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Trailer Ô Lucky: A Memoir PDF by ¹ Alice Sebold As I read The Lovely Bones also remarkably well written by Sebold I remember thinking how the author must have endured some kind of emotional trauma to give her such insight into the pulsing anger and isolation of being violated Here in her memoir I am devastated to know just how victimized she was at such a young age Yet despite the gruesome topic, details of her rape at 18, and subsequent emotional destitution, this book is a story of conquest Her narrative is a discussion of her life s emotional storms and her vanquish over situations that gave rise to her pain She incorporates wit and detail to paint her vivid narrative.
The title Lucky is ironic A police officer told her after her rape that she should consider herself lucky she wasn t killed because they had found a dead woman in the very same place she had been raped That sentiment is a reflection on the awkward feelings Good writing tough subject I truly loved this book A great memoir of a young girls life experiences 5 star for sure.

I was raped My experiences during and after the hospital, police, life were far different from Alice Sebold s The thing I liked least about this book were her generalizations to all rape victims, or survivors if you choose She writes sentences such as, When you re a rape victim you become a celebrity, referring to all on her college campus who knew of her rape The sentences she writes in the second person, When you re raped are simply her experience She presupposes we all had her experience I didn t become a celebrity I was not treated by the police nor the hospital any way close to how she was and, my life that followed differed very much from hers.
However, the passages in the book however brief that did describe emotions I feel or felt were powerful for me I reread a couple of paragraphs as I was reading, just to see again someone else knows this feeling I read The Lovely Bones by this author and was looking forward to reading this book I found it very redundant and depressing The premise seemed contrived and stretched to fill the book I was very disappointed and I stopped reading before completing the novel Would classify Ms Sebold as a one hit wonder.
In A Memoir Hailed For Its Searing Candor And Wit, Alice Sebold Reveals How Her Life Was Utterly Transformed When, As An Eighteen Year Old College Freshman, She Was Brutally Raped And Beaten In A Park Near Campus What Propels This Chronicle Of Her Recovery Is Sebold S Indomitable Spirit As She Struggles For Understanding After Telling The Hard Facts To Anyone, From Lover To Friend, I Have Changed In Their Eyes As Her Dazed Family And Friends Sometimes Bungle Their Efforts To Provide Comfort And Support And As, Ultimately, She Triumphs, Managing Through Grit And Coincidence To Help Secure Her Attacker S Arrest And Conviction In A Narrative By Turns Disturbing, Thrilling, And Inspiring, Alice Sebold Illuminates The Experience Of Trauma Victims Even As She Imparts Wisdom Profoundly Hard Won You Save Yourself Or You Remain Unsaved

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