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Download Epub Format ☆ Coraline PDF by ê Neil Gaiman I was such a cowardly kid that I never managed to readthan the blurb on the backNow that I ve finally summoned the courage to give it a try I wish I read it sooner I love this novel Unlike Gaiman s fiction for adults, every sentence, every word has its purpose And finally, Gaiman does not throw in some weird sex scene Can I get a hallelujahOne especially dull and rainy day traps young Coraline inside the new house Her parents are busy and she must entertain herself She finds a little door in the drawing room and a little key that fits in.
he discovers a passageway into the otherworld In it are her other mother and her other father both of which always have the time for her and adore making her favorite foods But, there s somethingtoo otherlyabout the two that raises her hackles They re perfect Finally, the other mother plays her hand She wants Has anyone ever said to you time heals all wounds Well for the villain of this story that is clearly not the case It s easy to pinpoint Coraline s bravery and talk about her experience, but that s not what this review is about I want to consider the other mother and her story I mean what exactly is her story We can only presume that she has been doing this kind of trickery for years, perhaps even centuries We don t really know a great deal about her She has three victims prior to her attempts on Coraline Two appear to be fairly normal children The third speaks in a form of Shakespearean English, which I took for proof of a victim many years previous We don t know a great deal about the actual house either or how long it has actually been standing The descriptions speak of age But how much age are we talking It s all a little bit of a myster A 82% Very Good NotesA genuinely disturbing and creepy story with vivid imagery, it s well rounded and goes at a perfect pace and length.

Coraline is a short but delightfully dark and creepy book that just happens to feature one of my absolute favorite characters Is it wrong that I want to be Coraline s best friend Because, she said, when you re scared but you still do it anyway, that s braveCoraline is clever, quirky, curious and adventurous, brave and determined, independent, stubborn to no end, a bit reckless and not scared of danger She will NEVER leave any mysterious doors locked and uninvestigatedIn short, she is what I hope my future hypothetical daughter is going to be likeOut of boredom due to rainy days and parental inattention, Coraline sets out on a scary but awesome adventure She bites off almostthan she can chew, but comes out of it a winner and just a bitgrown up and mature but luckily n nothing in this world brings me comfort and joy like this book i have to read 4 books in 4 days to finish my reading challenge and i m stressed and today is the first day i don t feel sick in 2 weeks and there s so much to do and i have no motivation to do it and yes in conclusion i m reading Coraline for the second time this year Does anyone have access to a rooftop Preferably in a big city, or at least a town of reasonable size High enough for it to be noticeably a rooftop, but absolutely NO higher than that because I have a mildly to seriously debilitating fear of heights Maybe you re an electrician, or a building super, or simply a very sneaky person with a skill for discovering high up places Whatever I just need temporary roof access.
5 5When you re scared but you still do it anyway, that s brave I think this would have been one of my favorite books if I read it as a child, but unfortunately 20 something me felt like it was lacking I went into this with too high of expectations because the movie gave me nightmares after I saw it in theaters Basically, I pretty much expected this to be a novelization of the movie that was not the case Though the big plot points remain the same, the movie wasfleshed out and atmospheric, and I was disappointed But all in all, if you re looking for a spooky book that only will take you a couple of hours to read this is it Coraline, not Caroline, thank you, the little girl who was small for her age, and found herself in darkest danger was the subject of Neil Gaiman s 2002 publication, which was in Gaiman s own words refreshingly creepy Gaiman said that he started writing the book for his young daughter Holly around the time they moved to America but, unintentionally, wrote it very slowly, one word at a time and thus stretched out the project for years Refreshingly creepy is maybe the best way to describe this young adult work that also has darker elements, references to myth and the occult that will probably fly over the heads of younger readers Older readers will find Coraline living down the street from Charles Addams place and also backyard neighbors of Ray Bradbury s The October Country folks There was a tiny doubt inside her, Good In Wraps Vo PaperbackPages With Illustrations By Dave McKeanIncLater Printing Creasing And Wear To Wraps Browning To Edges Of Text Block Minor Damage To Interior Of Front Wrap From Sticker Removal Text Clean And Unmarked This is the perfect Halloween read It s creepy, eerie, and beautifully written Now I want to rewatch the movie I loved it D My summary The story begins with Coraline, a young girl who has just moved into a new house with her parents which has been broken up into different apartments with neighbors Coraline s new neighbors are interesting an old man who trains rats for a circus performance, and two old ladies who are retired stage actresses The issue is that Coraline s extremely frustrated and bored with not much to do Her parents are simply too busy with work to spend any time with her and Coraline feels somewhat neglected Coraline shook her head Why don t you play with me she asked Busy, he said Working, he added He still hadn t turned around to look at her.
As she begins exploring her new home she finds a little door in the wall, but it s locked and she can t

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