Download Epub Format ✓ Healing Well and Living Free from an Abusive Relationship: From Victim to Survivor to Overcomer PDF by ¶ Dr. Ramona Probasco

Download Epub Format ✓ Healing Well and Living Free from an Abusive Relationship: From Victim to Survivor to Overcomer PDF by ¶ Dr. Ramona Probasco This is a must read It s like having a counselor at your finger tip A lot of my confusion was clarified You will not regret buying this book.
As a survivor of domestic abuse and a blogger who shares my story with others in abusive relationships, I highly recommend Dr Ramona s book Excellent resource for those still entrapped in an abuse marriage and those who have gotten free but still have healing to do in order to live, truly live after abuse I have been free from a 20 year abusive marriage for over 9 years now, but after reading her book I found some areas in which I still need to heal so I can go from survivor to Overcomer.
One Out Of Every Four Women In The United States Will Experience Some Form Of Domestic Violence Or Abuse In Her Lifetime Through Dr Ramona Probasco S Own Powerful Personal Story Of Coming Out Of An Abusive Relationship, Along With Her Twenty Years Of Experience As A Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist, She Takes Readers Through A Proven, Step By Step Process For Moving From Victim To Survivor To Overcomer With Genuine Empathy, She Encourages The Reader To Call It What It Is, Understand The Mindset Of The Abuser, Break The Cycle Of Violence, Recognize What Forgiveness Is And Is Not, Find A Healthy Support System, And Each Chapter Ends With A Simple, Heartfelt Prayer, Scriptural Promises Readers Can Apply To Their Situation, And Questions For Further Reflection Readers Are Encouraged To Go Through The Book Individually, With A Counselor, Or As Part Of A Support GroupDomestic Abuse Can Happen To Anyone, Regardless Of Race, Education, Socioeconomic Status, Or Culture But It Does Not Have To Be The End Of The Story Healing Well And Living Free Are Within Reach I had experienced very little physical abuse, so at first i didn t think this would apply to me Mental emotional abuse is just as damaging I had no hope and no light at the end of the tunnel.
I prayed to God to let me die.
This book was difficult at times but i needed to hear what was being said The part where i put God s name into 1Cor 13 was difficult but wonderful Then to put my name in there was eye opening.
This is required reading for anyone struggling with feelings of guilt and responsibility from an abusive relationship Ms Probasco specifically defines what physical, emotional and verbal abuse is and what it looks like through her personal experience The tone is personal, compassionate and empathetic, as though we are sitting across the table from her discussing personal experiences over coffee The questions after each chapter are specific in helping identify the issues and providing direction toward help, health and healing There are Appendices which define the different forms of abuse and how to identify them Although there are Christian references and prayers offered, the information and solutions are direct, poignant and relative to anyone who has experienced abuse Personally, reading this book w Love this book it speaks directly to issues I m dealing with and glad she includes prayer and Scripture at the end of each chapter.
This book and Dr P have been an absolute God send After leaving an abusive marriage, I read countless books trying to process understand what I had been through and how to work through the emotional trauma and pain that was deeply embedded within me This is by far the most helpful book I have read It addresses so many things that are essential to healing well, such as finding the ability to really see the abuse for what it really is Dr P s personal experience with an abusive marriage, her expertise in healing well from DV and her sound Biblical knowledge and strong faith make her uniquely qualified to address so many topics that victims of abuse go through I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to heal from abuse or for those looking to understandabout the complexities of DV and how to help emotionally

I drew heavily on the material from this book in writing a policy regarding domestic abuse for my church Too often, Christians spout cliches like, Marriage is hard work, to those who are struggling without bothering to delve deeper into the actual conditions of the person s relationship Dr Ramona s extensive Definitions of Abuse, along with the Abuse Evaluation Form are valuable tools for Christian leaders and counselors to dig below the surface and help victims stop misdiagnosing abuse as marital struggles.
I am not a victim of abuse but I know women that are and I bought this book to teach me to understandabout the subject before I reach out to offer hope This book gives so much insight and offers steps to take in order to get honest about the abuse, face the abuse, DO something about the abuse and eventually HEAL from the abuse in order to move forward into a healthy state of well being Dr.
Ramona gives the steps to get there I will be using the wisdom gained and I will be buyingof this book to hand to women I know Heal well and Live free The author of this book was doing the daily devotions for a 7 Day Bible study I was doing on abusive relationships I liked what she had to say so much I looked her up and found this book even though I m going to a domestic violence class every week and learning a lot this book was life changing for me The author was in a 20 year abusive marriage and is very open and honest about her feelings and experiences You feel as though she s reading your mind sometimes It really helped me understand the motive behind my ex and his abuse It made it so much easier for me to not just move on but heal I recommended it to another lady in the class I m taking and she felt the very same way.

Dr. Ramona Probasco

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