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[ Read Online Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness µ funnies PDF ] by Patty Duke ✓ Patty Duke s sequel to her first memoir, Call me Anna is very brave I haven t read her first one but A Brilliant Madness is a great book for those who are looking to understand Bi polar disorder, also called Manic Depression Patty Duke describes her tumultuous childhood and early adulthood, her manias that bordered on the psychotic, and her depressions that led her to attempt suicide countless times What is brave to me about this book is its confessional tone She admits how she tormented her husbands and her children, and how much she loves them and feels blessed that they seem to have forgiven her and moved on with their lives She recognizes that her behavior has damaged some relationships irrevocably, but she also acknowledges that when she accepted her diagnoses and got help it changed her life She gently pushes drugs particularly Lithium, this book I read this book years ago when it first came out I just finished reading it again.
I liked the unique way it was written Patty Duke and Gloria Hochman a medical reporter took turns in chapters discussing Manic Depression Gloria writes chapters explaining manic depression, the medicines that could be used to help She uses many individual cases from those who have the illness I liked the personal cases that was shared The other chapter were from Patty Duke herself I was very impressed with her no holds honesty writing about her own experience over the years with manic depression she was diagnosed in 1982 and writes about all those years before she was diagnosed, her outbursts, temper tantrums, manic behavior and how it affected her family along with the depression side where she locked herself away and h Having laughed my way through Carrie Fisher s battles with manic depression and other issues , I decided to stay on the mentally ill celebrity roll with a book by another figure embedded in the memories of those of us of a certain age Patty Duke This book interleafs the actress s own story with medical explanations of bipolar by a medical writer Although the material is somewhat dated the book was written in the late 80s when lithium was still the only real medication choice for manic depression , Patty Duke s story is gripping, and the medical material is illuminating What struck me most about the book was the absolute authenticity of Duke s writing She seems to write effortlessly Call Me Anna, which became a TV movie, was also hers the effect is of a candid chat with an intimate friend Of most interest to those with a love After reading her first book I had to read this one I found it to be just as well written as the first and enjoyed it very much I put this under discovery self help because it is about Patty Duke s bipolar disorder and she writes of her experience since being Helen in The Miracle Worker all the way up to her diagnosis It is a great read, but also clues you into the signs and symptoms of this horrible mind stealing disease that too many people needlessly suffer from without help or medication because of their own shame and embarassment to get help.
If you think you have bipolar, or think you know someone who does, or you want someone to be convinced they have ityou MUST read this It is real and doesn t sugar coat the realities of this horrible, yet totally treatable disorder Patty Duke writes this with absolute conviction and with the purity of the truth, not matter how difficult it is to read about, she makes no apologies for her life and it is all right here Just read it You will gain tremendous respect for these brave souls that face this disorder every day They are to be saluted for going through a personal hell that nobody else but them really understands.
A Groundbreaking Guide For Those Who Are Manic Depressive Of Who Live With Or Love Someone Who Is Publishers Weekly In Her Revealing Bestseller Call Me Anna, Patty Duke Shared Her Long Kept Secret The Talented, Oscar Winning Actress Who Won Our Hearts On The Patty Duke Show Was Suffering From A Serious But Treatable Mental Illness Called Manic Depression For Nearly Twenty Years, Until She Was Correctly Diagnosed At Age Thirty Five, She Careened Between Periods Of Extreme Euphoria And Debilitating Depression, Prone To Delusions And Panic Attacks, Temper Tantrums, Spending Sprees, And Suicide Attempts Now In A Brilliant Madness Patty Duke Joins With Medical Reporter Gloria Hochman To Shed Light On This Powerful, Paradoxical, And Destructive Illness From What It S Like To Live With Manic Depressive Disorder To The Latest Findings On Its Most Effective Treatments, This Compassionate And Eloquent Book Provides Profound Insight Into The Challenge Of Mental Illness And Though Patty S Story, Which Ends In A Newfound Happiness With Her Cherished Family, It Offers Hope For All Those Who Suffer From Mood Disorders And For The Family, Friends, And Physicians Who Love And Care For Them Duke is open and brutally honest in her account of her illness I only gave it 3 stars because I don t like books written by actors, they are not writers and it usually ends up being overly dramatized I would still recommend the book.
This is an amazing book Patty Duke is also a brilliant actress, and I think, personally, her illness is an asset to her acting A brilliant madness, a brilliant book on the experience of that madness A classic must read about experiencing bipolar disease, including historical perspective from before it became a diagnosis, which was for decades diagnosed as depression If you have had or know someone with BPD or not , a should read Promotes understanding, and attempts to combat the stigma of mental illness which should have an ism, i.
e I know there is prejudice, misunderstanding, media alternative truths, and other characteristics everyone tends to mental I ll people that have no truth, value, and promoting the outlandish stigma that still exists after centuries of exactly what mental illness is Like other medical diseases disorders, it is based in physiology, not religion, or the devil s intrusion and other ignorant meanderings the truth is, it is a neurological disorder brain chemistry with

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[ Read Online Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic Depressive Illness µ funnies PDF ] by Patty Duke ✓ izmirescort.pro Valley of the Dolls Duke was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1982 afterwards she then devoted much of her time to advocating and educating the public on mental health issues She was later elected president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1985 to 1988.Duke died on the morning of March 29, 2016, at the age of 69, in Coeur d Alene, Idaho, of sepsis from a ruptured intestine.