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[ Read Online In My Enemy's House ¾ finance PDF ] by Carol Matas Ä This is a great book for people wanting to learn about the Holocaust This one is especially unique because the story is told through the perspective of a child The novel is entitled, In My Enemey s House becauseshe is She is posing as a Pole treated like rats at the time, but not nearly is bad as the Jews were treated , and goes through an organization, where she is sent to stay with an important Nazi officer and his family In fact, a game played by the children is called Jews Out, which was actually a non fictional game played at that time period How do I know this, do you ask Carol Matas came to my school and had a speech of her books This one was one of my favorites read it This is a wounderfull book about the courage of a jewish girl during World War Two This book, by Carol Matas, is an inspiring book and one of the best Holocaust books I have ever read Marisa the main characer is a jewish girl during World War Two With her blond hair and blue eyes she could pass for a pole, but why should she live when her mamma, pappa and most of her family are dead Marisa has to reach deep inside herself and dscover the courage that he never knew she had to surive I loved this book and I think everyone who loves people with courage, Holocaust stories, and loves to read realy good books with wounderful plots and meaning, this is deffently the best book for you I hope you read it and enjoy it

This book, In My Enemy s House, is thrilling, sad, and happy all in one I really knew how Marisa felt from the detailed descriptions Although it was a little slow in the middle I never really had a true passion for reading, but when I read this book I just couldn t put it down Just think how scary it would be in her position She had to trade papers with a Polish girl to save her own life, and she had to hide out with her brother, Yehuda, sister, Fanny, and part cousin Shmuel Except Shmuel wasn t her cousin by genetics, he was her cousin by marraige They became very fond of eachother You can really see how this relationship and each character grows in the story If you like nail bitting thrillers, then this one s for you I am a boy so I dont really think this book is excellent because this book to me is like a girls book because this has to do with teen love and dady s little girl problems that may seem akward to some guys when a girl says something about her loving her somewhat cousin I did rate this higher than how I wanted to rate it mainly because of the true meaning This book is about the Holocaust And the Holocaust was around World War 2 The Germans hated the Jews so much that they wanted to distroy them And I m glad that there are books about the Holocaust another word for burnt hole We cant let this happen again so we need to let the people know If the story kept the girl but left out some of the love most guys would like it Not saying that this is a bad book, beleive me I have read bad books in the past,but I This book was very good I enjoyed the tense and exciting parts such as Cassie having to say sorry to Miz Lillian Simms I also likes the very end when white people helped put out the Logans fire The Logans are black people and the color of your skin is the topic of this novel This book mentions the starts and ends of friendships I enjoyed this book very much and I would give it 5 stars.
This is a good story I felt guilty and scared all at the same time I love the Jewish people NO ONE should be put through this To all who don t even believe the Holocaust was real, better make sure you can pass, JUST IN CASE I Survived Protected By The Nazis That Killed My Family Could I Ever Forgive MyselfAward Winning Novelist Carol Matas Brings Readers Into The Heart Of Nazi Germany With The Harrowing Story Of Marisa, A Polish Jew Whose Blond Hair And Blue Eyes Make It Easy For Her To Pass As A Christian With The Nazis Ready To Herd The Remaining Jews Of Her Town Into A Ghetto, And With Her Family Either Scattered Or Dead, Marisa Takes The Papers Of A Polish Girl And Goes To Germany In A Desperate Attempt To Survive As A Polish Worker Marisa Finds Work As A Servant For The Reymanns, A German Family That Treats Her With Respect But She Must Never Forget That Herr Reymann Is A High Ranking Nazi Marisa Is Hiding In Plain Sight In Her Enemy S House This Unflinching Account Of Marisa S Dilemma As A Jew Living A Lie In Order To Survive Will Give Readers A New Perspective On The Nature Of Good And Evil, Even As It Touches Their Hearts

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