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Trailer í It's Kind of a Funny Story PDF by Ó Ned Vizzini Ambitious New York City Teenager Craig Gilner Is Determined To Succeed At Life Which Means Getting Into The Right High School To Get Into The Right Job But Once Craig Aces His Way Into Manhattan S Executive Pre Professional High School, The Pressure Becomes Unbearable He Stops Eating And Sleeping Until, One Night, He Nearly Kills HimselfCraig S Suicidal Episode Gets Him Checked Into A Mental Hospital, Where His New Neighbors Include A Transsexual Sex Addict, A Girl Who Has Scarred Her Own Face With Scissors, And The Self Elected President Armelio There, Craig Is Finally Able To Confront The Sources Of His AnxietyNed Vizzini, Who Himself Spent Time In A Psychiatric Hospital, Has Created A Remarkably Moving Tale About The Sometimes Unexpected Road To Happiness my immediate reaction after reading this its kind of a funny boring story oh boy i cant help but feel a bit let down by this throw in some guilt to the emotional mix and you have me not wanting to write this review first things first i understand that this book was written the month after vizzini spent some time in a psychiatric hospital and was based on his own experiences there hence my guilt for rating this so poorly i do think that was an asset to the story, as it really portrayed depression and anxiety authentically however, as much as i hate criticising personal experiences, that was probably the only good thing about this book everything else was just kind of meh the main character is often described as having a flat affect , and thats exactly how i would describe this story its just completely devoid of any sort of emotion a boy admits himself into a facility, he meets so I came across this movie the other day on TV and watched it I didn t think the movie was great or anything, but I thought the idea of the story was interesting So I decided to give the book a try I loved this book It is about teens and it discusses suicide, sex, drugs and , but it is a great book with an important message Sometimes you have to get all the way to the bottom of the barrel before you can get back to the top.
Craig is like a lot of teens nowadays Overly stressed out He is very smart and has a seemingly bright future ahead of him until he decides that being a teenager is simply too much to handle and he contemplated just how easy it would be to commit suicide Luckily, instead, he calls a suicide hotline, but then he shocks his family when he checks himself into a mental hospital Only problem is that the teen ward is closed down so he is forced to live with the adult p I m so happy I finally read this book It s been recommend to me for YEARS and I have no idea why I ve been putting it off for so long I loved the way this book captured depression and suicidal idealization I really resonated with Craig s story He really spoke to me and his journey of growth was very inspirational in my opinion I also feel it had a positive view of inpatient treatment crisis intervention A lot of YA books that approach this topic go the route of showing it as an unpleasant, unhelpful, get me out of here as soon as possible place And while that is true for my personal experiences , I think it is extremely important we have a positive view of these situations as well so not to discourage individuals from entering a hospital that may very well save their life.
Overall, I truly loved this book Definitely one of my new favorite mental illness n Young Adult books seem to have a few formulas divorce, unrequited love, death of a parent, self transformation, and as of late vampires Oh and angst Usually always angst Sometimes these can be written quite loverly As with the few that have been jostled around GR lately,Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Book Thief ,I Am the Messenger These authors will come along and break, twist, switch it upmake.
think And manage to rise above the whole stigma of what it means to be reading YA.
I think I found another one Ned Vizzini I knew nothing of you prior to finding you on the GMBA Green Mountain Book Award list And, well that introduced me to Zusak, Foer, Vowell So, I jumped in all willy nilly You didn t disappoint In fact, you re one of those child prodigies publishing your first book at 19 He began writing ar I refuse to believe that writing a book from the perspective of a fifteen year old boy is any excuse for the level of transphobia, sexism, homophobia, and classism that defines this book I kept trying to excuse the narrator he s fifteen, he s sheltered, he s a stupid kid who wants to have sex with every female bodied person he encounters minus the poor ones, duh but that s not fair to fifteen year old boys I was tolerating the book until Craig, our hero, refers to a human being as he she it and that was probably the high point of his encounter with a trans woman When she got human pronouns at all, it was always, always he She was hypersexualized, devious, lying, manipulative, and disconcertingly hot.
But It took me a while to finish, but I liked it.
Full review to come Take a good helping of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, add a heaping spoonful of Girl, Interrupted, and stir in a dollop or two of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and you ll have a good idea what you re going to get with Funny Story A week after the author, Ned Vizzini, was discharged from his own stay in the psychiatric ward of a New York hospital, he began the tale of depressed teen Craig Gilner On the point of suicide, Craig checks himself into the hospital, hoping to come to find hope beyond his depression Inside he gains perspective on his illness, his current lifestyle, and his own talents and strengths Smoothly written with a strong voice, Funny Story is full of vivid, real characters What rings less true is Craig s almost miraculous recovery and ability to gain a new lease on life after only five days However, the fairly In respectful acknowledgment of Vizzini s suicide on 19 December 2013, I have cleared my rating of his book and removed my review.
There is no tragic occurrence in a family s life than the suicide of one of its members My most heartfelt sympathy to Vizzini s wife and young son.
Craig Gilner is an ambitious teen wanting to get into the best school, go to the best college, and get the best job When he gets accepted into the Manhattan s Executive Pre Professional High School, Craig believes he is headed on the right track Soon, however, the pressure becomes too much The class work, extracurricular activities, friends, girls, email, and pot smoking become than he can bear One night Craig decides to take his own life Before he does he reach out to the Suicide Hotline Craig goes to the hospital and admits himself into a mental hospital From there he meets the residents and gets on the road to better understanding his illness.
I found this novel to be right on the mark I too have spent time in a mental hospital on suicide watch I felt Ned Vizzini handled the issues of anxiety, depression and suicide with humor You ll understand the hum

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Trailer í It's Kind of a Funny Story PDF by Ó Ned Vizzini Vizzini grew up primarily in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City He attended Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, graduating in 1999 While still a teenager, he began to write articles for the New York Press, an alternative newspaper.After he wrote an essay that got published by the New York Times Magazine, several of his essays about his young adult life ended up being combi