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Trailer ✓ Duma Key PDF by Ä Stephen King This one gave off a kind of Bag of Bones vibe swell characterizations engaging enough storyline clunky foreshadowing decent, but not thrilling, horror aspects some puzzling plot turns and yet still another disappointing dispatching of a villain and what s with the Slipknot hate, King I m probably in the minority, but I like a lot of King ssober works and this one oddly makes a decent tandem read with Bag of Bones and, of all things, Maugham s The Moon and the SixpenceCuz it s about painting and creativity and stuff, Jeff Well, yeah, Random Goodreader, but also because they all examine the process of the artist and where, in the sometimes dark recesses of the mind, the creative impetus for that particular muse gets pulled from Plus, Bag of Bones mentions The Moon and the Sixpence a decent amount.
Also, Wireman is now a top ten King character and it s what drove the re And this is why adults shouldn t play with dolls Edgar Freemantle used to be the quintessential American success story He was a self made millionaire who built a thriving construction business, and he had a long and happy marriage which produced two daughters However, Edgar s good luck ran out one day when he had a brutal run in with a crane at a job site that cost him an arm, screwed up a leg, and cracked his skull The brain trauma left his eggs slightly scrambled and made him prone to fly into furious rages that his wife couldn t endure so the accident also ends his marriage.
While trying to recover from his injuries and the divorce Edgar decides to relocate to Florida and indulge in his long dormant hobby of drawing and painting pictures Edgar rents a house at isolated Duma Key on the Gulf Coast where the gorgeous views and long walks on the beach inspire him to From The Flap NO MORE THAN A DARK PENCIL LINE ON A BLANK PAGE A HORIZON LINE, MAYBE, BUT ALSO A SLOT FOR BLACKNESS TO POUR THROUGH A Terrible Construction Site Accident Takes Edgar Freemantle S Right Arm And Scrambles His Memory And His Mind, Leaving Him With Little But Rage As He Begins The Ordeal Of Rehabilitation A Marriage That Produced Two Lovely Daughters Suddenly Ends, And Edgar Begins To Wish He Hadn T Survived The Injuries That Could Have Killed Him He Wants Out His Psychologist, Dr Kamen, Suggests A Geographic Cure, A New Life Distant From The Twin Cities And The Building Business Edgar Grew From Scratch And Kamen Suggests Something Else Edgar Does Anything Make You Happy I Used To Sketch Take It Up Again You Need Hedges Hedges Against The Night Edgar Leaves Minnesota For A Rented House On Duma Key, A Stunningly Beautiful, Eerily Undeveloped Splinter Of The Florida Coast The Sun Setting Into The Gulf Of Mexico And The Tidal Rattling Of Shells On The Beach Call Out To Him, And Edgar Draws A Visit From Ilse, The Daughter He Dotes On, Starts His Movement Out Of Solitude He Meets A Kindred Spirit In Wireman, A Man Reluctant To Reveal His Own Wounds, And Then Elizabeth Eastlake, A Sick Old Woman Whose Roots Are Tangled Deep In Duma Key Now Edgar Paints, Sometimes Feverishly, His Exploding Talent Both A Wonder And A Weapon Many Of His Paintings Have A Power That Cannot Be Controlled When Elizabeth S Past Unfolds And The Ghosts Of Her Childhood Begin To Appear, The Damage Of Which They Are Capable Is Truly DevastatingThe Tenacity Of Love, The Perils Of Creativity, The Mysteries Of Memory And The Nature Of The Supernatural Stephen King Gives Us A Novel As Fascinating As It Is Gripping And Terrifying Still every bit as good as I rememberedIt was red.
This must be King s most underrated book, and I ve no idea why Maybe because it was released in 2008 and maybe horror wasn t as cool then and it kind of slipped through the cracks Feels weird calling a book with 70k ratings underrated, but there you go I ve never heard anyone say that Duma Key was up there with the best of King s works After finishing this I certainly will be If this was released earlier in King s career, would it be mentioned as one of his greatest MaybeThis book is creeeeeepy and original The ending is also superb, which isn t always the case in King s books see Under the Dome More than anything, King s ability to create memorable characters and dialogue shines through You need to sit in the chum, sit in the buddy and read this you stupid birch All the stars and perhaps one of my top three King bookswhich Wrap Pet Sematary in a Bag of Bones and you ll have Duma Key Revenants, creepy dolls, paintings that fix the broken, and enough tragedy to fill a swimming pool with tears is what you ll find within these pages The scene at the end with name deleted because spoilers is one of the creepiest heart rending scenes I ve read The descriptions are so well written It truly is masterful The sand coming off her fingers Well, I guess you had to have been there Those of you who have read Duma Key will know of what I speak.
This book also has one of my favorite secondary characters ever to show up in a King novel Wireman beats out Trashcan Man for the top honor I like Wireman He s a cool dude Moreover, I could read banter between him and Edgar all day and never In Duma Key Stephen King taps into extreme mid life crisis and although he stirs it in a bubbling vat of macabre, the core, non magical, element remains What is one to do with one s life Edgar Freemantle struggles with redefining himself after having faced near death trauma, having lost not only his right arm but some of his mental function, and, oh yes, his marriage Have a nice day Luckily for him, and conveniently for the author, he has been a very successful contractor and, having socked away rather large sums, he can afford to take a giant step away from the rubble of his life Eager to heal both body and mind, Edgar opts in to a large beach house on the lightly populated Duma Key This being Stephen King, the beach house and the island itself come withthan just sun Awful Cloyingly sentimental, forcedly folksy, sloppily written At first I was hoping that he was doing this on purpose, using the unrealistic dialogue and the instant bonding of the characters to turn it around on us, make us look back and see it as creepy eventually, but it s just bad writing The characters don t act like people, they act like characters in a Stephen King novel When they develop psychic powers, nobody even blinks, and everybody immediately understands how they workbecause these are the things that would happen in a Stephen King novel To an extent he s earned a lot of leeway, and he s still a great natural storyteller, so there s nothing preventing you from reading it it s not the kind of awful where you can t force yourself to read another page Thus two stars But it s just poor work on all sorts of levels.
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How jacked up is it that I m going to say I find Stephen King comforting Yep Pretty jacked up.
Then again, I ve been reading him since I was a pre teen or tween, I think that s the proper term for it these days Anyway, when the R.
L Stine and Christopher Pike seemed a bit immature, no offense to those authors, I LOVED them as a kid I turned to King.
He s what I know insert joke about my psychological issues here After all these years, he still manages to weave a fantastic tale.
So, to not give the whole story away, I ll say this A man named suffers a brain injury and loses an arm in an accident he gets hit by a He gets away from his failing marriage in and heads to Duma Key, where he can recover and in peace There, on the island, he discovers he has amazing talent for drawing and painting He creates surreal, haunting art that eventually causes problems Really BIG PROBLEMS Like Duma Key BY STEPHEN KING Most Stephen King fans will admit that the last couple of novels by the international bestselling author, while selling well, have been somewhat lacking coming from the renowned horror writer one might even go so far as to use the term mediocre, and don t get me started on Cell Thankfully, with the arrival of Duma Key, the slate has been wiped clean and the master of horror is back King s first novel set in his alternate home of Florida weighs in at over six hundred pages, and while it reveals alaid back and matured author, with the terrifying days of The Tommyknockers and It perhaps over Duma Key is nevertheless an incredibly well written novel with some wonderfully deep and complex characters, and a world that is just as complicated but in manyways real.
Enter Every single page is like a lover touching my cheeksometimes it s a caress, and sometimes it s a slapbut every page, every word, has a profound impact upon me I m in the middle of the book, and I m terrified to finish it, but I can t stop turning the pagesJust finished it I heard one reviewer state that it was the best book King had ever written While reviewers have short memories and liberal use of hyperbole, I must admit that this was one of his best he s written While not epic like The Stand, It, or The Dark Tower, it is powerful, insightful, and terrifying Also, the fact that the book is not epic is one of its greatest strengths One of King s self indulgences in the past couple of decades has been his ability to use 1000 pages to write a 500 pa

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Trailer ✓ Duma Key PDF by Ä Stephen King Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.