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ì In the Name of Honor: A Memoir Ö Download by ì Mukhtar Mai I found this memoir to be well written and well executed And I salute all women of the world that live in such circumstances and would like to remind many that the practices here are of a cultural system and are NOT condoned by the religion of the victim.
To keep a person illiterate keeps them in bondage I salute Ms Mai for here courage to come forth, against all odds, and stand up to the evil of the event that befell her Because of her knowledge of the Quran, supposing she understood the Arabic she was taught to recite from memory she knew instinctively that the conduct of the men around her was NOT condoned in the teachings of Islam or any other people of the book, So who in reality is illiterate Islam calls for the protection of women and the vulnerable and forbids the exploi I like this book, it truly made me understand the struggles of women in other part of the world Although I have heard of tribal tradition it is only after reading this book did I understand what that truly meant.
In June , Mukhtar Mai, A Pakistani Woman From The Impoverished Village Of Meerwala, Was Gang Raped By A Local Clan Known As The Mastoi Punishment For Indiscretions Allegedly Committed By The Woman S Brother While Certainly Not The First Account Of A Female Body Being Negotiated For Honor In A Family, This Time The Survivor Had Bravely Chosen To Fight Back In Doing So, Mai Single Handedly Changed The Feminist Movement In Pakistan, One Of The World S Most Adverse Climates For Women By July , The Pakistani Government Awarded Her The Equivalent Of , US Dollars In Compensation Money And Sentenced Her Attackers To Death And Mukhtar Mai Went On To Open A School For Girls So That Future Generations Would Not Suffer, As She Had, From Illiteracy In This Rousing Account, Mai Describes Her Experience And How She Has Since Become An Agent For Change And A Beacon Of Hope For Oppressed Women Around The World Timely And Topical, In The Name Of Honor Is The Remarkable And Inspirational Memoir Of A Woman Who Fought And Triumphed Against Exceptional Odds Interesting book, demonstrate how religion and men are the same brutal In the name of Honor was an amazing book I was not able to put this book down I recommend this book to anybody who wants to have a good book read I was extremely sad for this girl who was gang rapped by men who were twice the age of her Mukhtar went through a huge ordeal as well as her brother Her brother was wrongfully accused of raping a women who is a lot older than him There is a group of bad men who live near Mukhtar and her family Her father was an amazing man who always taught her to stand up for herself Being married at a young age and divorced in her twenties She was lucky to have been able to get out of divorcee In Punjab Divorce is a sin and should only be up held if the man files through for it not the women The women are treated like objects They have to the home makers, and do whatever men what them to do Women are not allowed t Story Description With Marie Therese CunyTranslated by Linda CoverdaleWashington Square Press October16, 2007 Trade Paperback ISBN 978 1 4165 3229 3In June 2002, Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman from the impoverished village of Meerwala, was gang raped by a local clan known as the Mastoi punishment for indiscretions alledgedly committed by the woman s brother While certainly not the first account of a female body being negotiated for honor in a family, this time the survivor had bravely chosen to fight back In doing so, Mai single handedly changed the feminist movement in Pakistan, on the world s most adverse climates for women.
By July 2002, the Pakistani government awarded her the equivalent of 8,500 U.
S dollars in ischool for girls so that future generations would not suffer, as she had, from illiteracy.
In t Thewe learn about other cultures, thetolerant we are Mukhtar Mai was unjustly raped and persisted in having the perpetrators brought to justice Life for village peasants is so hard Justice is not what she received, however Money and class counts in Pakistan Sometimes money and class counts in the justice system in the United States also If we can understand others, we can turn to our own countries to begin to make changes Also theeducated a person is, the better chance of obtaining justice Educate a man and he leaves the village Educate a woman, and she returns to her village to bring education and health care to her own people I wish for all the Mukhtars in the world to have education We have to care for all people and try to make their lives better We are all related humans under one God.
The book is extremely short and feels just like an extended version of Nick Kristof s 4 page foreword It feelslike an essay than a book Further, while the story is touching, a lot seems to be lost in the double translation from Saraiki to French and from French to English Most sentences appear to be broken it may be the author s choice to write them so, but it devalues the book.
Also, instead of focusing on how she worked to fight the scourge of honor killings and honor rapes by building schools, how the process of building the first school took place and how she won international fame, the author focuses most of the book on the rape and the aftermath An extension, talking about her fight from there on would make this book a much better read.

Be in the know about the horrible practices in countries that value women and girls equal to or less than livestock.
As shocking as the truth is, it must be told This book does that.
get it This is a very interesting book that is easy to read I learned a lot about the lifestyle of this culture that I would never have known otherwise.

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