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ç Read ✓ Books of Blood: Volumes 1-3 by Clive Barker · Everybody Is A Book Of Blood Wherever We Re Opened, We Re Red For Those Who Only Know Clive Barker Through His Long Multigenre Novels, This One Volume Edition Of The books Of Blood Is A Welcome Chance To Acquire TheRemarkable Horror Short Stories With Which He Kicked Off His Career For Those Who Already Know These Tales, The Poignant Introduction Is A Window On The Creator S Mind Reflecting Back AfterYears, Barker Writes I Look At These Pieces And I Don T Think The Man Who Wrote Them Is Alive In Me Any We Are All Our Own Graveyards I Believe We Squat Amongst The Tombs Of The People We Were If We Re Healthy, Every Day Is A Celebration, A Day Of The Dead, In Which We Give Thanks For The Lives That We Lived And If We Are Neurotic We Brood And Mourn And Wish That The Past Was Still Present Reading These Stories Over, I Feel A Little Of Both Some Of The Simple Energies That Made These Words Flow Through My Pen That Made The Phrases Felicitous And The Ideas Sing Have Gone I Lost Their Maker A Long Time Ago These Enthusiastic Tales Are Not Ashamed Of Visceral Horror, Of Blood Splashing Freely Across The Page The Midnight Meat Train, A Grisly Subway Tale That Surprises You With One Twist After Another The Yattering And Jack, About A Hilarious Demon Who Possesses A Christmas Turkey In The Hills, The Cities, An Unusual Example Of An original Horror Premise Dread, A Harrowing Non Supernatural Tale About Being Forced To Realize Your Worst Nightmare Jacqueline Ess Her Will And Testament, About A Woman Who Kills Men With Her Mind Some Of The Tales Are Successful Than Others, But All Are Distinguished By Strikingly Beautiful Images Of Evil And Destruction No Horror Library Is Complete Without ThemFiona Webster One hit wonders I usually think of such oddities as Nena 99 Red Balloons, UK No 1, 1984 or Aneka Japanese Boy, UK No 1, 1981 , or even Sir Mix a Lot Baby Got Back, US No 1, 1992 a No 1 hit and then nothing, nothing, nothing But of course you do get one hit wonder authors the toppermost one in that list will be Harper Lee OMG can you imagine the advance she would have got for her second novel And it could happen, she s still here, 87 years old We remember it took Henry Roth 60 years to follow up Call it Sleep Also, Ralph Ellison never published a second novel He wrote one but his house burned down damnAnd we re still waiting for a second novel from Arthur Geisha Golden 16 years But actually, a one hit wonder isn t someone who never did anything else but who only ever had one hit so Ma Everybody is a book of blood wherever we re opened, we re red Comprised of insane and downright horrifying tales from Clive Barker, books of Blood is a strong debut release which led to King referring to him as the future of horror This edition contains Volumes 1 3, a grand total of fifteen stories sixteen if you include the intro a large number of which have been subsequently adapted into movies.
Having already been blown away by The Hellhound Heart, I was excited to get intoClive Barker and oh boy, this did not disappoint The sheer range of stories within these first three volumes of books of Blood is staggering And the quality remains consistently high throughout Barker s imagination is unparalleled I mean, King has a pretty awesome imagination too, bu Woooo That was unexpectedly great And gory And transgressive as hell Reading this book made it clear to me why Clive Barker who I hadn t read before is considered an iconic writer The man is not only a master stylist, but he has this narrative obsession with tearing reality apart Sometimes a form of religion or systematic afterlife is involved like in The Midnight Meat Train or Hell s Event Other time, it s just off the wall wild and imaginative like In the Hills, the Cities My favorite stories from the collection were Pig Blood Blues, Dread and the weirdo Lynchian Son of Celluloid Luxuriant, consistant, transgressivemy first experience with Clive Barker is a rather transforming one.
Get on that, people and lose your mind I didn t have 4.
5 stars A couple of things about a couple of stories in volume 3 stopped this being a perfect collection, but it s damn close This Scream Press edition was the first compilation of Clive Barker s books of Blood tales under one binding the first and original three volumes This was the way Barker meant them to be presented and for good reason These 16 horror tales were revolutionary in their lack of sentimentality and their gruesome realism making way for the next generation of horrors writers including the splatterpunks and the bizarro writers Every story is a classic but special mention goes to The Midnight Meat Train , Rawhead Rex, and Son of Celluloid Mandatory reading for the diehard horror fan This one volume edition is hard to find but the two volume and three volume sets are still out there in the bookstores If you have this particular edition count yourse Awesome simply awesome I am sad it took me thirty years to read this Dread, The yattering and Jack, Rawhead Rex, and Human Remains were all beyond 5 stars, most of the rest were 4 or 5 stars, and Pig Blood Blues and In the Hills, the Cities being the only not totally awesome tales for me.
Great read Highest recommendation Not just tearing and carving skin like I was used to from Barker, but there s plenty of that, too.
Clive Barker s books of Blood is a collection of short stories This edition collected the three books of Blood into one edition Clive Barker, though not as well known as Stephen King, is well known for his Hellraiser stories As with any anthology the end result is determined by the stories therein The books of Blood does not fail, for the most part, to deliver some truly gory Barker seems to relish in theblood and guts aspect of horror and downright bizarre horror stories.
The volume starts with a rather eerie quote from Mr Barker himself Everybody is a book of blood Wherever we re opened, we re red Then we are off to the races Vol 1 this starts the anthology with the Book of Blood story that sets into motion the book While it wasn t bad, it hadof a set up feel to be the story that acts as a prologue But volume one does based upon the evidence of books of Blood 1 3, Clive Barker sprung into the literary horror world fully formed, a writer all grown up, already past the awkward growing pains of an adolescent period that other writers of his stature and widespread appeal suffered through before reaching their full powers his ability to construct and sustain an intriguing narrative, his resonant themes, his stylistic flourishes, his use of irony and dread and gore and comedy, his strength at detailing truly real and deeply developed characters lives, his expertise at creating an entire world within the space of a story these are all the traits of an author writing at his peak, and so early in his career.
the stories within these collections are truly sensational their power comes from his consistent strength at conveying sensual, physical sensa This book was recommended to be by a friend and at the time I just kind of passed it off but I kept coming across the name Clive Barker not realizing that he is such a huge horror Icon.
I had a bit of a hard time tracking it down but when I finally found it and started it, it grossed me out right from the first page That s a huge plus for me as I find a lot of horror novels very blah and I will catch myself skimming some paragraphs.
I couldn t get enough of these stories.
Barker took these words and combined them in such a way that made me constantly cringe and on several occasions gag DThe descriptions were perfect, perfectly real.

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ç Read ✓ Books of Blood: Volumes 1-3 by Clive Barker · izmirescort.pro Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, the son of Joan Rubie n e Revill , a painter and school welfare officer, and Leonard Barker, a personnel director for an industrial relations firm Educated at Dovedale Primary School and Quarry Bank High School, he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department It