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[ Read Online Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish ¾ dystopia PDF ] by Richard Flanagan  An afterthought I ran into this rave review here the other dayhttp www.
com review show and it made me think whew, an intelligent human being not only liked this pile of self congratulatory rat s feces but loved it and wanted to marry it so this made me thinkMAYBE I WAS A LITTLE HASTYDamn, I hate it when I m not 100% right about everything all the time.
Now I have to get this thing and try it again This is the stuff of councelling sessions In David G s review of the Sea the Sea by John Banville he described Mr Banville s novel as the first person narrative of a monomaniacal narcissistand it struck me that a whole group of modern novels fall into that category You have to be a real expert to avoid your monomaniacal narcissists merely being bumptious bellyaching bores So here s a little list please add as appropriate I FEARLESSLY NAME AND SHAME Fish Well, why not Maybe we have lost the ability, that sixth sense that allows us to see the miracles and have visions and understand that we are something other, larger than we have been told Maybe evolution has been going on in reverse longer than I suspect, and we are already sad, dumb fish.
Hard to argue with that, although any resemblance I may share with the pot bellied seahorse is purely coincidental.
This is a beautiful book, for all its scabrous people and doings It is, as any good blurbist will tell you, wonderfully imagined A modern day con man finds a book of watercolour painted fish with accompanying text from a convict in early 19th century Australia Is it real Soon we are swimming in the story of that book, of cruel confinement, drugged visions of grandeur, race, sex, every emotion and every type Once Upon A Time, When The Earth Was Still Young, Before The Fish In The Sea And All The Living Things On Land Began To Be Destroyed, A Man Named William Buelow Gould Was Sentenced To Life Imprisonment At The Most Feared Penal Colony In The British Empire, And There Ordered To Paint A Book Of Fish He Fell In Love With The Black Mistress Of The Warder And Discovered Too Late That To Love Is Not Safe He Attempted To Keep A Record Of The Strange Reality He Saw In Prison, Only To Realize That History Is Not Written By Those Who Are RuledAcclaimed As A Masterpiece Around The World, Gould S Book Of Fish Is At Once A Marvelously Imagined Epic Of Nineteenth Century Australia And A Contemporary Fable, A Tale Of Horror, And A Celebration Of Love, All Transformed By A Convict Painter Into Pictures Of Fish Gould s Book of Fish is a modern postmodern parahistorical novel I can t define what it does exactly mean but it sounds great.
I had begun with the comforting conclusion that books are the tongue of divine wisdom, and had ended only with the thin hunch that all books are grand follies, destined forever to be misunderstood.
All the history of humankind is a history of blood, tears and sweat I have come to believe that trajectory is everything in this life, and though at the time it felt anything other than promising, the trajectory of my life was that of a cannon ball fired into a sewer hurtling through shit, but hurtling nevertheless.
The history of humankind seems to be a history of feces too And Richard Flanagan recounts it with a twisted panache and in an exquisitely metaphoric and lacy language.
I was hauling a sled This novel of life in a penal colony on Sarah Island off Tasmania in the 1820 s could be characterized as a scatological tragicomedy, as historical fantasy, and as a satire of the human race along the lines of Swift or Voltaire The character William Gould, sentenced to life imprisonment for forgery he didn t commit, recounts his pathway of survival and tenuous hold on sanity and reaches toward meaning in his life by writing his story Each chapter is linked to a painting of a specific species of fish Both the colonial masters and inmates of the prison are free to reinvent themselves I loved this most about the book, the creation of a microcosm to portray the dynamic foundations of good and evil, civilization and barbarism, historical truth and distorted fantasy The Commandant harnesses his free labor force for absurd schemes to recreate This is a beautifully written book but it is not for me I was fascinated with William Buelow Gould and I also love anything to do with fish I fish, flyfishing, paint and love fish So why didn t this book appeal to me Well I really don t know.
And as for the ending, well it was sheer fantasyShame, an excellent author but then I really think that the hard life of living in a brutal penal colony was all too much for me.
The odd thing is that the author was born in Tamania and that is one of my dream places to travel too.
This is such a truly different bookon life, on art, on fish, on the development of Van Diemen s Land and neighboring islands It s fact and fiction and myth Sometimes difficult to read but ultimately very worthwhile Is it hallucination imagination mysticism erotic fantasy a gross combination of all and summarized in the world of fish and man.
This Novel in Twelve Fish is so muchthan its title could ever state or imply Under the guise of learning of Billy Gould s task to create paintings of fish, we readers will learn the history of much of mankind in the Southern Hemisphere, both native black and newcomer white and the newcomers tenuous links to their home countries Says Billy Let me confess at this point, that never have I been so ill prepared for a task as that of painting the Surgeon s fish A fish is a slippery three dimensional monster that exists in all manner

This book lies well beyond this reviewer s abilities.
There are times when, as a book reviewer, it is tempting to simply put the adjectives on hold when mere descriptors seem paltry next to the indescribable beauty of the book itself Richard Flanagan s Gould s Book of Fish is that kind of book Reading it open mouthed, gasping at the richness and complexity of the text that clearly defies categorisation and classification, one feels intimately connected, while in awe of what the author has produced Gould s Book of Fish is a serious read one of those desert island books you can read again and again and find stillmeaning in its strange depths both confirmation and destruction of those things you believe in and cannot articulate The book simultaneously makes a mockery of language, history, love, and humanity, while celebrating, and even immortalising them, much as Joyce s Finnegans Wake, or Faulkner s The Sou A book this big offers an entire sea of woe and wonder as well as aquatic metaphors It s about life, love, and death as well as the importance of truth and how slippery like a fish it can be It s a fascinating history of Sarah Island, home of a notorious 19th century penal colony in Van Diemen s Land now Tasmania And it features as much blood, sweat, tears, pus and poo as you could ever imagine The story begins in modern times where an antique dealer in Hobart, specializing in furniture he distresses himself to seem authentically old, stumbles onto an eye catching book of fish illustrations and marginalia by a certain William Gould The story that s handwritten in differing inks including blood is Gould s account of his life as a forger, an apprentice painter who learned from John Audubon, and a prisoner shipped to Sarah Island The origin

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[ Read Online Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish ¾ dystopia PDF ] by Richard Flanagan  izmirescort.pro Richard Flanagan born 1961 is an author, historian and film director from Tasmania, Australia He was president of the Tasmania University Union and a Rhodes Scholar Each of his novels has attracted major praise His first, Death of a River Guide 1994 , was short listed for the Miles Franklin Award, as were his next two, The Sound of One Hand Clapping 1997 and Gould s Book of Fish 2001.