↠´ City of Rain Æ Download by ✓ Alvin Pang

↠´ City of Rain Æ Download by ✓ Alvin Pang Upon reading the first few poems in books Actually, I have no doubt that this book is one of the best book of poems I have ever read The storytelling in each poem takes you to a certain maturity of the author as he relates some issues in the most creative and artistic of ways A must have.
Never read local writers before this Picked this up because some of the poems I flicked through were pretty, had these very nice phrases I thought would spark something in my head It was an alright read can t givethan three stars though, probably because I have a very strong preference for prose Poetry gives me a woozy feeling in my head, one I can t decide if I like or not.
god like like i cannot emphasize how much i love this book of pomes out of the three books that i m doing for my research paper, this is my favourite pang s voice is strong, clear and intelligent if someone asked me to explain singapore to them in poetry, this might be the volume i would use.

Alvin Pang makes poetry look so easy A smooth ride through each poem takes us to urban locations ripe with passing profundity and flashy, philosophical insights.
Poems I loved New Eyes and Knowing One Of Singapore S Most Visible Poets, Pang Grows With Each Book In His Poems We Hear A Voice Unhurried, Confident, And Capable Of Carrying Diverse Humors, And read A Rhetoric Shaded To Ironies, Surprising Us With Glimpses Of Contemporary Experience That Affirm Yet Mock, Celebrate And Unsettle His Poetry Adds A Rich And Complex Presence To The Critical Mass Of Urban Literature Now Fully Emergent From Singapore His Poems, At Once Recognizably National And International In Reach, Offer A Fresh Edgy Energy To This Tradition Professor Shirley Geok Lin Lim, Winner Of The Commonwealth Poetry Prize,And Author Of Joss And Gold With City of Rain, Alvin Has Undoubtedly Filled The Shoes Of Billy Collins For The Singaporean Literary Scene Rooted Enthusiastically In Our Local, Urban Context, Alvin Outdoes Even The American Poet Laureate Himself In Terms Of The Flashiness Of His Imagery And The Sheer Range Of Ideas Skillfully Displayed In So Many Of His Poems Cyril Wong, Author Of Let Me Tell You Something About That Night And The Dictator S Eyebrow, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore

Alvin Pang

↠´ City of Rain Æ Download by ✓ Alvin Pang Alvin PANG is a poet, writer, editor, anthologist, and translator Writing primarily in English, his poetry has been translated into than 20 languages, and he has appeared in major festivals and anthologies worldwide A Fellow of the University of Iowa s International Writing Program 2002 , his publications include Testing the Silence 1997 , City of Rain 2003 , What Gives Us Our Names