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✓ Goya É Download by ↠´ Lion Feuchtwanger A heavy read Feuchtwanger but brilliant and well worth it Classic Seriously Goya is complicated artist, and book tells his story with passion.
I absolutely love Feuchtwanger, he is one of my all time favourite authors This book is really quite brilliant but then again, I am yet to find a Feuchtwanger book I don t like In this one, he narrates the life of the Spanish painter Goya, and he really brings Goya whose paintings and drawings just fascinate me to life I wish he had written the second part because it does end a bit abrupt, I thought I m still to read a non fiction biography of Goya so I m not sure how accurate Feuchtwanger s portrayal of Goya is but I found it really engaging and illuminating I suspect though that Feuchtwanger would have done a bit of research, so perhaps his novel isn t too far off Amazing Book, Goya By Lion Feuchtwanger This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Goya, Essay By Lion Feuchtwanger Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You This is an utterly enjoyable book, certainly one the best historical novels ever written about Spain or about the lives of famous painters Feuchtwanger transports the reader to late 18th century Madrid and into the inner workings of the Spanish court He does an excellent job with the very ambitious task of recreating the deeply conflicted inner world of a great artist, and he captures the spirit and character of Goya in a way that is both plausible and compelling Especially well done is Goya s preoccupation with demons, madness, and inner darkness One suspects that Feuchtwanger was a Jungian, but even if he wasn t he certainly had an admirable understanding of the human psyche Goya takes on his Shadow aspects directly through his horrific engravings and paintings but remains a great lover of life, of theatre and music and the sensory details of color and texture and clothing The first entrance to the world of Goya is as magnificent as a historically ficticious a book can be The huge amount of work and research held by Lion Feuchtwanger is exquisite As a huge fan of Goya s art works I read several sources about his life but none can be compared with this masterpiece Nothing seems forced, everything comes natural, all the explanations given are pretty logical Of course the author about one man s biography with so many mysteries inside shoud gamble and choose his variant of truth in regards to the unsolved mysteries like, who was depicted in Maja Vestida and Maja Desnuda There are still debates surrounding the woman on the portraits, if it was Pepa Tudo or The Dutchess of Alba The majority tends to believe that it was Manuel Godoy s lover Pepa as this masterpiece was in his private collection and it is not the body of a 35 sth woman Mr Feuc Epic Classics Lion Feuchtwanger was able to create such ingenious workthat will be read for hundred years Everyone should read it As someone who has always found the artist Francisco Goya, and the turbulent times this Spanish maestro lived through, completely fascinating this was always going to be a pleasurable reading experience The author s prose and consummate skill as a writer made the period of Goya s life he focused on, namely the period which encompassed his alleged passionate affair with the Duchess of Alba, a vibrant life affirming, page turning read He chose to speculate on some uncertain events in the artist s life in a different way to another author, Stephen Marlowe, had done in his novel Colossus and I found his alternative take intriguing and equally plausible I have rated both books with five stars, as they are splendid indeed Do I have a favourite It will always be Colossus, for it s narrative drive and complete look at the artist s life and times I also think it is likely to inspire any

It is a well written book where the writer has succeeded to express the development of the main character in a linear time It presents quite well the stages Goya completes to become the painter of the realism by showing the degradation of monarchy, church and aristocracy.
I finished this book feeling filled up but wanting I kept it with me from the day and time I started it until I finished I feel the author alive with me now I feel Goya alive with me now I felt Goya s paintings come to life They are still alive and with me I lived and breathed the Spanish Inquisition and the French Revolution The truth about the suppression of art, ideas, thoughts and beliefs of all kinds THIS IS MORE THAN A BOOK I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT I will be reading Lion Feuchtwanger again SOON no better book on Goya s Spain has ever been written

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✓ Goya É Download by ↠´ Lion Feuchtwanger Lion Feuchtwanger was a German Jewish emigre A renowned novelist and playwright who fled Europe during World War II and lived in Los Angeles from 1941 until his death A fierce critic of the Nazi regime years before it assumed power precipitated his departure, after a brief internment in France, from Europe He and his wife Marta obtained asylum in the United States in 1941 and remained there in