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com review It doesn t matter whether what you tell people is truth or fiction, because there s no such thing as truth, no real difference between fantasy and reality, so you might as well go with theinteresting story That s Life of Pi in a nutshell Sorry to spoil it for anyone who hasn t read it yet Remember that season of the TV series Dallas that turned out to be just a dream That s kind of how you feel after you ve invested hours of your time reading page after page of a quite engrossing survival narrative, only to find out that it was all something the survivor made up Or was it Ah, there s the twist that we re supposed to find so clever But the officials from the ship company who tell Pi they don t believe his story are such hopelessly weak strawmen that the author pretty much force I was extremely surprised by this book Let me tell you why it s a funny story On the Danish cover it says Pi s Liv Pi s Life , but I hadn t noticed the apostrophe, so I thought it said Pis Liv Piss Life and I thought that was an interesting title at least, so perhaps I should give it a go So I did And what I read was not at all what I had expected I thought it was a book about a boy in the Indian slums or something It actually wasn t until I looked up the book in English I realized the title wasn t Piss Life I was deceived for the longest time and, well, not only about this When I first read it I also thought it was based on a true story I m not sure why I thought that, I must have misread something I vaguely rec Life of Pi Is A Fantasy Adventure Novel By Yann Martel Published InThe Protagonist, Piscine Molitor Pi Patel, A Tamil Boy From Pondicherry, Explores Issues Of Spirituality And Practicality From An Early Age He SurvivesDays After A Shipwreck While Stranded On A Boat In The Pacific Ocean With A Bengal Tiger Named Richard Parker It s not that it was bad, it s just that I wish the tiger had eaten him so the story wouldn t exist.
I read half of it, and felt really impatient the whole time, skipping whole pages, and then I realized that I didn t have to keep going, which is as spiritual a moment as I could hope to get from this book.
The beginning is rough.
It s all like Why do we keep going on and on about religion Where s the boat Where s the tiger Stop and enjoy the roses The book will get to the tiger part when it wants to Young Pi Piscine Pi Patel spends the first part of the book joining the Christian, Muslim and Hindu faiths It s not a matter of he can t choose a religion it s that he is able simultaneously believe in all of them The philosophical musings and religious prose provide an extremely interesting insight on how these religions intersect If Christ spent an anguished night in prayer, if He burst out from the Cross, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me then surely we are also permitted doubt But we must move on To ch Sift a pinch of psychology with a scant tablespoon of theology, add one partIsland of the Blue Dolphinwith two parts philosophy, mix with a pastry blender or the back of a fork until crumbly but not dry and there you have Pi and his lame o, cheesed out, boat ride to enlightenment.
Actually I liked the beginning of this book loved Pi s decleration and re naming of himself, his adding religions like daisy s to a chain, and was really diggin on the family as a whole and then.
then, then, then the tarpaulin I did learn some things though, I learned that a cookies work wonders in assuaging heated arguments.
b Tiger turds do NOT taste good, no mater how hungry you are and hold absolutely no nutritional value actualy this might apply only to turds obtained from tigers Life of Pi was a fairly engaging story in terms of plot and character, but what made it such a memorable book, for me at least, was its thematic concerns Is it a story that will make you believe in God, as Pi claims I m not sure I d go that far, but I would recommend it to people who enjoy thinking about the nature of reality and the role of faith in our lives To me, the entire thrust of the book is the idea that reality is a story, and therefore we can choose our own story as the author himself puts it So if life is a story, we have two basic choices we can limit ourselves only to what we can know for sure that is, to dry, yeastless factuality or we can choose the better story I suppose in Pi s world the better story includes God, but he doesn t say I read this book two years ago, but when we discussed it this month for book club, I remembered how much I liked it A good discussion always ups my appreciation of a novel as does an ending that makes me requestion my givens in the story I find myself reading contradictory interpretations and agreeing with both sides That s the beauty of symbolism as long as you back up your cause, it s plausible.
Initially it took me several weeks to get into the book The beginning readslike a textbook with inserted clips of the main character s future self While the knowledge I gained about zoology and theology was interesting, it wasn t intriguing enough to keep me awake forthan a few pages at a time and often I found the tidbits a confusing distraction But wit

I found a lot of this book incredibly tedious I tend to avoid the winners of the Man Booker they make me a little depressed The only Carey I haven t liked won the Booker Oscar and Lucinda , I really didn t like the little bit of Vernon God Little I read and I never finished The Sea despite really liking Banville s writing So, being told a book is a winner of the Booker tends to be a mark against it from the start, unfortunately.
I m going to have to assume you have read this book, as if I don t I won t be able to say anything about it at all Apparently, when Yann Martel wrote this he was feeling a bit down and this was his way of plucking himself up Well, good on him That s just great I was a little annoyed when I found out that t

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