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[Richard Meryman] Õ Andrew Wyeth [human-capital PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Much to this artist than he ever showed publicly I am almost at the end of the book and prolonging the last chapters The sort of book you don t want to end.
Apparently the author had free reign with no approval required before this was published Can t get real than that.
This is a well written and interesting book I read a lot of non fiction and this has to be one of best books I have read in a long time The book is full of interesting facts I found it especially interesting because I am also an artist who coincidentally lives within a mile of the Wyeth world in Chadds Ford, PA I was surprised Betsy Wyeth signed off on this book because I felt it did not make her look good In fact, the book, in my opinion, portrayed her as over controlling, self centered, and just not a nice person I know a lot about the Wyeth family and this does not surprise me They seem to be a bit full of themselves It was sad to read how their relationship wasn t very healthy under the surface All in all, if you have any interest about Wyeth or the Chadds Ford area then this is a must read I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
A Revelation No One Will Ever View Andrew Wyeths Apparently Tranquil Works The Same Way Again After Reading This Vivid And Astonishing Portrait Of The Turbulent, Driven Man Who Paints Them Richard Meryman Has Written A Wonderful Book Geoffrey C Ward At Its Most Fundamental Level, This Stunning And Unique Biography Describes A Distinguished Painters Enterprise Of Transmitting Emotion Onto A Flat Surface It Explores All The Factors That Have Combined To Create Andrew Wyeth His Childhood In A Hothouse Of Creativity His Hypersensitivity His Formidable Wife His Identification With People Marginalized And Misunderstood All Whichhave Made Him An American Icon In The Process, His Realist Works In Watercolor And Tempera, Including The Famous Christinas World, Have Gained Him A Special And Secure Niche In The History Of American Art The Book Is A Portrait Of Obsession How Single Mindedness Has Affected Wyeths Relationships And Transformed His World Into A Realm Of Secrecy And Fervid Imagination Those Who read This Book Will Never Look At Wyeths Work As They Did Before It Reveals The Artists Dark Depths, As Well As The Ruthless, Angry, Child Man Fantasist Who Paints The Basic Brutalities Of Existence Death And Madness That Vibrate Eerily Beneath His Pictures Calm Surfaces Richard Merymans Narrative Is Almost Novelistic, With Its Larger Than Life Characters And Subplots The Tragedy Of CC Wyeth Betsy Wyeths Campaign For Independence And Individuality The Byzantine Year Long Drama Of The Helga Paintings The Eccentric And Creative Wyeth Clan And The Idiosyncratic Land And People Of Maine And Pennsylvania Based On Years Of Research, Frequent Visits And Countless Conversations With The Artist, His Family, Friends, Admirers And Critics, Andrew Wyeth A Secret Life Is The Only Book About The Man And The Artist That Gets Behind His Carefully Guarded Screen, Tells The Full Story Of His Lifeand Reveals His Complex Personality And The Motivations For His Paintings Superb This book, without a doubt, is one of the most atmospheric and emotional biographies I have ever read Quite wisely, the author provides granular details and fascinating bits of dialog and as a result we are steeped in a deep knowledge of Wyeth, his family, his well known subjects models, his landscapes, seascapes, tumble down ram shackles, windswept farms, barren beaches, and We benefit from Wyeth s own words about his work and process.
and we are also introduced to those around him that were so influential Suffice it to say, the Wyeths are a complex family full of contradictions and layers of some might say eccentricity But, in this author s hands, all of this becomes fascinating revealing compostas he remains true to As a long time admirer of the work of Andrew Wyeth, for some forty years, I wanted to read about the life of the artist before visiting the Brandywine Museum so as to be better informed before my visit This very detailed biography is very clearly written by a veteran journalist It covers many details of where and why many of the pictures were created, including many family matters that influenced the personal and artistic choices as well as clarifying the many personality quirks of the artist.
Insights into the strong personalities of both his father, illustrator N C Wyeth, and his wife, Betsy Wyeth, give one some understanding of the somewhat cryptic, mercurial and secretive personality that was able to sit for months, developing and painting his very personal images Also of interest was discussion of the process of arriving at the final composition A major important step I would have given this book 6 stars if I could Andrew Wyeth was an extremely physically sick man with an enormous dedication to his work and fierce independence His subject matter and color variety is narrow to the extreme, yet they touched a huge number of people from all over the world Why Why was he the most popular American People s artist, when he mostly painted sick, mentally ill, extremely poor and the scenery that is not traditionally beautiful in the least Why would people admire portraits with the subjects positioned to the side of the picture facing away from it This book tries to answer these and many other questions, while keeping the author s opinion to the minimum and the actual facts to the maximum I also admire the fact that rather detailed biographies are given of Andrew Wyeth s parents, brother and sis This is an outstanding biography of Andrew Wyeth What a complex and driven talent he was I have always admired his paintings and been fascinated by Christina s World and the Helga paintings Fascinating read and the author paints a detailed and intricate picture of the man Wyeth was The artistic talent was somewhat genetic, but further nurtured by his father If you love Wyeth s work, you will become absorbed in this book Highly recommend I could not put it down

Excellent product Well wrapped and delivered on time.
Just perfect to help me better understand this artist and his evolution through a look at his personal experience.

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