Download Epub Format ✓ Is This Your Child? PDF by · Doris Rapp M.D.

Download Epub Format ✓ Is This Your Child? PDF by · Doris Rapp M.D. IS THIS YOUR CHILD These Are The Major Symptoms Of Potentially Unrecognized Allergies Does Your Child Suffer From Any Of The Following Allergic Nose Rub Eye Circles Red Ears Red Cheeks Eye Wrinkles Aggression Lack Of Alertness Mottled Tongue In This Breakthrough Book, Dr Doris Rapp Offers A Simple Yet Effective Approach To Handling Problem Children Is This Your Child Shows Parents How To Identify The Common Foods, Chemicals, Or Common Allergic Substances That Could Be The Culprits That Cause Some Children Or Adults To Feel Unwell Or Act Inappropriately If Your Child Is Always Sick, Hyperactive, A Slow Learner, Or Cranky, The First Question You Should Ask Is Not What Drug Should Be Prescribed Or What Have I Done Wrong As A Parent Instead, Find Out The Cause Dr Rapp Gives Sensible Suggestions About How These Reactions To Foods And Environmental Factors Can Be Recognized, Prevented, And Treated With This Information, Many Affected Children Should Feel, Act, Behave, And Learn Better If You Can Detect Unsuspected Environmental Illness In Your Child Or Yourself You Can Change Your Lives So You Re Content, Happy, And Free Of Illness When I first saw Dr Doris Rapp on the talk shows back when this book first was published it opened my eyes to my own sons problems.
read it over and over and started applying the testing and homeopathic remedies and stopping the foods he was showing allergic reactions to After a year of the homeopathic remedies and a slow start back of those same foods mile, chocolate, cinnamon we had noproblems This was a child who had severe allergic reactions including asthma attacks that would leave him choking and unable to breathe very frightening After two years of doctors of every specialty, and tons of meds with the resulting hyperactivity and no real cure, I had had it Now, my son is a tall, strong, and wonderfully healthy 17 yr old with no behavioral problems nor allergies or asthma You best believe that we keep homeopathics in our home 365 days a year now.
N Lots of information,this would be helpful as a starter point for people looking to look at specific possible allergies with their children Rapp, a Pediatric Allergist MD focuses on brain allergy in this book This 600 page book may seem daunting but it is not hard to read and you can pick and choose the chapters that you are interested in and that apply to your situation It is also easy to skim for basic information at first and then if you need to delve into detail you can go back and read each word and section that applies to you.
Black and white photographs, paragraphical text, case studies, and lists are the ways that Rapp describes the various maladies that are caused by brain allergies There are easy to reference lists and separate chapters on how allergies manifest in infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents.
After the discussion of the allergy symptoms Rapp moves on to how to detect the f This book was an eye opener for us Our daughter had many ADHD type symptoms angry outbursts, emotional meltdowns, and was fidgety, restless, and unable to stay focused After following the book s recommended rotational diet, we figured out what foods she reacted to Avoiding those foods especially corn produced dramatic positive results She is now an alert, attentive, angel of a child This book is a must for any parent with a problematic child.
And contrary to one reader s review, the NIH has conducted double blind studies supporting Dr Doris Rapp s findings.
My son s allergist recommended this book and I read the entire thing in 3 days My son has been to so many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc over the years and noone ever suggested he could have food allergies, and that could be causing much of his ADHD aggression problems This book explains it all so well, and offers very detailed suggestions for help Why don tdoctors see this connection I highly recommend this book for all parents searching for the answers for their hard to control children It may not be the answer for everyone, but certainly worth looking into.
D Rapp gives a practical approach to discovering your childrens allergies by utilizing a rotational diet She attributes many behavior problems to food allergies She gives many excellent examples of cause and effect and in some cases a simple remedy to alleviate some of the symptoms Following her advice will assist you in deciding if you need professional care She also gives advice on where to find physicians who will treat food allergies I am buying copies for my children and their families Nancy E Mach,RN, BSN, MA, CCRN Very informative book

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