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Õ Read ↠´ All Over You by Sarah Mayberry ↠´ All Over You is the second book in Sarah Mayberry s Secret Lives of Daytime Divas series, now being re released in digital format It was first published in 2007 and its soap opera theme would definitely have been a hit then, not to mention that the author has a knack for writing sexy and compelling romances Though soap operas don t have the audience that they once did, I still found it a delightful behind the scenes look at the day to day operation involved in keeping a show like this on the air Plus it s got a theme that definitely appeals to the soap fan in me ordinary girl and soap opera star find their happy ending together For of this review please visit Harlequin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review.
As I continue with my SM marathon, I end up reading Sadie s friend, Grace s story I picked it up knowing that there will be some heartbreak moment that needs to be fixed In this case, it was Grace s sister s betrayal with her ex fiance Although this book wasn t amazing or anything, I did like Grace The way she deals with her problems made a lot of sense and while she may seem really pigheaded and bitchy during the beginning of the book, its easy to figure out why she did that Mac was a nice hero, an actor trying to make of his life by trying his hand at directing He s really a nice guy who was infinitely patient with Grace.
There were smidgits of Sadie and Dylan who I loved and hints of the last friend, Claudia s HEA I kinda like this novel concept of a Soap setting, so I will b This was another winner from Mayberry There were times when Grace came close to being too independent, but she always managed to pull it back.
Mac was the grounded character His ego took a beating when he left the soap to hit it big in Hollywood, but otherwise he doesn t bring much baggage to the relationship He acted like an idiot with Grace in the beginning but he than made up for it later He s kind and patient with Grace, pushing her to look for in life than what she has now For awhile I didn t think Grace was going to redeem herself She was able to because she was so self aware Once she realized she d been avoiding her problems instead of dealing with them, she really tried to make it right Also, I loved the end It was sweet and mushy and melted my heart, just a little bit.
A year or two ago when I was just getting into reading romances I started going through Blaze books like the proverbial shit through a goose That s probably a fairly apt analogy as a goose ingests a large amount of material to get a limited amount of nutrition from it If you live near a pond or lake with a large resident population of geese, you are already aware of the end product of eating so much food In any event, I would grab a handful of Blaze books every week from the library with little to no thought as to author, order, or any other criteria It was before I was introduced to GoodReads and there wasn t a good source of information as to what was worthy and what was not nor for what order anything shoudl be re I should ve learned my lesson from the first one, but, wow, they jumped into bed quickly There just wasn t enough time to develop the rest of the story.
Also there were several lines like his gonads were hot to trot His GONADS

After four years of celibacy, Grace Wellington is bound to have a few secrets, especially the man she has conjured up countless fantasies with soap star Mac Harrison Mac has been dabbling with directing some shots or the soap he works for, when he finally gets the opportunity to meet his favorite screen writer to work on an upcoming project with he is slightly taken aback by the snarky but seductive woman before him Little does he realize Grace s imagination keeps roving over his sinful body and new fantasies are bieng made every time he speaks.
I thought this was a hoot Loved the whole book, funny at times and through the roof chemistry just elevated the story.
I had absolutely no intention of liking this book at all The setting is a soap opera, hero a has been yet still hunky actor and the heroine a doesn t realize she s beautiful writer, both with huge chips on their shoulders And the first 30 pages were a little rough But then all of a sudden, the quickfire wit, the lack of stupidity from the heroine, the actually believable emotional baggage from the hero, added up to me READING THIS BOOK WITH A FURY And loving it.
Second in the series about the trio of behind the scenes people of a daytime soap Heroine with big boobs and an extensive vintage wardrobe is a writer on the show She has been celibate for four years, ever since she caught her gorgeous actress sister having sex with her artist boyfriend She does have an active fantasy life ie masturbation this is a Blaze and the hero, star of the soap, is the one she fantasizes about even though she has never met him.
All that changes when she is tasked with producing a ratings event wedding episode that hero is directing Heroine is beyond rude to him during their first meeting and he calls her out on it.
They re both attracted to each other, they have sex a few times, but heroine is a commitment phobe This was the saggy part of the story.
The drama picks up when the heroine s betraying sister is cast in the wed Audiobook Gabra Zachman is the Reader Reader Talent 4 Just finished listening to Sarah Mayberry s All Over You while pulling an all nighter for work I think this is about my 30th HQ Blaze I seem to be on a mission with them D , and my third by Sarah Mayberry Overall she s one of the better regular Blaze series authors IMO She consistently delivers a story rich enough to keep my attention, and emotional enough to allow me to believe the protagonists WANT to indulge in all things hot and sweaty together The wham bam we re in bed scenario, common in these types of stories, doesn t usually work for me unless there s an element that leads me to believe or suspend my disbelief there was reasoning and familiarity behind it than just instant sexual attraction Hello I love you Let s do i Millions Of Women Drool Over Soap Star Mac HarrisonAnd Scriptwriter Grace Wellington Is No Different Thehottie Headlines All Her Wildest Fantasies She Keeps Himfirmly In His Place There, However, Because Her Days Haveno Room For Such Ego Driven MenBut When She And Mac Are Thrown Together On A Project, Fantasy Becomes Blissful Reality All Of Her Secret, Naughtydesires Come To Life Under His Sizzling Ministrations Thisis One Affair To Remember And To Let Go Of When It S OverToo Bad Mac Doesn T Agree He Wants To Move Things Fromjust Sex To True Commitment Worse, He Has All The Right Moves To Convinceher Real Life Is Much Better

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Õ Read ↠´ All Over You by Sarah Mayberry ↠´ izmirescort.pro Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When