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✓ Read ñ Hot for Him (Secret Lives Of Daytime Divas, #3) by Sarah Mayberry Ø Working In Hollywood Is Always About Getting To The TopOr On Top, As Feisty Producer Claudia Dostis Prefers Butwhen She Contends With Her Outrageously Sexy Adversary,Leandro Mandalor, The Stakes ChangeHer Charming Opponent Is Definitely Up To Claudia Schallenge He Convinces Her They Must Come Together Inthe Office And In The Bedroom Suddenly Getting On Tophas A Whole New Meaning And Leads To A New Level Ofsensual Satisfaction But Can Claudia Let Go Of Her Needto Succeed Long Enough To Allow Someone Else To Win I never wanted kids and never will and then she s dying to have them 2 stars Not engaging due to heroine s attitude and temperament.
This book was not as fun as I hoped Claudia grew up with an alcoholic mother who embarrassed her She never brought friends home Her father refused to admit the problem or get the right kind of help Apparently that s the reason Claudia is now a difficult person She is extremely competitive, works seven days a week, is very good at her job, and never wants to marry or have kids She is head producer of a TV show Leandro is head producer of a rival TV show Their paths cross They end up having hot, heavy, addictive, passionate sex She wants a one night stand He can t forget about her and starts sending her gifts They end up seeing each other a lot He is patient, kind, generous, and caring She fights him at several points along the way, and that s where my problem is She comes off Male hero with hung ups teaches wary heroine how to love and be loved despite her messed up family history with an alcoholic mother I enjoyed the moments Claudia spent with her two best friends, but 90% of their conversations are either about the guy Claudia is sleeping with or her alcoholic mother or both It got very tiring after a while.
A good solid story, with lots of passion, good characters and dialogue not her best work, but still a good read DNF at 63%The vanilla sex scenes were boring me and there s too much sex and too little story Now, coming upon the apparently necessary conflict, sabotage part, I just don t feel like going through it The premise is too cliched and flimsy anyway.
Additionally, the narrator Elizabeth Livingston has a very nasal, whiny voice that can be hard to bear.
Audiobook version narrated by Elisabeth LivingstonBook 3.
5 Narration 3 This was a very enjoyable audiobook and if I was rating it only against other category romances it would be a 4 5 star Claudia Dostis is a producer for a daytime TV show and her competition in ratings and industry awards is Leandro Mandalor, producer for a rival show When an extortionist throws the two of them together, the attraction between them explodes but growing up with an alcoholic mother has taught Claudia that marriage and children lead to unhappiness.
This could have been typical example of the genre except Sarah Mayberry excels at creating very human characters who rarely end up following the expected plot progression Claudia and Mandalor certainly generate the expected sexual heat for a book in the Blaze line but as Claudia deals with her family and str 3.
5 stars I liked these just as much as the other two in the series but I didn t like how quickly it was resolved God GIVE SARAH MAYBERRY SOME WRITING SPACE, UNIVERSE there are dramatic beats here that are well done and they re fleshed out in a way that it makes it so easy to feel for them, but at the same time it feels so truncated I can t help imagining how much better it ll be if I d gotten to sit around in those feelings for a while the intensity of the romance and how certain they get about each other would be easier to sell that way.
I really like her dialogue and her characters so very much, though I get why they fit I just want to see them figure it out.
The third in the series about three friends who work on a soap opera is another excellent mix of steam, humor, and emotion Claudia simply loathes Leandro, the producer of a rival soap opera he s so obnoxiously tall and gorgeous, and it s simply embarrassing having the hots for a man so beneath her contempt Then a work situation throws them together and neither can resist the sparks that fly As time goes on, Leandro becomes increasingly convinced that their fling is actually the start of the real relationship he wants, one that will lead to marriage and children But Claudia is holding on to an ugly secret, one that has convinced her that having a family is not for her.
From the beginning of this book, where we see that sex positive Claudia hasn t been whitewashed at all from her previous appearances, I was continually surpris The third and final book in the Ocean Boulevard series, Claudia and Leandro are a good match and Claudia s obstacles completely understandable once you delve into the story further Leandro being the one who is hot for a commitment, love and family is a nice twist Sarah Mayberry has become an auto buy for me.

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✓ Read ñ Hot for Him (Secret Lives Of Daytime Divas, #3) by Sarah Mayberry Ø izmirescort.pro Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When ins