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Æ Budak Kampung à Download by ë LAT (Mohammad Nor Khalid) Lat takes us on a journey of his childhood growing up in the Kitna Valley in Perak in the 1950 s Lat is master storyteller as he takes us down the wandering path of his memories showing us the ceremonies that were still practiced such as asking the local teacher to take on students, the feeling of swimming in a river as the cool water washes over you, and the warmth and somewhat craziness of family like the dad that takes off his shirt to scratch his back on the pole when he gets home from work, caring for siblings, and the discussions of future But the modern world is gradually approaching with tin dredges and trains and automobiles And Lat is about to head off to school in another town away from his family.
This book is done in a sketchbook style, with written descriptions of the events and illustrations accompanying the This is an entertaining and eminently enlightening tale about a young boy growing up on a rubber plantation in rural Malaysia in the 1950s I really enjoyed reading the illustrated story and I feel like the drawings conveyed just as much of the tale as the words do Overall, it s a humorous book, but muchthan that, it offers a window to catch a glimpse of life in a part of the world I have never seen before probably never will It also shows the universal concepts of familial affection, the ability for young children to get up to no good, and the food coma a student feels in the afternoon classes following lunch I m not sure if our local library carries anyof the books in this series, but I will certainly keep looking for them.
interesting quotesWellthat was also the day I discovered how angry Mum could get.
I was so afraid of what Mum Coming of age story by Lat, which first appeared in 1979, translated into English Lat is famous and well read in Asia, not well known here in the west, but I thought I would check this out I know little about Malaysia, so thought I would read for that, too Lat began publishing some of this story when he was only 13, and it he just grew in popularity At least this volume the first of promised many appears to be done by someone young It appears sketchy, unsophisticated Kampung means Village, so this story, about Mat, not Lat shares information about rural Malaysian life that is of course now mostly disappearing, so it s sort of historical fiction, and, I m told, a kind of blend of fiction and memoir.
It s not really a comic It slike an illustrated story with lots of words, the illustrations as cartoons, heading up to the time Mat leaves the village for school I tho Rating my own opinion I don t get much out of this style of artwork But I did love learning about a boy growing up in a kampung in rural Malaysia near a tin mine.
My library shelved it as YA but I have no idea why The most intense bit was the circumcision at age 10 Call it Juvenilie, or call it all ages It took me 26 minutes to read including trying to make out details in pictures.
What a charming book From his birth to his journey to boarding school, this kampung village boy enjoys his life Nothing special happens in this graphic depiction of life in a Malaysian village in the 1960s, but the normal boy pursuits fishing, hanging out with friends, getting in trouble with mom , are portrayed with great affection and humor The village, however, is changing with the times, and as the boy leaves for boarding school, he and the reader are left wondering if there will be a village for him to return to Lat, the author, is noted as one of the most popular cartoonists in Southeast Asia, and it s easy to see why His simple line drawings are wonderfully expressive and his backgrounds brim with the everyday details of life that make the kampung come alive Stu

4 stars This is the second comic book in my collection by this renowned cartoonist Beforehand, I m already a fan of the animation series Kampung Boy But I think this book and the television version is a little bit different Or is it from another book By the way, Mat Som got me really hooked up with Datuk Lat s drawing, characters, humour and also beautiful messages in his work And,Kampung Boy is not any less wonderful Not at all And yes, now I understand why this book became one of the references for foreigner to learn about Malaysian life Our multiracial country has a wide variety of custom and tradition but somehow I feel we all can relate to this book At least I can and I came from the other side of Malaysia Borneo , not in Lembah Kinta and I certainly never been to rubber plantation before or even growing up in the same era a Lat adalah salah satu komikus favorit saya Gaya gambarnya yang sederhana sekilas seperti buatan anak anak membuatnya memiliki karakter yg khas komik kampung boy ini merupakan slice of life story yang menggambarkan kehidupan sehari hari si komikus semasa kecil di kampungnya Petualangan mencari ikan di sungai, menjaga durian di kebun, sunatan, sampai tingkah nakalnya menjadi pendulang timah liar diceritakan dengan jenaka dalam gambar gambar yang sederhana tetapi memukau Membaca kampung boy membawa saya kembali ke masa kecil di kampung juga kesederhanaan polah tingkah tokoh Lat kecil membuat komik ini cocok untuk semua umur Tak ada plot yang menegangkan hanya sedikit keriuhan ketika lat kecil dihajar bapaknya karena menjadi pendulang timah liar maupun The Kampung Boy tells the story of a young boy, Lat, and his childhood in a kampung village A graphic novel, it illustrates the boy s life in pictures and words Aside from being the protagonist, Lat is also the narrator The story opens with his birth in a kampung in Perak, Malaysia, and the traditional rituals surrounding the event the recitation of blessings, the singing of religious songs, and the observance of ceremonies As Mat grows older, he explores the house, gradually shifting the story s focus to the comic activities of his family outside their abode The book is full of experiences the Kampung boy goes through such as reading the Quran and learning to fit in with his new friends and even his new little brother The company will offer a large sum of money for the family s properties if they discover tin on it Other villagers are hoping for I loved this story from the first page It kept me engaged through the use of various amounts of words on each page, the graphics, the cultural knowledge imparted, the way Lat made me instantly connect with the boy, Mat The smiles of the people were a little alarming and I wish there had been just a teensy bitabout learning the Koran, but maybeof that comes with the next book, which I will undoubtedly read.
Kampung Boy Is A Favorite Of Millions Of Readers In Southeast Asia With Masterful Economy Worthy Of Charles Schultz, Lat Recounts The Life Of Mat, A Muslim Boy Growing Up In Rural Malaysia In The S His Adventures And Mischief Making, Fishing Trips, Religious Study, And Work On His Family S Rubber Plantation Meanwhile, The Traditional Way Of Life In His Village Or Kampung Is Steadily Disappearing, With Tin Mines And Factory Jobs Gradually Replacing Family Farms And Rubber Small Holders When Mat Himself Leaves For Boarding School, He Can Only Hope That His Familiar Kampung Will Still Be There When He Returns Kampung Boy Is Hilarious And Affectionate, With Brilliant, Super Expressive Artwork That Opens A Window Into A World That Has Now Nearly Vanished

LAT (Mohammad Nor Khalid)

Æ Budak Kampung à Download by ë LAT (Mohammad Nor Khalid) Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid Jawi , commonly known as Lat, is a Malaysian cartoonist Winner of the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2002, Lat has published than 20 volumes of cartoons since he was 13 years old His works mostly illustrate Malaysia s social and political scenes, portraying them in a comedic light without bias Lat s best known work is The Kampung Boy 1979 , w