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Download Epub Format À Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford PDF by ✓ Julia Fox I ve been trying to reconstruct the process by which this book was published, and I ve come to the conclusion that a few years ago, somebody was buying everything with the name Boleyn in it The part that is actually about Jane Boleyn the wife of George Boleyn, who was executed by Henry VIII along with his sister Henry s wife Anne Boleyn is basically a bit of the last few chapters and then some close reading of historical sources in the epilogue There is maybe enough material here for an interesting article though when the author tries to use her close readings to support a thesis, it s not a particularly convincing one This is overall REALLY disappointing for a book that promises the true story of an infamous historical figure There s still some worthwhile material here the first half of the book is a decent enough account of Anne Boleyn s rise and fall, and since the author clearl Julia Fox swings back and forth between brilliantly well researched presentation of the lesser known members of King Henry s court, to a style of faux history that made me wince When she has facts, she does a great job presenting the rise and fall of five of Henry s queens through a brand new lens that was very informative and thought provoking However, when she runs out of records, she brazenly makes guesses, saying things like dance lessons were Jane s favorite pastime, without a shred of proof backing her claims, and liberally peppers the book with maybes perhaps might have and probably As a book on what the average life for a Tudor noblewoman was like, this book does a great job However, saying that the average was Jane Boleyn is a very shaky guess.
The parts of the book that are doc In A Life Of Extraordinary Drama, Jane Boleyn Was Catapulted From Relative Obscurity To The Inner Circle Of King Henry VIII As Powerful Men And Women Around Her Became Victims Of Henry S Ruthless And Absolute Power, Including Her Own Husband And Sister In Law, Queen Anne Boleyn, Jane S Allegiance To The Volatile Monarchy Was Sustained And Rewarded But The Price For Her Loyalty Would Eventually Be Her Undoing And The Ruination Of Her Name For Centuries, Little Beyond Rumor And Scandal Has Been Associated With The Infamous Lady Rochford But Now Historian Julia Fox Sets The Record Straight And Restores Dignity To This Much Maligned Figure Whose Life And Reputation Were Taken From HerBorn To Aristocratic Parents In The English Countryside, Young Jane Parker Found A Suitable Match In George Boleyn, Brother To Anne, The Woman Who Would Eventually Be The Touchstone Of England S Greatest Political And Religious Crisis Once Settled In The Bustling, Spectacular Court Of Henry VIII As The Wife Of A Nobleman, Jane Was Privy To The Regal Festivities Of Masques And Jousts, Royal Births And Funerals, And She Played An Intimate Part In The Drama And Gossip That Swirled Around The King S Court But It Was Anne Boleyn S Descent From Palace To Prison That First Thrust Jane Into The Spotlight Impatient With Anne S Inability To Produce A Male Heir, King Henry Accused The Queen Of Treason And Adultery With A Multitude Of Men, Including Her Own Brother, George Jane Was Among Those Interrogated In The Scandal, And Following Two Swift Strokes From The Executioner S Blade, She Lost Her Husband And Her Sister In Law, Her Inheritance And Her Place In Court SocietyNow The Thirty Year Old Widow Of A Traitor, Jane Had To Ensure Her Survival And Protect Her Own Interests By Securing Land And Income With Sheer Determination, She Navigated Her Way Back Into Royal Favor By Becoming Lady In Waiting To Henry S Three Subsequent Brides, Jane Seymour, Anne Of Cleves, And Catherine Howard At Last Jane S Future Seemed Secure Until An Unwitting Misstep Involving The Sexual Intrigues Of Young Queen Catherine Destroyed The Life And Reputation Jane Worked So Hard To RebuildDrawing Upon Her Own Deep Knowledge And Years Of original Research, Julia Fox Brings Us Into The Inner Sanctum Of Court Life, Laced With Intrigue And Encumbered By Disgrace Through The Eyes And Ears Of Jane Boleyn, We Witness The Myriad Players Of The Stormy Tudor Period Jane Emerges As A Courageous Spirit, A Modern Woman Forced By Circumstances To Fend For Herself In A Privileged But Vicious World First offjust found out I can do this through facebookv coolOkay now to the bookIt s basically hmm this what I think happened and Jane was a 16th century woman so she would and then she got her head chopped off Women in the 16th century, unless they were women in extraordinary circumstances, were simply not well documented And Jane just wasn t And we just don t know But to say in the absence of not knowing that we should assume she was a poor maligned victim of circumstanceis a bit much The author extrapolated a LOTWhat we do know is that she was married to George Boleyn and testified willingly or not against her husband and sister in law and was enough in favor that she was brought back to be a lady in waiting to Jane Seymour We also know that she facilitated a queen cheating on the king Willingly or no When first faced with this book, my mind was intrigued I was hoping that finally I would get aindepth introspective look at the motivations and movements behind the choices and life of that infamous bawd Jane Rochford Indeed, if you are new in your knowledge about the Tudor era England, this book will be of some use and give you an interesting viewpoint to the life of Lady Jane Parker, who would become Jane Boleyn aka The Viscountess of Rochford.
If you are not new, such as myself, sadly this book doesn t not really give any new introspect to Jane Boleyn s side to the story In fact, there were times such as when she was a lady in waiting to Anne of Cleeves I was hoping would haveof a thorough telling Even The problem is, there wasn t enough info on Lady Rochford to fill a 50 page book, much less a 300 page book So 5 6 of the book is either conjecture or information that belongs in other people s biographies, like Anne Boleyn s or Catherine Howard s.
Like so many popular history books this is written by someone who is neither an academic nor a historian and I m afraid in shows in her methodology, thinking and general approach This is a book driven by a personal desire to vindicate a figure who has been vilified by history but sadly there is no evidence to offer the other side of the story and plenty, although Fox denies or erases it, to support if not prove the conventional reading As a result this book is full of might have , probably , possibly and perhaps.
Fox frequently attributes feelings and emotions to Jane Parker that other people had, along the lines of if someone else thought something then Jane must have too Sometimes this might have been true, for example when discussing the impact of the young Henry VIII on young women of the court, but there is nothing to indicate that this is the case and so the wh I picked this up because Hilary Mantel spoke well of it in the afterword to Bring Up The Bodies The idea is that this is a biography of Jane Boleyn, wife of George Boleyn and sister in law to Anne Boleyn However, Jane herself appears precious little in this account This is not so much a biography of Jane as a retelling of the rise and fall of the Boleyn and connected families through the lens of what Jane may or may not have possibly seen whilst at court Again, this is history that readslike a novel, so I was often unsure as to what was documented fact and what was a probably but unconfirmed situation Jane herself appears, briefly and tantalizingly, towards the end of the book when Fox goes into a discussion of how Jane secured her financial situation following the dow

There is a reason that there are eleventy gazillion non fiction books about Anne Boleyn, and only one as far as I know devoted to her sister in law Jane Rochford While Anne s life is fairly well documented after her arrival at the English court, the known facts of Jane Rochford s life are of such limited number they are better suited to a brief Wikipedia page than a full length book This is not a book about Jane Rochford it is a book about the author s suppositions Jane probably did this, may have done that, and almost certainly would have been there I find it strange that the author claims to have uncovered a kinder, gentler, misunderstood Jane, but offers little in the way of evidence Most of Jane s bad press comes from the fact one of the few that w To relate the story of Jane Boleyn, Anne Boleyn s sister in law, Fox did a great deal of research Unfortunately, there was apparently little to unearth In over 300 pages, Jane is quoted exactly twice in a letter to Cromwell and a few sentences from her testimony regarding Katherine Howard That s it We don t know when she was born, where she was raised, how she was educated or even what she looked like Even her last words from the scaffold she was executed for her part in Katherine Howard s treachery were not recorded.
Jane may or may not have been elegant, poised, and animated, as Fox insists she was But the fact is, we have no way of knowing All but a few hours of her life are a complete mystery to us The best Fox can do is guess and guess she does, throughout the entire book And for a history that encompasses the love affairs and executions of two fas

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Download Epub Format À Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford PDF by ✓ Julia Fox BiographyJulia Fox was born in London From a very early age, she set her heart on becoming a teacher and taught in a public and private schools in north London She left teaching to concentrate on researching and writing Jane Boleyn Her interests include music, theatre, walking and cooking She lives in London with her husband, the Tudor historian John Guy, and their three cats.