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Ö French Kissing î Download by Ö Nancy Warren Manhattan Magazine Editor And Fashionista Kimi Renton Is One Of The Beautiful People At Couture Week Every Year But This Time She S Stuck With A Rumpled PI Posing As Her Photographer Holden MacGreggor Is Tough Guy Gorgeous And Badly Attired So If He S Going To Play The Part Right, She S Going To Have To Dress Him Properly Then Undress Him Slowly Soon They Re Having So Much Fun Under The Covers They Almost Forget That They Re Supposed To Be Undercover, Busting Up An International Theft Ring Then Ooh, La La Turns Into Oh Oh When They Re Found Out Could This Be The Last Tango In Paris For Both Of Them Fashion, Paris, romance and a mystery to be solved the author had to be thinking about me when she wrote it Spicey.
Utterly unreadable I couldn t make myself do it even for the benefit of learning new vocabulary Not a bad story, the characters are kind of shallow, but the crime caper in it is a good story Not the best one I ve read, but not bad, either.
Kimberley Kimi helps the undercover P.
I Holden stop a theft at Fashion Week in Paris Not as red hot a read as I would like Ok story.
I totally got taken in by the steamy love affair between polar opposites When he takes her on a photo shoot around Parisoohlalait gets hot The suspense at the end was gripping too Manhattan magazine editor and fashionista Kimi Renton and P.
I posing as her photographer, Holden MacGreggor They re having so much fun under the covers they almost forget that they re supposed to be undercover, busting up an international theft ring.

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