depiction of history and it was only a matter of time before I looked towards other works of historical fiction.
This book is both everything I expected and also everything I didn t expect It s set for the most part in a boarding school for educating girls in the art of being ladies , or in other words wives The girls were expected to be reserved, polite and, most importantly, beautiful This I was prepared

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↠´ A Great and Terrible Beauty µ Download by Ö Libba Bray What is it about writing an author bio that gives me that deer in headlights feeling It s not exactly like I m going to say I was born in Alabama and somebody s going to jump up and snarl, Oh yeah Prove it At least I hope not.I think what gets me feeling itchy is all that emphasis on the facts of a life, while all the juicy, relevant, human oddity stuff gets left on the cutting room floor.