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[ Read Online Sjálfstætt fólk Ù zambia PDF ] by Halldór Laxness ì Like World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War is not just enough zombie story, but also a well written book so too Independent People by Halldor Laxness is not just another book about Icelandic sheep crofters and separates itself from that crowded genre of literature by the quality of writing.
The Nobel laureate from Reykjavik tells an engrossing and damn near hypnotic story about poor Icelandic farmers And sheep.
No kidding, SPOILER ALERT this is about a sheep crofter in early twentieth century rural Iceland.
And it s a good book, masterfully written and crafted to poetically describe a time and place A small farm on the moors of Iceland comes alive with colorful dialogue, family dynamics and subtle political intrigue While we follow the exploits and stubborn misadventures of Bjartur o This story of a man determined to be an independent smallholder raising sheep in the years before the first world war is a great book, for the right reader As a book it has two principal obstacles to being universally enjoyed Firstly, sheep are among the most important characters and much like their human dependants, their hardy virtues are easier to admire than love Secondly, it is full of misery, worse yet, misery that is handled with irony and detachment The simplest way of describing Independent People it that is an Icelandic Don Quixote The hero s broken down old nag, twenty six years in his service, at the end of this novel would nod at Rocinante, if it wasn t so busy slowly cropping the grass.
The quixotic notion here is that of the independent man His notio This Magnificent Novel Which Secured For Its Author TheNobel Prize In Literature Is At Last Available To Contemporary American Readers Although It Is Set In The Early Twentieth Century, It Recalls Both Iceland S Medieval Epics And Such Classics As Sigrid Undset S Kristin Lavransdatter And If Bjartur Of Summerhouses, The Book S Protagonist, Is An Ordinary Sheep Farmer, His Flinty Determination To Achieve Independence Is Genuinely Heroic And, At The Same Time, Terrifying And Bleakly ComicHaving Spent Eighteen Years In Humiliating Servitude, Bjartur Wants Nothing Than To Raise His Flocks Unbeholden To Any Man But Bjartur S Spirited Daughter Wants To Live Unbeholden To Him What Ensues Is A Battle Of Wills That Is By Turns Harsh And Touching, Elemental In Its Emotional Intensity And Intimate In Its Homely Detail Vast In Scope And Deeply Rewarding, Independent People Is Simply A Masterpiece I see a number of my GR friends have read this but A BILLION MORE of them have this listed as To read Yes, I see why Every single person who has read this thinks this is a masterpiece but you stroke your chin and you think do I really need a 600 page novel about Icelandic sheep farmers in my life Even if it is a Nobel prize winning all time masterpiece Maybe you are like me, you live in a city and think the countryside is very pretty to visit for an afternoon, what with all the moo cows and baa lambs and horsies and piggy wiggies and goatsies and the less domesticated animals like spiny echidnas and bush babies and alpacas and okapi which I assume all live out in the country since I never see them strolling the boulevards of London or Paris or New York never mind here in Nottingham.
Well, Mr Laxness does mention severa Independent People is a poetic and insightful portrayal of Icelandic life in the mid twentieth century In a foreign land and exotic to most, Halldor Laxness beautifully conveys one man s struggle for independence and questions what it means to be truly independent Bjartur, Independent People s protagonist, was born into servitude and breaks free the shackles of debt only to become enslaved by sheep, the harsh Icelandic climate, and to a lesser degree the supernatural world and politics Bjartur is a stoic man, a hard worker and a poet However, Bjartur is not an amiable man and Halldor Laxness does not try to make Bjartur a likable protagonist The story of Bjartur s life unfolds gradually, at the pace one might expect for a lifetime, where changes ta Way back when My wife and went to our prominent local bookseller over the holidays in 2003 She asked me if I had read anything by Laxness and I adroitly responded, who She bought something else and the following day I jogged down to the public library My face burning with shame I checked this out from the stacks and returned home I read such over two days Jonsson the sheep farmer is everyman and he s screwed Modernity arrives along with a nascent globalization Never razor sharp, the farmer does possess a tradition and a rustic skill set I loved that Ultimately it may be a meditation on living in a bleak landscape such is helpful in Indiana.
Sheep sagaThe power of Laxness s writing allows the reader to become truly immersed in the smells, sights and sounds of the world he has created and, for me at least, the smells seemed to predominate, the smell of damp wool especially An amazing feat.
It took me a little to do this thing with Independent People 500 pages of itsy bitsy print it requires a monogamous, long term commitment But , Brad Leithauser enthuses in the foreword, this is the book of my life I have to reign in the suspicion I am its only ideal reader Hey ho, not a bad sell Still, why What is the book about Well, its a book about sheep says Leithauser Well, for heavens sake 500 pages about sheep, do I have it in me I m not Welsh after all, where the men are men and the sheep are afraid Still, Laxness won the Nobel prize for it Not that this is an iron clad guarantee These things seem to be politically motivated at times, I think I mean, I m wagering no one from Iceland will win any sort of international prize after that little stunt they pulled in 2008 when Landsbanski collapsed and the Icelandic government wouldn t honour t

Better Red Than DeadEntering into Independent People with no introduction, one could be forgiven for thinking it a merely charming review of early 20th century Icelandic culture, an update of the sagas and a chronicle of the rugged life of the North Laxness apparently promotes this in his opening paragraphs with his references to local legends of Norse colonisers, Celtic demons, and the various Icelandic myths of national origin He describes a timeless scene, the centuries lie side by side in unequally overgrown paths cut by the horses of the past But Laxness is not unlike the late US Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, generally acknowledged as the most powerful congressman of his day When asked by a reporter his view about a particular issue, he responded Aw shucks, I m just a country boy I don t know nuthin about politics Laxness uses just this tone of rural na vet How much can one sacrifice for the sake of one s pride Everything, of course if one is proud enough Halld r Laxness, The Atom Station, 1948No less than the best book I have read so far in my life Independent People original title Sj lfst tt F lk is the tragedy of a man who is proud enough to sacrifice everything It tells the story of Bjartur of Summerhouses, his family especially his daughter, sta S llilja and the world war they wage against the harsh Icelandic landscape in which they live and the demons, imaginary or otherwise, that inhabit it Bjartur has spent 18 years scraping together enough money to buy his own croft a croft that is supposedly haunted by a ghost destined to bring failure to all who try and farm there and is determined at all costs that he and his new wife R sa will live as independent people He is stoical beyond belief, ofte

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