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5 Stars.
BIG fan of Stephen King, but not so much of Christine Reading a 700 page book.
especially one written by SK usually does not bother me in the least, but Christine was just too long.
too wordy.
was expectingwicked deeds than the movie.
The storyline IS creepy good with a possessed red 1958 Plymouth Fury.
her deadlights and moldering stench.
on the prowl seeking justice from anyone who dislikes her.
so best stay out of her way.
Besides a feared Christine, there s a great cast of teen characters, bullies, weird parents and an evil presence from the beyond to keep things rolling along AND, as in many KING novels, you ll find a variety of dark nightmares, hear many a cool oldie from the 50 s and 60 s and take a ride to the submarine racesyou re an oldie like me if you remember that one Not a favoritefor me , but NOT bad either.
Master Storyteller Stephen King Presents The ClassicNational Bestseller Of The Ultimate Vehicle Of TerrorThis Is The Story Of A Lover S Triangle It Was Bad From The Start And It Got Worse In A HurryIt S Love At First Sight For High School Student Arnie Cunningham When He And His Best Friend Dennis Guilder Spot The DilapidatedRed And White Plymouth Fury For Sale Dubbed Christine By Its original Cantankerous Owner Rusting Away On A Front Lawn Of Their Suburban Pennsylvania Neighborhood Dennis Knows That Arnie S Never Had Much Luck In The Looks Or Popularity Department, Or Really Taken An Interest In Owning A Car But Christine Quickly Changes All That Arnie Suddenly Has The Newfound Confidence To Stick Up For Himself, Going As Far As Dating The Most Beautiful Girl At Libertyville High Transfer Student Leigh Cabot Even As A Mysteriously Restored Christine Systematically And Terrifyingly Consumes Every Aspect Of Arnie S Life Dennis And Leigh Soon Realize That They Must Uncover The Awful Truth Behind A Car With A Horrifying And Murderous History Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned, And Heaven Help Anyone Who Gets In Christine S Way It took me over a week to listen to all 19 hours of this classic and it is still EVERYTHING.
One of the scariest books ever, King was a master then and he still reigns today If I admitted that I probably enjoyed thisthan The Shining would that amount to sacrilege Good Review vs Evil Review Good ReviewThere isn t much I didn t particularly enjoy about the novel, except perhaps for one or two pacing issues Then again, the book is only about 500 pages, which is a lot less than some of those other King books It is incredibly creepy at times, which I found surprising, since the idea of a haunted car might seem a bit, well, corny It s everything but In fact, the story is a curious cross between true nostalgia and horror The musical theme prevalent throughout the novel, with references to songs about cars, was a nice touch In keeping with the theme, King also incorporates a lot of throwaway references to Am You never forget your first time, and the memories of my initial encounter with Stephen King when he lured me into the back of a 1958 Plymouth Fury and had his way with me are still clear over 30 years later.
For the record, he wasn t gentle.
I was a wee lad of 13 when this came out, and Stephen King had established his reputation as America s boogeyman after his breakout in the 70s I wasn t much of a horror fan and despite my increasing reading of grown up fiction had no interest in the King novels and movies that were freaking the adults out Then one day I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor s office and read a magazine article about King and his new book centered on a haunted killer car That sounds pretty cool, I thought After my appointment, I went to the library which was right around the corner from my doctor s office Ah, small towns I can t remember if I a Stephen King has sure gotten some mileage out of this whole possessed by evil thing Or maybe it s the fact that I ve read The Shining this year wherein an abusive drunk is taken over by the Evil that is a hotel and it just seems that way Anyway back to my original misbegotten and flawed theme Evil s out there and according to Stephen King it s very possessive.
In this book, of course, you re dealing with a car, but not just any car a car that s been possessed by Evil King kind of loses the chain of evil in this one For the longest time, I assumed that Christine was the originating source of evilness, but as my favorite Mah Fah, Stepheny, pointed out and upon further reading of the actual book, it became sort of apparent that the car was in fact possessed by its original owner, who in turn possessed I take a shot of something ev

Christine is Stephen King at his best I am not kidding it is my favorite book of his Dark Tower fans, be gentle.
Christine is an old Plymouth that Arnie Cunningham decides to buy and repair He gradually gets in love with his car, and, as Christine is repaired, Arnie also changes, becoming darker and taking on some personality traits of Christine s former owner, Roland LeBay.
The book s other main character is Dennis, Arnie s friend, who witness all these changes Now the story may sounds silly, but this is King we are talking about The books is heavily character driven Arnie s arc is incredible to witness His gradual turning from a loser nerd to a smuggler eventually is mind blowing Dennis was also an interesting character, but a bit less so The books is also a good reference point for anyone who loves a good love triangle Yes, there is a love I went into this book thinking I d be giving it a high rating, and considering it was written by Stephen King my favourite author I m not surprised at all that I was proven to be correct.
I feel like theoretically, this story could have been told in a much smaller amount of pages After all, the premise isn t too complicated and it would have bee easy to rattle through all the events, just with the simple purpose of telling a scary story But of course, Stephen King being Stephen King made this entire thing a lotthan a simple horror story and added a lotdepth to it And that s exactly why he s my favourite writer He made me fall in love with all the characters, even the ones I hated yes, I am aware that this is a contradiction, but King develops his characters in such a fantastic way, you see the positive aspects of even the most evil beings, and thus, I can t bring my Fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things who might be unaware of how freely the creators sampled 80s pop culture right down to the title font need look no further than three novels by Stephen King one I ve read Firestarter , one I m reading this month It and one I ll review now Published in 1983 the same year that Stranger Things takes place Christine is an often haunting and at times bittersweet tale about growing up specifically, that time when adulthood threatens to detour cherished friendships and careen others off Dead Man s Curve Coincidentally, this tale includes an antique car possessed by evil.
Unfolding through the fall of 1978 and into a bitter New Year in the fictional town of Libertyville, Pennsylvania, Christine is divided into three pa

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[Stephen King] õ Christine [theory PDF] Read Online ☆ izmirescort.pro Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.