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[ Pdf Heartland Ö civil-war-history PDF ] by Daren V.L. Shiau ✓ Heartland Explores The Paradox Of Rootedness And Rootlessness Facing Singaporeans Born After The Japanese Occupation Wing, Who Has Just Been Conscripted, Is Unable To Reconcile His Future But Unwilling To Dwell In The Past He Finds His Own Meanings In An Intense Attachment To His Surrounding Landscape Yet, As Relationships And The Years Slip By Him, Wing Is Irresistibly Forced To Question His Own Certainties And The Wisdom Of The People He Values Truly the quintessential SingLit book For a Singaporean who grew up in the 80s and 90s, it brings one back to a world of small white paper bus tickets and aspects of Singapore only a Heartlander can recall For a young Millennial Singaporean, it is an exercise in history, right from before the time of that Raja from Palembang For a non Singaporean, it is an introduction to everything that makes Singapore, Singapore Interwoven with a classic growing up tale of a Ghim Moh boy next door as he navigates going out with a Bukit Timah schoolmate from his top JC, suffers through NS and his difficult family past, some parts were overly dramatic but overall it was an enjoyable read and certainly a core text in the SingLit canon If only the ending was less abrupt A coming of age story of a young man who discovers that there are issues of identity to grapple with even in a city as apparently homogeneously middle class as Singapore From his life as a young junior college student to the rite of passage he undergoes when he is enlisted to do National Service in the army for 2 years, Foo Wing Seng has to learn about class differences, subtle as they are, in his social circle as well as in his choice of girlfriends He is also made to confront his origins in his relationship with his mother and his mysterious benefactor, Fifth Uncle These issues of personal familial, social and national identity are set against Shiau s sharp and realistic portrayal of the urban landscape of Singapore The writing aims to be inci The book opens with an ode to my favourite fountain the one at Bugis Junction that makes such neat parabolic curves , and it plays upon those references to little things 1990s Singaporean locations, food, language, holidays, school and National Service etc to package a story that feels very Singaporean I value that exploration of place and identity in literature, and I think that this novel does a decent job at mapping out key areas of concern in the Singaporean psyche However, I feel like these concerns were mapped out and framed in a fairly straightforward way It felt very familiar, but did not make the leap to something unexpected or to a new realisation It was a good novel, but it did not quite manage to become a g A dated coming of age novel following another straight Chinese Singaporean male as he wanders aimlessly from junior college to National Service and from girl to girl Pacing is odd, with strangely placed re appearances by minor characters, the final third is overly melodramatic and precious little is resolved or changes.
Although I m only halfway through this gem of a book, I d like to prematurely recommend this to all my Singaporean friends and for those who re interested to learn about Singapore All that I can say is, a country who doesn t respect and recognise the blossoming crop of literary talents and literary works it has, is a country not fit to be called Home and I m glad this book has finally found it s place to be studied in the GCE O Levels examinations for all Singaporean schools My only wish is that I could have been studying this I am abso certain lutely sure that my appreciation and love for this novel would have increased manifold Kudos to Daren Shiau Really liked it for its realistic portrayal of Singaporean characters that I could identify with.
It went downhill after the first half.
Beautiful beautiful book that makes Catherine Lim pale in comparison Having read Little Ironies for my Lit Text in Sec 2 and being deeply enthralled with it, this comment was not made lightly.
Shiau has done a beautiful job portraying the displacement of a Singaporean born after the tumultous years of nation founding by blurring the definition of Wing s identity, in terms of nationality and biological origins.
Who are you when you don t even know where you come from When even the country is a hodgepodge of immigrants who can trace their origins to far and remote lands removed from Singapore I especially love when Shiau has used the history of Singapore to mark out defining periods of the book Apart from adding to t

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[ Pdf Heartland Ö civil-war-history PDF ] by Daren V.L. Shiau ✓ izmirescort.pro Daren V.L Shiau is a prize winning novelist and poet He is a recipient of the Tangerine Award for short fiction and the National Book Development Council s Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award for his debut novel Heartland In 1999, Heartland was selected by The Straits Times as one of the 10 Best Reads of Year Shiau has also published an acclaimed poetry collection, Peninsular Archip