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[ Pdf Linda Goodman's Sun Signs É historical-mystery PDF ] by Linda Goodman à Lovely Accurate Interesting even if you do not believe in them Is an all time favourite My dad was an astrologer and he got us to read this, hoping to get us hooked to this science I call it science, I have seen it work Every time It sure got me hooked I was practically weened on this book The copy I have is a hardback from the 60s It was my grandmother s, mom s, and now mine And someday my kid will get it mwhahaaaha I have awesome memories of climbing onto mom s bed and reading astrology books with her We d read aloud to each other different chapters for different parts of our charts As I got older and had crushes, she d ask me about this Pisces or that Gemini I had a thing for and we d read ALL THE COMBOS This book is to me what mom s apple pie is like for non hippie inclined families.
Find Out What S Really Happening In Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You Is He Really Unstable Beneath That Placid Exterior Is She Marrying You For Your Money Alone When Should You Give A Wayward Spouse The Benefit Of The Doubt How Can You Adjust Your Inner Moods To Your Best Advantage, Knowing When To Push And When To Pull Back, When To Speak Up And When To Shut Up What Is The Best Time To Ask Your Boss For That Raise, Your Girl For Her Heart And Hand, Your Brother In Law For A Loan Learn All This And Much, Much From The World Famous Astrologer Who Has Helped Millions Divine Their Way To Happiness, Love, And Profit By Studying The Sun Signs Amaze Your Friends And Yourself With Your Insight Into Their Most Hidden Characteristics Be The Best That You Can Possibly Be With Sun Signs I swear by this book I ve read all the signs and they describe people s personalities so perfectly Plus it was published in the 60 s and is super old fashioned about gender roles It s pretty hilarious And to top it all off, there are constant references to Alice in Wonderland How could it get any better That is kind of a nostalgic tip of the hat four stars there, because I appreciate Linda s Aries nature and the way she threw open the doors for a generation of astrologers and people in search of a bit insight than just that newspaper column promising a tall dark stranger on Tuesday And the Alice in Wonderland framework of Sunsigns was cool, particularly to the children of the 60 s, our long hair trailing, our embroidered gowns catching the light.
But this book was also the first one to make me realize that in all fairness yes, I m a Libra by sunsign astrologers and writers on astrology should be required to give you their charts first Or at least to admit to their biases Aries Linda had trouble with the Libra people and didn t quite capture us in all our glory.
It s a fun read, though, and a nice introduction to t A fun book to read I don t believe in astrology, but I must say that Linda has got it correct regarding the personality of myself a Leo , my wife a Taurean and my son a Gemini I only did not like the part where she said Leos are boastful we are not We are just honest in pointing out our virtues.
Reading the Aquarius chapter was like reading erotica.
Linda Goodman has a good understanding of the main foundation of a person s chart the sun sign She makes it a point to remind the reader how the other signs in our charts can skew our token sun sign personality I appreciated this about the description, even if reading about the hardcore version of every sign wasn t always fulfilling She points out very specific and accurate details that might give a reader some insight about themselves However she also provides the reader with an easy understanding of the complicated aspects of other signs.
I found this emotionally satisfying in terms of my own chapters In terms of the chapters of others, I found it reassuring.
Very true for us scorpions Must read.

It is very cleverly written So clever that you feel u r every sun sign from aries to piesces Its heresay, imaginary, unscientific, illogical and absurd But still u look up for your DoB many times and check your sun sign again and again It is written so cleverly you force yourself to believe the qualities of your so called sin sign pun intended Its the majority opinion that its not science Sun is star Moon is satellite But still considered for calculations How the stars, planets and satellite and there relative motion affect our lives is beyond comprehension And even if they do how it can be calculated mathematically The qualities attributed to different planets is based on mythology, arbitrary and imaginary Like jupiter for education or venus for sex The signs also named after the shape of a particular I take astrology seriously I m sure Linda Goodman takes astrology seriously But you CANNOT TAKE LINDA GOODMAN SERIOUSLY This book was written in 1968, and I swear it has NOT BEEN REVISED since then What does this mean First off, it means you get the benefit of all of Linda s 1968 era trippy dippy moonchild flights of fancy Second, girl will totally tell you that your Capricorn man might not like it if you want to, say, HAVE A JOB But hey, that s just one of his craaaaazy quirks that you ll have to accept Also, each of the 72 sections begins with a quote from Alice in Wonderland that will leave you scratching your head at how it relates.
Sorry for the all caps above, but really, this one is worth reading aloud at parties sleepovers bad poetry night.

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[ Pdf Linda Goodman's Sun Signs É historical-mystery PDF ] by Linda Goodman à izmirescort.pro Linda Goodman assumed the name Linda during World War II for a popular WCOM radio show in Parkersburg that she hosted called Love Letters from Linda Each show consisted of Linda reading letters written between soldiers and their loved ones Each letter was punctuated with a popular song of the day While working in radio, she met her second husband, Sam O Goodman, and took his last name He bega