Trailer à Lion Who Had Asthma PDF by ¾ London

Trailer à Lion Who Had Asthma PDF by ¾ London This is a cute story My son was recently diagnosed with asthma While he doesn t have to be on an inhaler nebulizer at this time, he does hate what asthma does to him He has to stop running and wait until his medicine starts to work We are able to read this book and talk a little about asthma He s 2 and about what it means for him This book is a great one for reassuring little kids that they are ok, that others have this, and that soon they can play again.
The only reason I rated this a four instead of a five is that I think the text is a little stilted at times.
A Story About An Imaginative Little Boy With Asthma Emphasizes The Importance Of Relaxation And Visualization In Dealing With The Disease, As Sean Wears His Nebulizer Mask, He Pretends He Is A Jet Pilot And Starts To Breathe Easier My son developed asthma at 7 months of age after being hospitalized with RSV He is now only 1 years old, but does enjoy this book as much as a 1 year old can The reason I bought it was for my 3 year old who had many questions about why his little brother had to have breathing treatments, wasn t feeling well, etc This book was perfect Not too medical in it s terms, adorable illustrations, lovely story line about using fantasy to make treatments better I can t wait until my 1 year old is old enough to really enjoy and understand it I highly recommend it for parents of asthmatics, or any one with young children who are around other children with asthma.
I like the concept for my son but I m not in love with the story line.
My 2 1 2 year old has asthma and I bought this book to teach himabout it This story helps put the disease into terms that a child canreadily relate to When I say can you breathe he is not as likely to answer as when I relate it to the story and say is the lion s roar wheezy The book also ensures him that he will be okay and other kids have the same condition It is a fun book that I would recommend for a wide range of ages.

My 3 year old daughter has had some hefty asthma attacks for the past year It never occurred to me to find a book to help her cope and deal with the fear she might be experiencing until someone suggested it to me I searchedand found this cute book about Sean It was perfect It is simply written so, at her young age, she can understands the content She relates to Sean coughing when he plays, having to do his nebulizer treatments, and how scared he feels when he is having an attack But then, Sean feels better after his therapy and goes off happy and playing again My daughter loves looking at this book when we are doing her nebulizer treatments at bedtime I think it has helped her grasp the concept that she is not the only one that experi What a great book on asthma I wish my three year old was still using a nebulizer and not an inhaler Great, imaginative book that engaged my toddler with its beautiful illustrations, imaginative storyline, and connection to his own experience of asthma If you are looking for help getting your child to use a nebulizer, this story of a boy pretending to fly a jet during his treatment may help.


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