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Trailer ☆ Call It Courage PDF by ☆ Armstrong Sperry This story takes place on an island A young boy must deal with his fears and learn to overcome them He becomes independent as he learns to fend for himself He learns that he is strong enough to confront danger and survive.
Mafatu, whose name means Stout Heart, is a 12 year old Polynesian boy living on the rocky atoll of Hikueru As a child he watched his mother drown ever since he has been a prisoner of the understandable terrors of his maritime environment Worse still, his fear of fishing has embarrassed his father, the chief, for all the village knows that his son is a cowawrd Desptie his nimble fingers and quick mind, he seems fit only for woman s work, yet his heart burns with shame at the vicious taunting of the other boys and his father s humiliation He longs to redeem himself in the eyes of his people and earn the his father s pride This book has been a classic tale of survival for over 50 years, yet I had not heard of it until I found a Pb version It read swiftly, albeit with little dialgoue I wish the author had gone into depth about how Mafatu fashioned the tools he neded to surv I remember reading this one as a novel in grade school in the 70s I see it s still turning up in classrooms And that s Ok, I guess, though I often wonder where all the great new books are school reading lists haven t changed all that much in the 30 years since I was a student But I digress.
Call It Courage is a great book, especially if you get to read it for fun rather than as part of a novel study assignment We ve tackled other stories by Sperry, but this is one of his most readable and interest sustaining ones.
I too find the ending ambiguous I m not sure if it IS such a happy ending one could almost assume that boy has expired there in the canoe Lots of family discussion about that A quick and fairly easy read maybe 9 years old and up Well written enough for all ages up to adult to enjoy, but definitely aimed at a younger audience.
Call It Cour

I read this one when I was a kid, probably around fourth or fifth grade, and I loved it.
This is really an incredible story, predating Castaway and Life of Pi by sixty some years, and still remaining a solid story for today s readers Mafatu is a boy of about twelve living on the Polynesian island of Hikueru, who has lost his mother to the sea and is deathly afraid of it One day, to conquer his fear, he sets out himself and winds up a castaway on a volcanic island.
The thing that fascinated me as a child reading this was Mafatu s ingenuity the construction of the outrigger canoe, the making of his clothing and food, teaching himself to hunt and build and survive While I wouldn t have wanted to be so far from home, in some ways I wanted to be him, experiencing that world half a planet away TV shows like Survivor h A great adventure book, of a young man who suffers a tragedy and conquers his worst fears His Robinson Crusoe like adventure is one that folks like us could not survive, since he was prepared than we could ever hope to be By the way, in 1972 the Walt Disney studio made a very quiet version of this for their weekly tv show It was filmed on location on the Islands of Bora Bora and Tahiti over 8 months It was filmed entirely in the local dialect with local actors There is a soft and simple overlay of English narration to explain the basics A musical score that is not harsh, but fitting to the solemness of the islands and the power of the sea Totally unlike what you expect from this group but it was wonderful to see the story come alive They changed the ending so it actually ends upbeat This film is worth tracking down Maftu Was Afraid Of The Sea It Had Taken His Mother When He Was A Baby, And It Seemed To Him That The Sea Gods Sought Vengeance At Having Been Cheated Of Mafatu So, Though He Was The Son Of The Great Chief Of Hikueru, A Race Of Polynesians Who Worshipped Courage, And He Was Named Stout Heart, He Feared And Avoided Tha Sea, Till Everyone Branded Him A Coward When He Could No Longer Bear Their Taunts And Jibes, He Determined To Conquer That Fear Or Be Conquered So He Went Off In His Canoe, Alone Except For His Little Dog And Pet Albatross A Storm Gave Him His First Challenge Then Days On A Desert Island Found Him Resourceful Beyond His Own Expectation This Is The Story Of How His Courage Grew And How He Finally Returned Home This Is A Legend It Happened Many Years Ago, But Even Today The People Of Hikueru Sing This Story And Tell It Over Their Evening Fires

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