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[ Pdf A Hunger Like No Other Ï new-york PDF ] by Kresley Cole ✓ This book had a slow start, but finished with a bang spoilers Lachlain was crazy out of his mind from years and years of being burned alive and tortured by a vampire horde so for about 1 4 of the book he was a asshat but as his mind starts to heal and he starts to get to know Emma he feels guilt over the way he has treated her and starts trying to win her love and trust Emma is super shy, timid, and lets people walk all over her She was raised in a house that hates vampires and being 1 2 vampire it made her feel like a outsider and that she could one day turn evil She starts feeding from Lachlain and she starts coming out of her shell and because a stronger woman she learns to fight for herself and those she loves It is nice to see the Re read 10 7 15 Rating bump from 3 to 4 stars original review below meanwhile, inside of the Fetish Cafe WaitressMiss Are you ready to order Meclearing throat Um, I think so Can you tell me first if there are any off the menu specials tonight WaitressNothing extra tonight Our supplier didn t deliver today, so we re running low on supplies If you re looking for a fantasy involving props, chances are, it s not going to happen MeIt s fine That s not really my thing pause UhI think I ll take the kidnapping special With an order of dominant male Preferably tall, dark, handsome, and pushyyou know the drill The alpha type WaitressBig spender, aren t we Anything else says sarcastically Would you like fries with your order MeYes, please Can I get some gravy with that on the side Brown, not white W 2nd Reread Completed 8 1 8 9 13Looking back at how much I loved this book when I first read it, and how much I loved it on reread, I can say most definitely that this book is an all time keeper For me, this story is magic I didn t have a lot of time to read it, but I actually didn t want to put it down when I couldn t read it Finally, when I was able to dedicate some time to reading, I or less read it straight through, except for when I was busy with my review books and Vacation Bible School At the end of the night, I was excited to get into bed and curl up and revisit Lachlain and Emma s love story, reading late into the night.
LachlainLachlain remains one of my fall time favorite paranormal heroes and probably of all time Although I refuse to pick a favorite Immortals After Dark hero, Lachlain makes some steep competition for the following heroes He starts out a bully, but I ca When he watched her sleeping, he often thought, My heart lies vulnerable outside my chest I ve purchased this book again because of the stunning cover I read A Hunger Like No Other first time two years ago I was in awe then for the start that the hero, Lachlain, is chasing after the heroine with fury in his heart Emma is very innocent, all her life she tries to find her lost father and she gets nothing from her search however, she hardly wants to give up Further, Lachlain makes life a living hell of her, Emma haven t known what he wants even though the passion between is slowly building up, he confines her and has no plan to let her go Emma turned to him, bottom lip trembling For me Always for you All things for you He coughed into his fist All your own I haven t known before that this book is good as this The Beauty and the beast plot works so

5 Stars simply for the inexplicable need the novel induced in me to keep on reading despite the many reasons not to I actually find it quite surprising that I didn t abandon the book after the first few chapters featured numerous attempted rape scenes, a control freak of a man or male, at least whose violent tendencies are not only portrayed as acceptable, but highly desirable But, though I was immediately horrified, the book also somehow managed to hold my attention and the writing style, a strange interest in the plot, and a morbid fascination in this destructive relationship forced me to read on.
I m not at all in favour of this kind of unhealthy relationship where the guy relentlessly pursues a woman, scares her into submission, and attempts to rape her so many times that she eventually decides he s kinda hot I do not find this an appealing roman Lachlain MacRieve Lykae Emmaline Troy half Valkyrie half vampireVampires, Valkirie, and Lykae, oh my The fucking monster mash Lachlain has just discovered his mate in Paris and he is not sure if he wants her You see, his mate is a filthy vampire She is one of the revolting creatures that Lachlain has spent all his immortal life chasing and brutally killing without remorse She is one of the malicious creatures that had him imprisoned and tortured with fire for centuries So, this is definitely a mistake Fate cannot be that cruel He cannot be the protector of someone so vile.
Emmaline is having a nice, relaxing time in Paris, while she is looking for her father who abandoned her mother before she was born That night she is sitting on the bench thinking that her trip was in vain and smelling the Paris air, when a brute madman suddenly appears and he starts app Vampires, Valkyrie, and Lykae, oh my Or as Regin calls it the fucking monster mash Hilarity ensuedI found myself in deep water first I was confused by the many different creatures, their characterization and history The story is fast paced, and Kresley Cole s wicked humor made me devoted to the series So far, it was the most comical father murder I ve ever read I was especially delighted at the appearance of N x, my most favorite character ever.
I really love this unique and complex world that Cole created How she keeps the multiple story lines in hand is really fascinating.
Lachlain and Emma are bonded together by blood, fate and instincts.
Lachlain is infuriated by the fact that Emma is partly a vampire, but as the story progresses, he suddenly catches himself forgetting about itHe would use this against her, he thought hazily If his blood on her tongue I DESPISE this kind of rape glorifying bullshit We have the innocent half vampire girl chased all over town by psycho madman who makes several starts to raping the terrified girl and has her crying and begging, then lo and behold just as he is about to do her she suddenly feels desire for him and off we head to lovey dovey land despite him treating her like shit This shit sickens me to the bloody stomach and I hate to see this kind of forced sex used as entertainment and wrapped up with pink bows and paraded as romance and seduction If men on the street behaved like this I somehow doubt that we d see it as fluffy bunny romance we d be screaming blue murder I know this is fiction and the excuse is his tortured past but it still isn t the In New York Times And USA TODAY Bestselling Author Kresley Cole S Sizzling Series, A Fierce Werewolf And A Bewitching Vampire Become Unlikely Soul Mates Whose Passion Will Test The Boundaries Of Life And DeathAfter Enduring Years Of Torture From The Vampire Horde, Lachlain MacRieve, Leader Of The Lykae Clan, Is Enraged To Find The Predestined Mate He S Waited Millennia For Is A Vampire Or Partly One Emmaline Troy Is A Small, Ethereal Half Valkyrie Half Vampire, Who Somehow Begins To Soothe The Fury Burning Within HimSheltered Emmaline Finally Sets Out To Uncover The Truth About Her Deceased Parents Until A Powerful Lykae Claims Her As His Mate And Forces Her Back To His Ancestral Scottish Castle There, Her Fear Of The Lykae And Their Notorious Dark Desires Ebbs As He Begins A Slow, Wicked Seduction To Sate Her Own Dark CravingsYet When An Ancient Evil From Her Past Resurfaces, Will Their Desire Deepen Into A Love That Can Bring A Proud Warrior To His Knees And Turn A Gentle Beauty Into The Fighter She Was Born To Be

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