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☆ Read ¾ Love You Forever by Robert Munsch ☆ I love this book.
My earliest memory of this book is my mom reading this aloud to my two year old self, and crying as she finished the last few pages Now im the one who starts crying whenever i pull the book out and stare at the waterworn pages Anyone who s read this book knows the words that the mother is constantly saying to her son as he s sleeping I Love You Forever I ll like you for alwaysAs long as I m living My baby you ll be.
My mom made a tune for those words, and I cant imagine those words without the song It was my little lullaby when i was younger.
Okay, I realize I m in the minority here, and I will admit that the first time I read it I went, Aww she loves her baby But then I actually thought about it, and was completely freaked out by this book This woman USES A LADDER TO CLIMB INTO HER GROWN SON S WINDOW, PICKS HIM UP OUT OF BED AND HOLDS HIM WHILE HE SLEEPS Do I need to repeat the grown man part We ve got breaking and entering here, along with the fact that we never once see this woman tell her son she loves him while he is, oh, I don t know, AWAKE There s something she might try.
I realize I m probably reading far too much into a little Robert Munsch rhyming ditty, but it has become so revered by the masses that I feel the need to speak my piece I m done now.
Hey parents, do you want to read a children s book that will make you cry uncontrollably from the third page all the way to the end of the book Well look no further, this is the book for you Honestly It s a very sweet book But get ready to do all the crying while your little kid looks up at you, with an expression that says, Seriously dad, what the fuck Do you need a tissue or something I didn t hate this book because it was too sappy I like sappy sometimes Here s what I didn t like about the book.
Where do I even begin How about the cover The cover makes it look like it s some sort of book about potty training or something Awful choice Secondly the illustrations are hideous Simply hideous Now lets talk about the writing Repetitive and long winded I ll like you for always is just a terrible phrase.
The overall general creepiness is another reason I didn t like this book I realize that the mother sneaking into her grown son s house via a ladder is supposed to be kind of funny at least I hope it is , but it is still creepy and weird Finally the overall message of the book The intended message I m sure is about unconditional love, the reversal of roles, etc etc But here s the message I got I love you because you re my son, but I really don t like you very much She sees her Creepy.

Obviously enough, I m in the minority here, but this children s book is weird, creepy, disturbing and will probably give me nightmares than any Stephen King novel ever did Love You Forever is, as the title indicates, about a mother who loves her sweet little baby boy forever, until her baby has grown into an adult and she into an old woman I m perfectly fine with the message that mothers respectively parents in general will always love their children and will in most cases sadly enough, there are always exceptions do everything for them to be comfortable But Robert Munsch simply overexaggerated while portraying this message, and finally made me see a totally different message in this book That a mother s love justifies stalking her children and entering into their lives in one of the creepiest and most disturbing ways by cli I m not feeling the love, but I definitely am feeling the creeps.
I get the point unconditional and everlasting love, hence the three stars But that s just not how you do it man I like what the book is saying, I just don t like how it s saying it Maybe, just maybe, I would ve appreciated this story as a kid, when I saw the world through innocent and unspotted eyes, but now I know such words like STALKER, PEEPING TOM, OBSESSIVE CREEP, LOONEY Nooooooo I just can t overlook how disturbing this is I really couldn t enjoy this book How do I fall asleep now I just wanted something sweet sniffs This is definitely better than Edward Cullen s night watch sessions Or maybe not Maybe a lover watching his love sleep is better But still, mothers creeping across floors I just love this book It is a bit on the unusual side, but that is just Munsch for ya I first read this my Freshman year of college I cried then and I cry when I read it to my girls It s the intergenerational, unconditional love of mother son and then father daughter that I feel a strong connection with The mother s corniness just adds to the tenderness of the book I am touched by the mother s love for her son, the son s love for his mom, and then the son s love to his daughtera breathless tradition passed from one generation to the next So simple, so beautiful, so profound I was so inspired I made up a tune for the words to the song for my girls My dad used to sing me a Spanish lullaby when I was a little girl that I sing to my girls and I hope that they will sing Love You Forever, Stalk you for always Ok, in response to the haters let me state that I do not mind one bit that many people have been touched and uplifted and LOVE this book It just doesn t work for me At all And I m allowed to have a different opinion that you let me say first that I understand this is an allegory about unconditional love between parent child but does this book come off a little creepy to anyone else 1 It starts out ok but about the time the kid gets to be a teenager I just start to feel uncomfortable Would I be ok with my mom slipping into my teenage brothers rooms while they re sleeping to cuddle and sing a love song No, probably not 2 I think it s weird there s only female figures mentioned mom and grandma Where s the dad later when the mom is sick the only pict An Extraordinarily Different Story By Robert Munsch Is A Gentle Affirmation Of The Love A Parent Feels For Their Child Forever Sheila McGraw S Soft And Colorful Pastels Perfectly Complement The Sentiment Of The Book One That Will Be read Repeatedly For Years

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☆ Read ¾ Love You Forever by Robert Munsch ☆ izmirescort.pro Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania He graduated from Fordham University in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and from Boston University in 1971 with a Master of Arts degree in anthropology.He studied to become a Jesuit priest, but decided he would rather work with children after jobs at orphanages and daycare centers In 1973, he received a Master of Education in Chil