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Ñ Read ß Hell House by Richard Matheson Ñ I am certain you will find your stay here most illuminating It is regrettable I cannot be here with you All your needs have been provided for Nothing has been overlooked Go where you will, and do what you will these are the cardinal precepts of my home Feel free to function as you choose There are no responsibilities, no rules Each to his own device shall be the only standard here May you find the answer that you seek It is here, I promise you Emeric Belasco in Richard Matheson s Hell House 1971 Our house is a very, very, very fine house Crosby, Stills, Nash Young, Our House from the album D j vu 1970 Here I am, as we hurtle towards Christmas, attempting to finish up my Halloween reading If you squint, though, Richard Matheson s Hell House is kinda sorta a Christmas book No, there isn t a tree, or lights, or ornaments, or Santa, or a cr che There is, to be clear, Isn t it just another so called haunted house I m afraid it isn t It s the Mount Everest of haunted houses This.
The excesses depicted in the history of the Belasco House and here you can list any blasphemy and perversion you can think of make for morbidly fascinating reading in itself and sets the stage for this 1970s horror novel I was actually surprised at how grim this book gets It s muchexplicit than contemporaries like Rosemary s Baby, which was published only a few years earlier I m guessing it probably caused a bit of a stir back in the daya latter day Satan observing his rabble Always dressed in black A giant, terrifying figure, looking at the hell incarnate he d created This novel seems to enjoy a bit of a cult status I m saying cult as opposed to classic, since it doesn t receive the same amount of love than, say, The Haunting of Hill House Here s the t Can Any Soul Survive Regarded As The Mount Everest Of Haunted Houses, Belasco House Has Witnessed Scenes Of Almost Unimaginable Horror And Depravity Two Previous Expeditions To Investigate Its Secrets Met With Disaster, The Participants Destroyed By Murder, Suicide Or Insanity Now A New Investigation Has Been Mounted Four Strangers, Each With His Or Her Own Reason For Daring The Unknown Torments And Temptations Of The Mansion I ve been a Richard Matheson fan for a few years now and he rarely disappoints Hell House is no different A dying millionaire offers a physicist and two psychics a hundred thousand dollars apiece to spend a week in a haunted house to prove or disprove the existence of an afterlife Sounds simple enough, right Tensions run high between the investigators Barrett thinks Florence s beliefs are crap and his scientific explanation is the only one Fischer doesn t seem to be doing much which also irks Barrett Barret s wife Edith has odd feelings for Florence What s caused by the spirits inhabiting the house and what isn t The first third of the book is mostly exposition Things don t really start picking up until halfway though but when they do, Hell House is really hard to put down Matheson knows all about suspense and tension Just watch that episode o Bought during Audible s 2.
99 sale 10 13 17 It snow, sorry about that.
A rich guy offers to pay a group of people to stay a few nights in a haunted house to prove there is life after death All previous attempts to do such a stupid thing at this particular house have ended very badly for the suckers brave or stupid or hard up enough to have a sleep over It s no different this time around.
I read this book closely on the heels of finishing up Shirley Jackson s The Haunting of Hill House which was probably a big mistake on my part as the premise of these two books is nearly identical and Jackson s story didn t thrill me the way it did most people Same goes for Hell House though I did like it a wee bitthan Jackson s story but probably only because it waslurid and crazy pants I ve tried to read Hell House numerous times The writing seemed a little too simplistic, I guess would be the word, for my tastes It s also, at times, annoyingly repetitive, and had my buddy Thomas Str mquist sorry I still haven t figured out how to link to other people on this site hadn t accepted my buddy read proposal, I probably wouldn t have ever finished it I couldn t understand, for the life of me, why everyone suggested I read it It s a horror classic and It s soooooooo scary don t usually push me into reading a book because what I find scary normally isn t what other people find scary But this book hit me at just the right time, while I was in the mood for a creepy read And that s pretty much why I liked I can t believe it s taken me this long to read such a horror classic by one of the masters who has influenced so many others, including Stephen King First off, what I loved 1 What s not to love Matheson manages to accomplish a haunted house story that is not only supremely eerie and filled with a creepy atmosphere that s sublime, but a full on assault of the senses as well This book does not pussy foot around it is in your face practically from page one all the way through to the end 2 Belasco House even the Overlook Hotel has nothing on the absolutely sordid, depraved history of Hell House One of the most riveting scenes in the novel is when Fischer is describing the house s past in gritty and illuminating detail It created images in my mind I won t ever be able to erase Ever.
3 Tension and suspense are rife in this novel and so expertly handl Sorry, I know this is a classic haunted house novel But, it was terrible It was offensive, lurid I read horror novels frequently as a young adult I still read King, Koontz, John Saul and sometimes Bentley Little But, this was just disgusting Then after putting me through all that crap, the ending was incredibly anti climatic I only picked this one out because I was in the mood for a good haunted house or ghost story to read during the month of October for Halloween I really wish I hadn t.

Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend Hell House is the sexually awkward tale of a haunted house that can t even bother to be haunted until the book is nearly over Dr Barrett has been hired by a wealthy, dying man to investigate one of the most haunted houses known to man Hell House Along with his wife and two professional mediums, Dr Barrett packs up his scientific gear and embarks to the long abandoned house to settle the question once and for all Do ghosts actually exist Perhaps the most physically chilling aspect of the house is that all of its windows have been bricked up, so the interior is cast in eternal gloom It s reputation, however, is the mo One day, a young woman, who had crisply turned 18 and was fresh out of school, explored the horror genre while walking around an abandoned building She was on a trip with her family to visit a lovely area with beautiful trees, fresh grass and rain And yet, despite the large area, we were the only family there It was so.
empty so silent And so when I wasn t reading I explored the derelict houses, the rusty play area and the lovely forest.
And one day I settled down on bench outside and opened Hell House on my Kindle.
I had never been so afraid in my life I was enraptured I couldn t put the book down despite my terror No book had elicited nightmares from me since I was afraid to sleep alone and so I decided to share a room with my sister It all felt

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