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[ Read Online City of Light: The Making of Modern Paris Þ southern-gothic PDF ] by Rupert Christiansen à The book is good, but intended for the non specialist reader I was expecting something technical about the actual ways in which the demolition and construction took place The subject fascinates me but not enough was presented For a beginner to the period under consideration, the book is all to the good.
DivbA Sparkling Account Of The Nineteenth Century Reinvention Of Paris As The Most Beautiful, Exciting City In The Worldbdiv Divbrdiv DivIn , French Emperor Louis Napoleon Inaugurated A Vast And Ambitious Program Of Public Works In Paris, Directed By Georges Eug Ne Haussmann, The Prefect Of The Seine Haussmann Transformed The Old Medieval City Of Squalid Slums And Disease Ridden Alleyways Into A City Of Light Characterized By Wide Boulevards, Apartment Blocks, Parks, Squares And Public Monuments, New Rail Stations And Department Stores, And A New System Of Public Sanitation ICity Of Lighti Charts This Fifteen Year Project Of Urban Renewal Which Despite The Interruptions Of War, Revolution, Corruption, And Bankruptcy Set A Template For Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Century Urban Planning And Created The Enduring Landscape Of Modern Paris Now So Famous Around The Globe Div Divbrdiv DivLively And Engaging, ICity Of Lighti Is A Book For Anyone Who Wants To Know How Paris Became Parisdiv Having been to Paris numerous times I was fascinated to learn that not so long ago it looked almost nothing like it does today Reading this book was a very entertaining way to explore those changes along with a dose of French history and politics thrown in It can be slow reading at times and could have benefited from illustrations and photos, especially a than and now section.
Nevertheless I liked it enough to buy a 2nd copy as a gift for a friend.
As much a superficial history of the Second Empire as a genuine study of Haussmann and how he changed Paris There must be a really good book on Paris in the late 19th century but this isn t it.

The old Paris was crowded inside medieval walls and was a warren of narrow, twisting streets, with the population packed into tenements that were filled with disease The water was terrible and the there were no sewers Napoleon III, a nephew of Napoleon who took advantage of tumultuous times to rise to the Presidency of France and then got himself made Emperor 1852 1870 , engaged Baron Georges Eugene Haussmann to modernize the city, an assignment he carried out with ruthless efficiency from 1853 to 1870 He drove broad boulevards through old neighborhoods, cleared the tenements in front of Notre Dame liberating the modern view of the cathedral or what is left of it , had a water system and sewers built, opened parks, and generally created the city tourists think of simply as Paris Very notably, a large and ornate O Called the Attila of the straight line, Baron Haussmann transformed Paris from a squalid encampment of shacks and dank dark winding alleys to a city of broad boulevards and charming apartment blocks The City of Light by Rupert Christiansen is a short, concise history of Louis Napoleon s Second Empire and Haussmann s extraordinary public service contributions and urban vision which will illuminate and enlighten the reader Christiansen synthesizes well, grabbing small disparate facts and observations a stroll along the Boulevard Saint Michel can still demonstrate, richly nuanced differentiation in the shape of porticos, the ornament of their lintels and pediments, the modeling of pillars and caryatids and using th

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