Trailer Ú Privileged Life: Celebrating Wasp Style PDF by õ Susanna Salk

Trailer Ú Privileged Life: Celebrating Wasp Style PDF by õ Susanna Salk This is a book about the WASP life style There are a lot of old pictures in the book and that was neat to see.
I was a bit disappointed It should have been a coffee table book since it was mostly photos This book was mentioned in the Grey Gardens documentary, so I expected somethingsubstantial about that lifestyle There was one page of Little Eddie Instead this book was some fluff about the WASPY type lifestyle.
At Once Glamorous And Mysterious, The WASP Lifestyle Has Influenced Countless Trends In The Worlds Of Fashion, Home Design, And Pop Culture Today, One No Longer Has To Be A WASP To Embrace Its Casual Yet Elegant Attitude And Sense Of Style With Lively Text And Over One Hundred Images From World Renowned Photographers, A Privileged Life Celebrating WASP Style Is The First Book Of Its Kind To Unveil This Rarefied Way Of Life, One That Many Emulate Though Few Truly Understand From The Eclectic And Well Decorated Home Of Sister Parish To The Popular Pink And Green Color Combination Of Preppy Chic To Iconic Photographs Of The Style Makers Who Embody The WASP Spirit Like Grace Kelly, Truman Capote, Or Jacqueline Kennedy, This Book Celebrates Our Timeless Fascination With America S Leisure Class This book is fabulous and fascinating Loved it.
Who doesn t love a book written by a native of Essex, MAthough not a native myself I m proud to call Essex home This is a sweet, beautifully written memoir cultural study that holds up reading after reading A fascinating and visually satisfying peek into one of many American cultures I found the book to be matter of fact enough to allow one to make ones own judgements about the WASP lifestyle I felt like Nick Calloway or Mr ripley, both lured and put off, charmed and cynical A very enjoyable read and I just loved the pictures Understanding the life style of another subculture of America.
It s history but in the end just another culture and traditions.

It could have been better I wantedand better photos I would have focusedon fashion and less on lifestyle It is the thought that counts I suppose Pretty much all pictures of WASPs, with a few short essays It s not tongue in cheek, like the preppy handbook.
I checked this out for decorating ideas the author has written a few design books This wasn t what I was hoping for, and I don t think I d recommend it.
As the title indicates, there s no poor little rich girl or false modesty here Instead, the author spends 160 pages sharing preppy pictures many of her own family and talking about how being a WASP is totally awesome For those who aren t well heeled and pastel clad, her celebration probably comes off as completely obnoxious, but the author seems so completely oblivious that I found the whole thing amusing.
Also, I just want to go on record saying that Lilly Pulitzer dresses are hideous.

Susanna Salk

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