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☆ Dark Desires After Dusk å Download by ð Kresley Cole RITA Award Winning Author Kresley Cole Continues Her Bestselling Immortals After Dark Series With This Electrifying Tale Of A Ruthless Demon Mercenary And The Lovely Young Halfling Who Enchants HimA Seductive Beauty He Can Never Have, Yet Can T ResistCadeon Woede Will Stop At Nothing To Atone For The One Wrong That Will Haunt Him Forever But Once He Secures The Key To His Redemption, The Halfling Holly Ashwin, Cade Finds That The Woman He Thought He Could Use For His Own Ends And Then Forget Haunts Him As Much As His PastA Tormented Warrior She Should Fear, But Can T Deny Raised As A Human, Holly Never Knew That Some Frightening Legends Are Real Until She Encounters A Brutal Demon Who Inexplicably Guards Her Like A Treasure Thrust Into A Sensual New World Of Myth And Power, With Him As Her Protector, She Begins To Crave The Demon S Wicked TouchSurrender To Dark DesiresYet Just When He Earns Holly S Trust, Will Cade Be Forced To Betray The Only Woman Who Can Sate His Wildest Needs And Claim His Heart Reviewed by Rabid Reads.
After three superb installments, this series hit a bit of a snag with book 4, but I wasn t going to hold that against Kresley Cole or Robert Petkoff, and I m glad I didn t because Dark Desires After Dusk was glorious One of the things that I love most about IMMORTALS AFTER DARK is that you meet some of the protagonists beforehand because on top of giving you something to look forward to, it also helps to get readers invested in each character s eventual outcome.
Holly wasn t the first heroine whom I ve encountered that s been afflicted with OCD, however she was by far the most likable Ashwin has lead a very PG life as a result of her condition which in turn is the reason why her transformation to Valkyrie was unusually delayed Intense emotions and warriors are practically synonymous, As much as I m loving this series, I have to admit that I didn t love this book as much as the others I liked it, but it was one of those middle of the road, okay types of reads for me The heroine, Holly, in particular, didn t speak to me The fact that I ve been reading the books back to back might be a factor also Since the storylines are very similar, it could just be that it s getting a little redundant In any case, I just didn t connect with this story like I have the others.
This book centers on Holly, a not quite transitioned immortal, who is the vessel She is prophesied to bear a child that will be incredibly powerful and has the potential to turn the tides in the immortal war between good vs evil Of course, whether her child will fall on the side of good or evil is largely thought to depend upon the father Cue

Gods, I love it when you talk mathy to me Cadeon Woede was very hot in the last book, but frankly, he s kinda bleak for me when it comes to this book Dark Desires After Dusk promised the butterflies in my stomach when I started reading the very first chapter, Cadeon s appearance stole my breath away and Holly was the heroine that I liked very much, she s so typical and easygoing, especially I loved her mind when the problems plow her One last question Very well, dearling Can I trust Cadeon N x gave her a sunny smile withblank golden eyes As far as you can throw him By the way, the whole story was quite predictable, it did point out where the ending would be I appreciated the action scenes, though Kresley Cole put many of them in this book and that lead the story to the climax with a steady pace Holly is so human whose heart is tough as steel, she does Cadeon Woede Demon Holly Ashwin Human Valkyrie What I have learned from this book about demons 1 Demons love to corrupt young virgins.
2 Demons always lie to get what they want, i.
eNever trust a demon, love 3 Demons don t kiss and tell, i.
eWhat happens with the demon, stays with the demon 4 Demons havelickable hornsaccording to Valkyrie N x.
The story of the na ve halfling Holly Ashwin who thought that she was a human until she wasn t a human any and the cocky demon Cadeon Woede who though that he was a ruthless, heartless demon until he wasn t ruthless and heartless any.
Or the story of the shy virgin and the naughty bastard

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