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[Michael White] Â Equinox [lesbian-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ A combination of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Da Vinci code More the latter Not bad in that genre but a very standard issue Codes, secret doors and chambers, ritual murders and an outstanding, unstoppable almost murderer I would suspect that this was written a movie in mind but the movies have already been made This would beor less just repetition.
Standard ingredients make a standard soup If you want to read something light during the summer holidays this will be good enough.
Some credit must be given to the annexed facts list There was something new and interesting to be found Plus also for the recap on Oxford I wonder why this novel is said to be so popular Because it s so easy to read Luciferin liittolainen, Gummerus 2007 This book was a pleasant read, but I was not swept away by its plot or the execution of it What I did enjoy about this book was the later paragraphs on the themes included in the novel This has happened before, namely in The Historian, where the book itself was quite vague, but the knowledge and effort of the author is enormous and presented as after words White explores the themes of occultism, alchemy and astrology, which are quite intriguing themes It saddens me that with such great knowledge, the book does not present itself very well.
Oxford,A Young Woman Is Found Brutally Murdered, Her Throat CutHer Heart Has Been Removed And In Its Place Lies An Apparently Ancient Gold Coin Twenty Four Hours Later, Another Woman Is Found The MO Is Identical, Except That This Time Her Brain Has Been Removed, And A Silver Coin Lies Glittering In The Bowl Of Her SkullThe Police Are Baffled But When Police Photographer Philip Bainbridge And His Estranged Lover Laura Niven Become Involved, They Discover That These Horrific, Ritualistic Murders Are Not Confined To The Here And Now And A Shocking Story Begins To Emerge Which Intertwines Sir Isaac Newton, One Of Seventeenth Century England S Most Powerful Figures, With A Deadly Conspiracy Which Echoes Down The Years To The Present Day, As Lethal Now As It Was ThenBefore Long Those Closest To Laura Are In Danger, And She Finds Herself The One Person Who Can Rewrite History The Only Person Who Can Stop The Killer From Striking Again A thriller set in two time periods, England at 17th century and present day Very Dan Brownish plot, but with very weak characters and a,often than not, boring plot Very predictable The Newton conspiracy was never believable The only thing that I liked reading was the appendix at the end Not worth my time.
Un roman n care istoria trecut i cea prezent se contopesc i devin una singur , secretele tenebroase apar la tot pasul, misterul irumpe din fiecare pagin prin prisma unor crime oribile ce se vor descifrate, limbajul criptic este la el acas , manuscrisele str vechi i labirinturile vechi ies la suprafa , iar oamenii f r scrupule se afl n c utarea Pietrei Filozofale i a nemuririi O carte care te va ine cu sufletul la gur p n la ultima pagin i care i va oferi o mare doz de adrenalin i nelipsi ii fiori pe ira spin rii, un thriller de excep ie pe care v invit s l descoperi i.
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ro 2 A very disappointing book Big hype that it utterly fails to meet But I finished it.
This is a nicely paced but very predictable attempt at the Dan Brown style secret society ancient mystery thriller It s definitely easy reading, as I d figured out all but one of the plot twists less than halfway through.
The historical notes at the back were interesting This book is total nonsense a crime thriller with links back to 1690 Issac Newton I feel like I can t cope with anything taxing to read at the moment so this was perfect, I whizzed through it in 2 days, it has very short chapters a la James Paterson The story is centred around a spate of murders at Oxford University, but there is a parrallel story from 1690 with Issac Newton at the helm running along side Only Oxford alumni Laura Philip can really solve the mystery as usual the police force are hopeless The main characters are middle aged ex lovers with a grown up child so I suppose that makes a change from the usual crime thriller heroes of damaged man who focuses on his work too much or hard nose bitch of a woman who focuses on her work too much The story doesn t have any depth but who cares, if you take it for what it is, it s not a bad w

Okay, look, this isn t a great book White here is trying to emulate Dan Brown It s a lot of nonsense, and at times it s just plain ridiculous It was easy to spot the killer people involved by the first third of the book It s difficult to really get to know anyone in the book, and at times I was just plain bored with the characters It s enjoyable, yes, but it s not fantastic I liked it a little bit I might even recommend it to some people I liked that non fiction information at the end of the novel It s easy to tell that White is used to writing non fiction He delivers the historical information in a bulky manner The chapter where Charlie basically gave a monologue on a DVD to tell Laura, Philip and the reader all about Newton and alchemy I could have laughed at the poor delivery Look, it ain t great, but it s okay Just okay, though.
This book is a perfect example of a good idea ruined by poor execution After two unsuccessful attempts to finish this book, I finally did it YAY, I m so proud of myself Maybe reading this book after finishing The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was not a good idea I can t help but think Mr White is obviously influenced by Dan Brown s writing, but let s get something straight Michael White is not Dan Brown From the first few pages I knew the chances of me liking this book are slim, but as I approached the ending it became clear God, there are so many things that irritated me, like the million characters, neither one of them well developed I honestly don t know WHY on earth someone would introduce so many characters in his work, and this is the main problem why all of them seemed so alike to me

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[Michael White] Â Equinox [lesbian-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ izmirescort.pro Michael White is a British writer based in Sydney, Australia He has been a science editor of British GQ, a columnist for the Sunday Express in London and, in a previous incarnation , he was a member of the band the Thompson Twins 1982.