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Ä Read ç Kringle by Tony Abbott ç Kringle is an epic story, or really a series of epic stories woven together We have Kringle and the Goblins, Kringle and the pirates, Kringle and the magic sled, Kringle and the elves, and Kringle and Saint Alban But what we have most of all is story and story at its finest Madeline L Engle says about the power of story We are all strangers in a strange land, longing for home, but not quite knowing what or where home is We glimpse it sometimes in our dreams, or as we turn a corner, and suddenly there is a strange, sweet familiarity that vanishes almost as soon as it comes In literature the longing for home is found in the many stories of paradise, of the forgotten place where we once belonged This longing is filled through story, and as such, story encourages and challenges all aspects of spirituality, and if we allow it all aspects of life My daughter first read this Christmas book about 6 years ago and absolutely LOVED it Every year since, around Christmas, she would check it out from the library and re read it We finally bought her her own copy as the library only has 1 copy and she was having to wait in a long queue to get her hands on it She first read it at age 8 9 and still loves it at nearly 15 She definitely recommends this book to anyone who will listen A wonderful story combining Kris Kringle and Christian views, a great way to keep the story alive Love to read it out loud to kids every year at the public library.
Also, the other review is wrong, it talks about how the winter solstice is the longest night, not day It also mentions that though dates of the child s birth change the idea and love of the child is constant and that is the important part.

The author is completely ignorant about the seasons and days, apparently In the end, Kringle triumphs and vows to make the year s longest day, which marks the birth of the Child, a happy one for children The winter solstice is the year s SHORTEST day Most CHILDREN know this Well, most children from earth based spirituality at least Of course, the book is Christianity based, so I suppose it s probable that it s going to have misinformation about the wheel of the year.
Also, it doesn t make any sense as far as Christianity is concerned either, since Jesus is hypothesised to be born in August, not December So it certainly would not have been the coldest day of the year either.
One of my family s favorite Christmas Reads We read it aloud as a family each and every year My son even named his dog after the main character At first glance it may seem a bit simplistic, but honestly it is a beautiful story of the human spirit and all the complexities it contains The mixture of history and fantasy is intriguing and fascinating Don t miss out on this wonderful tale Actually, this is the third Kringle I ve purchased I am 68 years old, and this is a book for middle school age children, but glancing at the opening pages,I was pulled into its magic I have enjoyed it thoroughly three readings in the past 4 years It s the story of the boy who becomes Santa Claus, and WHY It has all the prerequisites for an adventure story a half grown orphaned boy named Kringle after the sound a tiny bell makes whose wise old grandmother is kidnapped by terrible goblins who mean to take over the world Barely escaping himself, he stumbles upon a beautiful land of strong, generous elves who band with Kringle to rid the world of goblins Their numerous grand adventures along the way are imaginative and different I cheered them on the whole way I ve given this book twice as gifts to kids, and advised This Coming Of Age Story Is A Tale Of Fantasy And Mystery, Of Goblins, Elves, And Flying Reindeer, And Of How A Boy From The Humblest Beginnings Fulfills His Destiny

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