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[Richard Matheson] ☆ A Stir of Echoes [guidebook PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ An enjoyable novel about a man hypnotized at a party who then begins to exhibit psychic powers including the recurrent appearances of a woman who may or may not be a ghost Matheson author of I am Legend, numerous classic creepy short stories and many of the best Twilight Zone episodes has written better things, but this still kept my interest I am a fan of the movie with Kevin Bacon, and was surprised by how much different the atmosphere and setting is in this, the original The movie is set in a gritty working class Chicago neighborhood in the 90 s, among average Joes skeptical of psychic abilities the novel is set in the 50 s in a tract of post war prefab housing that in spite of its blandness, newness and all American wholesomeness still provides a home for viciousness and a few dark secrets I think this would have made a very good novella Even at a mere 200 pages it is a My search for a great ghost story brought me to A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson Published in 1958, I imagine that this novel made a greater splash in its day, when ghosts haunted manors, usually in Europe where there was foul weather Staging his supernatural tale in a suburb of sunny Los Angeles with young couples was probably a stroke of genius on the part of Matheson, an author whose devotion to dark fantasy and high concept I love, but whose stories and characters fall further down the list I took a long break in the middle of this and another week to write this review.
The novel is the first person account of Tom Wallace, who works in publications at an aircraft plant in Inglewood He s just moved i I want you to pretend you re in a theater, an enormous theater You re sitting near the front.
It is completely black inside the walls are dark velvet, the floors are covered with dark velvet rugs It s black inside, absolutely black Except for one thing In the whooooole pitch black theater there s only one thing you can see The letters on the screen S L E E P You re very comfortable Veeeery comfortable You are just sitting there and looking at the screen, looking, loooooking at that single word.
Sleepsleepsleeeeeeep The story takes place in Hawthorne California in the 1950s Tom Wallace is living in a rented house with his pregnant wife Anne and his son Richard Things are going pretty smoothly until the day his brother in law Phil visits, and the three adults go over to a neighbor s house for a little get together After a few drinks

Richard Matheson was a master of the horror genre This is about psychic powers and telepathy and all rolled up into a classic ghost story Published in 1958, it is refreshing to read a minimalistic work in an age of sensationalism and graphic detail It is obvious how influential he has been to generations of writers after him, I think Stephen King must have put this book down and kept it close before writing The Dead Zone.
The author s writing is concise, matter of fact, and convincing, with a great imagination It must be kept in mind that Mr Matheson is from the fifties, an author that later day horror writers such as Stephen King respect A ordinary guy, who abruptly acquires psychic abilities is soon in touch with a deceased murder victim, and the haunting won t stop until our hero uncovers the killers Does the plot sound familiar Yes, it has been redone the film What Lies Beneath comes to mind, though the screenplay was written in 2000, while this novel was published in 1958.
Highly recommended to those who like supernatural tales discover one of the original old masters next I Am Legend by the same author Richard Matheson 1926 2013 Thanks for the stories.
Before I say anything about this classic bit of horror, I want to put a plug in for the film adaptation Stir of Echoes starring Kevin Bacon is a truly terrifying ghost story I always felt it didn t get the attention it deserved because The Sixth Sense was released earlier the same year and stole all the thunder for the record, I think Stir of Echoes is the better movie If you haven t seen it I highly recommend that you do You won t even spoil Matheson s novel because the movie takes a very different approach to the story and the mystery.
Now with that out of the way on to the book TheRichard Matheson I read, theI understand why Stephen King touts him as his biggest influence Twenty years before King ever started writing about small towns and all the ugly things small town residents can get up to, Matheson was writing First publishes in 1958, A Stir of Echoes is Richard Matheson s third major work, the first two being the classic I Am Legend which guaranteed his literary immmortality, and The Incredible Shrinking Man, the classic horror novel with a man racing against literally increasing odds.
The basic plot crux is very simple and the storyline doesn t deviate much from it Tom Wallace agrees to undergo a hypnosis, as he believes he won t be affected by it As it usually turns out in novels of the uncanny things don t exactly go the easy way out, and Tom notices that his life has changed He realizes that he is able to read the thoughts of people around him, and has strange visions of a woman in a black dress in his house He finds that his abilities are not always welcome, and as his sense of isolation progresses so does the my This Eerie Ghost Story, From Richard Matheson, The Award Winning Author Of Hell House And I Am Legend, Inspired The AcclaimedFilm Starring Kevin Bacon Tom Wallace Lived An Ordinary Life, Until A Chance Event Awakened Psychic Abilities He Never Knew He Possessed Now He S Hearing The Private Thoughts Of The People Around Him And Learning Shocking Secrets He Never Wanted To Know But As Tom S Existence Becomes A Waking Nightmare, Even Greater Jolts Are In Store As He Becomes The Unwilling Recipient Of A Compelling Message From Beyond The Grave A Stir of Echoes is an enjoyable if somewhat dated story of paranormal suspense, particularly memorable for the clash of 1950s suburban worldview with a dark, impressionistic first person account of an intrusive form of telepathy.
Tom Wallace leads a happy middle class life in a modest neighborhood of South Bay Los Angeles with his pregnant wife Anne and their toddler, Richard The couple enjoy the sort of amiable relationships with all their neighbors that hark back to a simpler era When Anne s brother hypnotizes him one night at a party, Tom begins experiencing confusing waves of emotions and thoughts that seem to emanate from the minds of other people This is not the telepathy of parlor tricks and comic books, but a crippling flood of empathy that overwhelms his own mind and leaves him doubled over in pain Tom is repulsed by the dark interior lives lurking beneath everyone s super Dammit, Matheson, what the hell was that That has to be one of the all time worst cop out endings You re better than that, man See, Matheson and I have history This is the first novel of his I ve read, but still, we have history Matheson was my very first favorite author And he was without my even knowing it I grew up on Twilight Zone, the repeats and the 80s movie and redo, and my Mom, goodness love her, was cool enough to say, You would love this, when I was nothan six We watched the Twilight Zone movie and the scenario that stood out most was, of course, the thing on the wing of the plane Only much, much later did I find this was a redo of a classic episode of the original TZ Damned thing gave me nightmares for years But such delicious nightmares Few things can compare with a good chill down your spine And then, a few years later, Mom s

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