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[ Pdf Dr. Goebbels: His Life & Death ò old-testament PDF ] by Roger Manvell Û Quite Possibly The Most Dangerous And Intelligent Member Of The Nazi Hierarchy, Joseph Goebbels Flair For Propaganda And Spectacular Organization Ensured The F Hrer S Rise To Power As Founder Of The Reich Chamber Of Culture, Gauleiter Of Berlin, And Architect Of Complex Machinery Of Modern Totalitarian Propaganda, Goebbels Is Considered One Of The Most Evil Figures Of The Twentieth Century It Was Through His Understanding Of The Instruments Of Public Enlightenment That The Dictatorship Was Built And Maintained Through Interviews With His Friends And Family And With Information From His Own Unpublished Diary, A Remarkable Picture Of Goebbels Emerges Interesting read.
Very good biography of the Propaganda Mastermind behind one of the worse totalitarian regimes the world has yet seen Based on his diaries and published works, taken with a lot of care, coordinated by his personal life and different accounts from people who knew Goebbels Very interesting to have such an up and close view of the emotions, resents and motivations of the main characters of this chapter of History the dissent among the national socialists the lack of active interest of Hitler as Chancellor delegating on his lackeys the administrative work or the initial piousness of a catholic Goebbels who nevertheless arranged a scheme not to pay back the grant given by the very same Church.
Flames of Deceit Interesting that this man appears to be mentally married to the Fuhrer His life work simply went up in flames Clever and deceiving, a hint of humanity seemed to exists within.
OCR with no edits I found this book disjointed and hard to follow Events were relayed in random order and sometimes without dates to give context It was poorly edited and gave me the impression that this ebook was created by doing an OCR of the print copy with no human editing I am certain that you can find a better source if you are interested in this subject Perhaps the actual book, rather than the ebook.
This is a short Goebbels biography, its ealry years are in chronilogical order, the raise to power and the beginning of the war is presented mostly in a topical arrangement, and the authors return back to a chronological order for the description of the end of the war The beginning and the end of Gobbels life aredetailed than the years the Nazi raised to power to the first years of the war, which are briefly described Not a page turner this book is in fact interesting to read and the WWII passionate will certainly find some unknown facts.
Goebbels isn t a particularly interesting character, and the history of the Third Reich has been thoroughly documented in many formats so the writer has an uphill struggle to keep the interest of the reader However, the portions of the book about the Nazi rise to political power contained some interesting perspectives as did his views on other leading Nazis and perspective as the war turned against Germany.
I learned a great deal about Dr Goebbels and his personal and professional life I also learned just what a monster that he and the entire Nazi regime was I can t help but wonder if both he and Hitler had ended up with their life desires, Joseph as a writer and Adolf as an artist if the chain of event would have been different.
A very interesting read By the end I still did not think I truly knew Goebbels full life and personality but as a glimpse at specific parts, especially his mid 1920s diary entries you do get some sense of his being What seemed to be missing was how he rose to the very very top but if you are looking for a book which does provide some insight then this is certainly good for that as a starter.
Fascinating bookThis book is an excellent biography of Joseph Goebbels It is so well written, so well documented with personal accounts of Goebbel associates from different aspects and times of his life A fascinating analysis and study of Hitler s genius and obsessed Propaganda Minister I highly recommend this book.

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