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Ó Read Ù Astérix le Gaulois by René Goscinny Ó A kindred spiritFamily portrait.
Sport recreation favorite pastime For those not familiar with the Asterix comics, let me give you a bit of background, both personal and general.
Let me start with Julius Caesar We all know him, eh And most of us probably know that Ceasar defeated the Gauls, thereby incidentally Latinizing and unifying them After conquering and annexing Gaul with a two year war, fought from 52 to 50 BC, he did actually see a small rebellion, though not quite of the kind we encounter in the Asterix comix.
The Asterix comics are funny, despite the violence depicted in them, for a few reasons I normally don t find slapstick comedy amusing at all, but here it is funny because of the wild improbability of a small little runt like Asterix your typical weakling brainy nerd stereotype, beating up BREAKING Berlin Is this the end of the indomitable Gauls Ehapa publishing house announced on Wednesday, that all volumes of the popular Asterix series of author Ren Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo will be immediately removed from trade The publisher responds to an inquiry by the National Anti Doping Agency NADA in Germany, who was able to demonstrate years of extensive doping of the popular cartoon characters At the end of last week, the NADA had published their results According to those, NADA inspectors were able to proof the use of an illegal substance, euphemistically called Magic Potion , in all of the booklets The infamous doping doctor Getafix a.
a Magigamix , a.
a The Druid has apparently manipulated blatantly and unabashedly all the beatings and battle results of the Gauls against Roman patrols, field camps and legions This is considered gross unsporting conduct another UPDATE at bottomI got this over Christmas 2014, when I saw some lying in a book store There are according to a list inside the front cover 33 books available in English translation, available singly or in Omnibus editions of 3 books each.
I glanced at it, browsing a bit as it lay on the table in my family room for months Amusing.
I had really picked it up for my grandson, who s just turned seven But when I tried to interest him in it, he was not very enthusiastic Perhaps he saw a bunch or words he didn t understand Strange punny Latin character names, even Latin words Whatever.
Finally a couple evenings ago I sat down and read it through Of course that s what s intended, and it improved Many laughs, though I m sure I missed quite a bit because of the Latin stuff, even though I probably have Latin than most Americans.
And maybe my grandson, when a lit

Prima avventura di Asterix ed i suoi amici Galli Dopo l invasione dei Romani in terra di Gallia, siamo nel 50 a C.
, i nostri amici Galli cercano di resistere, in un piccolo villaggio C anche Obelix, ma si vede poco, Panoramix e la sua storica pozione e soprattutto ci sono i simpatici disegni ed il romanaccio DHo visto decine di volte i cartoni animati, divertentissimi, mi mancavano i fumetti Cos ho voluto provare con il primo della serie ed il risultato stato molto piacevole, anche se la storia la conoscevo gi Unica pecca il formato dell albo, troppo grande, ci si perde un po troppo, preferisco il formato classico, tipo da Paperino o Topolino, per interderci La zuppa l pronta La zuppa l pronta Well, have you read all the Asterix books It s a fair question We ve read these, but these aren t all There are, in fact, at least 8 not identified here Quick quiz Asterix fans can you name them without resorting to internet memory image error Reading so much serious literature lately, this old classic felt like a fun indulgence on a beautiful spring day in the balcony It took me back to my childhood when I would read and reread the series It was just as good, I actually laughed out loud a few times and my neighbor turned my way wondering if I had a few screws loose.
, The Year Is BC, And All Gaul Is Occupied Only One Small Village Of Indomitable Gauls Still Holds Out Against The Invaders But How Much Longer Can Asterix, Obelix And Their Friends Resist The Mighty Roman Legions Of Julius Caesar Anything Is Possible, With A Little Cunning Plus The Druid Getafix S Magic Potions Their Effects Can Be Truly Hair Raising Ah Asterix and his picturesque little village in Gaul with its stubborn yet hilarious bunch of residents gave me such a heavy dose of enjoyment during my high school vacation days Each volume of this series is supremely rich in wonderful cartoon sketches, lots of humor and superb characters Full marks goes to Ren Goscinny and Albert Uderzo for creating a bunch of such loveable characters and an exciting series of humorous adventures based on political historical references The translations of the original French volumes are done with love and care to make them highly enjoyable.
The plots of most of the books in the series revolve around the adventures of Asterix and his fellow villagers who reside in an unnamed small coastal village in Armorica against the invading Roman Legio

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Ó Read Ù Astérix le Gaulois by René Goscinny Ó izmirescort.pro Ren Goscinny was a French author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic book Ast rix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered the series golden age.Series