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↠´ Case Histories ☆ Download by Ü Kate Atkinson The First Book In Kate Atkinson S Jackson Brodie Mysteries Series, Called The Best Mystery Of The Decade By Stephen King, Finds Private Investigator Jackson Brodie Following Three Seemingly Unconnected Family Mysteries In Edinburgh Case One A Little Girl Goes Missing In The Night Case Two A Beautiful Young Office Worker Falls Victim To A Maniac S Apparently Random Attack Case Three A New Mother Finds Herself Trapped In A Hell Of Her Own Making With A Very Needy Baby And A Very Demanding Husband Until A Fit Of Rage Creates A Grisly, Bloody EscapeThirty Years After The First Incident, As Private Investigator Jackson Brodie Begins Investigating All Three Cases, Startling Connections And Discoveries Emerge I first read this many years ago and although I know I enjoyed it very much I could not remember any details at all It all came back very quickly once I started reading.
Case Histories is a very apt title as the book starts with three very different cold cases, each apparently independent of the others As the book progresses the wonderful Jackson Brodie appears and in his hands it turns out the cases are not completely separate after all Brodie is an excellent character who gets by despite life throwing endless obstacles in his path.
I enjoyed the way the book ends with the author summarising each of the cold cases and letting the reader know the real truth about each one One of them in particular gave me quite a shock and left me unsure whether Jackson Brodie himself was aware of all the details of the crime Kate Atkinson always writes so well that her books are a pleasure to read This is the first in Kate Atkinson s Jackson Brodie series, and is a reread for me I first read this many years ago and I still harboured dim and distant, vaguely unsatisfying, memories of the book, this time I found it a much better experience, the cold case mysteries slotted together with greater ease on a second reading One of the mysteries, of course, is Jackson himself, a retired ex cop, with an ex wife, and a daughter that lives with her mother, and now working as a PI He unravels murders that took place long ago, the seemingly disparate cases, interwoven in a narrative that goes back and forth in time, turn out to have connections Atkinson gives us nuanced, understated and well constructed storytelling, beautifully written, with rich descriptions of characters, marked by their sheer ordinariness and everyday routines, lives that become extraordinary with the impact of death, Case Histories Jackson Brodie 1 by Kate Atkinson is a 2007 Little, Brown and Co publication Jackson Brodie, private detective, has an interesting case load A father looking for the man who viciously murdered his daughter, an elderly lady with so many cats, Jackson must help her look for them, a pair of eccentric sisters looking for the truth about their missing sister, and the sister of an ax murderer is looking for her runaway niece The cases are ones where a client wished to investigate privately, or the investigations by traditional law enforcement, went cold The history of each case is detailed, with one or two fleshed out than the others The main story involves the case of Julia and Amelia s young sister, many years ago After their father passed way, they discover shocking evidence which prompts them to se 4.
5 Right up until the end Victor s mind had been as methodical as an efficient library, whereas Amelia felt that hers was like the cupboard under the stair where ancient hockey sticks were shoved in beside broken hoovers and boxes of old Christmas decorations, and the one thing you knew was in there a 5 amp fuse, a tin of tan shoe polish, a Philips screwdriver would almost certainly be the one thing you couldn t lay your hands on.
Kate Atkinson has a satisfying knack of presenting a character in a sentence and a lifetime in a paragraph Victor was Amelia s mathematician father, and he gets his own sentences and paragraphs, too.
There are a few separate Case Histories here, all set in Cambridge, where Jackson Brodie is living unhappily ever after we hope not He s a former soldier, former cop, now a private investigator with a This is one of the best detective novels I have read in a really long time Set mostly in Cambridge, England, it s the story of a private detective as he tries to solve three cold cases I mean, REALLY cold the most recent crime is still 10 years old as they all interweave and mix in with personal life In theory, the plot is nothing special some missing persons and murder cases, and the details are revealed as the story develops, and the detective s personal life is a mess and someone is trying to kill him What made this book exceptional was Atkinson s writing ability Her style is not your run of the mill airport paperback simple prose and dialogue She has a gorgeous, intimate writing style, pulling you into the personal stories of the living people in I m less enthusiastic about this book than Nikki I certainly enjoyed the author s wry humor her characters were both thoroughly imagined and presented with great empathy and her detective was unique I also appreciate authors trying to stretch the mystery genre and find ways to alter its railroad track kind of plotting All to the good But her attempt at plot manipulation was confusing at first and eventually just annoying She told three or four, depending on how you count different murder stories, skipping from one to the other without immediately apparent reason That I could handle but she also skipped around chronologically in each story, and that was one step too complicated for me If there had been some emotional payoff for such manipulation, or even a brilliant denouement in which everything from all the plots became clear at once, I co What a joy it is to not only discover an author I haven t read before, but to read a book which I did not want to put down That is the effect that this novel had on me As a long time reader of crime fiction, it is also a joy to read such a literate and character driven mystery, which does not fit neatly into any particular crime fiction sub genre While crimes are committed and a detective is there to solve them, neither the crimes themselves nor their resolution are what makes the novel live and breathe For me, this is primarily a novel about relationships in particular the relationships between siblings and those between parents and children Atkinson describes warm, loving relationships, relationships made brittle by loss and fear, and relationships destroyed by time and circumstance The theme of lost girls is explicitly This should actually get two stars only but me and Kate Atkinson go way back I read her Behind the Scenes in the Museum when I was a newbie to the grown up literature and I loved it I am quite afraid to go and revisit it now because after reading Case Histories I am not sure if Atkinson can actually write.
This is some sort of psychological drama crime story, so you don t expect the writing to knock you of your feet However, quite often I read that Atkinson writes literary crime fiction and that is an overstatement at best And if it isn t an overstatement, then I really don t want to read the non literary crime fiction.
The main character is Jackson, private detective who is trying to resolve 3 or 4 different cases at the same time There are constant changes of POV and we are stuck in the characters heads and informed about their every little thought I I really, really disliked this book I was ready to put it down by page 20, but slogged on If this was supposed to be a literary thriller, it failed miserably on both accounts On top of Atkinson s cliched writing style, there were multitudes of plot strands that were ridiculously and not credibly interwoven many parents again, not credibly indifferent to their children a toll of murder, death, attempted murder, rape, and sexual abuse that had risen almost too high to count by the end gratuitous would not be overstating it facile quirkiness and dysfunctionality that was supposed to pass for richness of characterization endless plot twists large and small, and character shifts, that felt like being jerked around A self loathing, nearly virginal spinster joins a nudist group and becomes an

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↠´ Case Histories ☆ Download by Ü Kate Atkinson Kate Atkinson was born in York and now lives in Edinburgh Her first novel, Behind the Scenes at the Museum, won the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and she has been a critically acclaimed international bestselling author ever since.She is the author of a collection of short stories, Not the End of the World, and of the critically acclaimed novels Human Croquet, Emotionally Weird, Case Histories,