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[ Pdf Best Ghost Stories of Algernon Blackwood ¾ suspense PDF ] by Algernon Blackwood Á An excellent introduction to Blackwood for those who like me either haven t read this notable British writer much, or possibly haven t read him at all Most of the stories here other than Max Hensig, a crime tale with psychic overtones were written before 1916, and combine traditional slow burn horror with some of the finest atmospherics around Two of the longer tales The Willows and The Wendigo are weird fiction classics, and worth the very reasonable price of this collection all by themselves The rest ring a wide variety of changes on the traditional ghost story Some are distinctly horrific I found Secret Worship, The Listener, and The Empty House particularly disturbing , while others focus on the pure experience of being haunted Blackwood s style is thoroughly This was my first exposure to Blackwood s writing, and it won t be my last Really good ghost stories in the literary vein My favorites were The Willows and The Wendigo, mainly because of the settings Blackwood can take the ghost story out of the haunted house although he does those too and put them right in the middle of the forest and make them so very unsettling.
As with any collection of this sort, some stories are better than others, but there was really nothing that I disliked It was all readable and some were downright chilling The final story in the volume, Max Hensig, was probably my least favorite, but even it had its own appeal.
If you are a fan of classical ghost stories, then be sure to pick this volume up You won t be disappointed.
A Woman Of Snow A Midnight Caller Keeping His Promise Forests Where Nature Is Deliberate And Malefic Enchanted Houses These Are The Beings And Ideas That Flood Through This Collection Of Ghost Stories By Algernon Blackwood AltogetherStories, Gathered From The Entire Corpus Of Blackwood S Work, Are Included Stories Of Such Sheer Power And Imagination That It Is Easy To See Why He Has Been Considered The Foremost British Supernaturalist Of The Twentieth CenturyBlackwood S Ability To Create An Atmosphere Of Unrelieved Horror And Sustain It To The End Of The Story Is Almost Unsurpassed The Willows Which Has Been Called By HP Lovecraft The Finest Supernatural Story Is A Typical Example Of Blackwood S Art Slowly And Surely Blackwood Draws The Reader Into A World Of Shadows, Nuances And Unearthly TerrorBlackwood Was Also A Master At Evoking Feelings Of Mysticism And Cosmic Experience Dealing With Such Ideas As Interpenetrating Levels Of Existence And Pantheistic Elemental Powers, He Expanded The Content Of Supernatural Literature Enormously But Even The Traditional Elements Of Horror Stories Such As Ghosts And Haunted Houses Are Handled With Such Energy And Feeling That They Rise Far Above Their PredecessorsDrawing On Serious Oriental Thought, Modern Psychology And Philosophy, Algernon Blackwood Introduced A Sophistication To The Horror Story That With A Few Exceptions It Was Devoid Of Before The Results Are Stories That Are Not Only Guaranteed To Chill, But Stories That Have Something To Say To The Intelligent ReaderContents The WillowsSecret WorshipAncient SorceriesThe Glamour Of The SnowThe WendigoThe Other WingThe TransferAncient LightsThe ListenerThe Empty HouseAccessory Before The FactKeeping His PromiseMax Hensig This is a collection of the most famous of Algernon Blackwood s spooky stories, plus a concluding one, Max Hensig which is non supernatural and deals with a reporter s brush with the psychopathic killer of the title, quite interesting in its own right.
The book opens with The Willows , a long story which some have stated is the best ghost story in the English language I wouldn t agree for a start, it isn t about ghosts but about the encounter of two men, travelling to the source of the Danube, with forces from another dimension The setting is a remote marshy area covered in stunted willow bushes, and in the course of the story, the willows take on something of the nature of the inimical force which threatens the two men I found it a bit slow, and its chief interest lay in my conviction that it must have influenced H P Lovecraft, a well read man, b It s my favorite time of year, and I m not talking about election season Actually, I m a huge fan of Halloween, for a lot of reasons It s my favorite holiday, not just because I m a pagan, but because it falls in one of the most beautiful seasons of the northern hemisphere this time of year, when leaves start to turn colors and litter the yard and a crisp coolness is in the air There s also the whole candy and costumes thing, too, which I love, but what I really love is that this is the perfect time for ghost stories.
I love horror movies, and I love reading horror fiction, but I honestly don t spend as much time as I d like reading horror, mainly because I just get caught up in other stuff It s the downside for having eclectic tastes My interest in psychic matters has always been the interest in questions of extended or expanded consciousness Algernon Blackwood, 1938 Best Ghost Stories of Algernon Blackwood, a selection of some of his most famous tales, was originally published in 1973, though the stories themselves first appeared in the early 1900s The avuncular, Edwardian tone of Blackwood s writing suggests stories told by firelight by an elderly bachelor uncle His wordiness, seemingly quaint and old fashioned, actually prolongs and intensifies the slowly building terror of his ghostly tales Comparisons between Blackwood and hisfamous contemporary, M R James, are inevitable Both were masters of the creepy story, but with significant differences Instead of conventional hauntings, Blackwood wasinterested in the mystical The stories in this collection arelikely to deal with ancient forces, existing seemingly b I picked up this book because I had read,than once, that The Willows is considered by many to be the best ghost story ever written I m not sure that I would agree A well written tale that had me feeling a little edgy at times, it didn t really sustain itself for me I realize that many might confuse the ghost story with a horror story, and they are not necessarily the same though they can be , but a ghostly presence ought to run a shivver up my spine, and this didn t, though perhaps it came close.
the willows is so scary i was reading it aloud to my wife and she made me stop before i finished then i walked the dog and the dog kept looking over his shoulder and stopping, he was petrified.
also, Blackwood has a tremendous vocabulary, it s fun to look up words like rosacrutian.

It s an interesting collection containing the most famous horror stories by Algernon Blackwood Written nearly a century ago tales, to contemporary reader may seem a bit old fashioned, because they don t shock us with pictures of bloody monsters and hideous specters, don t dazzle us with cheap tricks but try to capture something in fact elusive Blackwood masterfully builds an strange atmosphere, unfolding sinister aura gradually creates a mood of growing horror.
The stories can be divided into two categories First one, where the source of fear seem to be seemingly ordinary objects Oh, the old dismal house, abandoned somewhere in the suburbs, an obscure alley with cats lurking in the darkness, some rustling, whispering, shadows on the walls, strange odors States we experience sometimes waking up in the middle of the night, uncertain whether t Terrific collection of Blackwood s best known tales, including The Willows and The Wendigo Calling these thirteen tales ghost stories may be something of a misnomer, as Blackwood is hard to classify perhaps supernatural tale would beappropriate In his most effective tales, he slowly draws the reader into a downward spiral of dread and terror, creating a palpable sense of a malevolent unknowable or unspeakable something This ability to arouse and sustain terror is what is truly remarkable about Blackwood s writing It s remarkable that he keeps the reader s spellbound attention while essentially simply describing a psychological sort of unwinding or inchoate impressions I love these affordable Dover editions of ghost, detective, and supernatural stories and have many of them This one has a foreword by the excellent critic and editor E.
F Bleiler.

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[ Pdf Best Ghost Stories of Algernon Blackwood ¾ suspense PDF ] by Algernon Blackwood Á izmirescort.pro Blackwood was born in Shooter s Hill today part of south east London, but then part of northwest Kent and educated at Wellington College His father was a Post Office administrator who, according to Peter Penzoldt, though not devoid of genuine good heartedness, had appallingly narrow religious ideas Blackwood had a varied career, farming in Canada, operating a hotel, as a newspaper reporter