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Download Epub Format Î Lunar Park PDF by ↠´ Bret Easton Ellis Bret Ellis, The Narrator Of Lunar Park, Is A Writer Whose First Novel Less Than Zero Catapulted Him To International Stardom While He Was Still In College In The Years That Followed, He Found Himself Adrift In A World Of Wealth, Drugs, And Fame, As Well As Dealing With The Unexpected Death Of His Abusive Father After A Decade Of Decadence, A Chance For Salvation Arrives The Chance To Reconnect With An Actress He Was Once Involved With, And Their Son But Almost Immediately His New Life Is Threatened By A Freak Sequence Of Events And A Bizarre Series Of Murders That All Seem To Connect To Ellis S Past Reality, Memoir, And Fantasy Combine To Create Not Only A Fascinating Version Of This Most Controversial Writer But Also A Deeply Moving Novel About Love And Loss, Parents And Children, And Ultimately Forgiveness Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are two of my favorite films So in 1996, when From Dusk Til Dawn was released, I was in line on opening night For the first hour, I watched what was undoubtedly the finest work Tarantino had produced to date, and I eagerly anticipated a typically dramatic conclusion but something went horribly wrong FDTD degenerated into a B grade vampire flick For ten horrific minutes, I tried to convince myself that one of the characters had fallen asleep, been knocked out, ANYTHING which would allow the on screen action to be dismissed as temporary, someone else s nightmare, a prelude to the rest of the film rather than What The Film Had Become Lunar Park reminded me of From Dusk Til Dawn , except the pleasant prelude didn t last quite as long The first chapter was brilliant, as Ellis, whose main How lonely people make life But also I realized what I hadn t learned from him that a family if you allow it gives you joy, which in turn gives you hope I m a pretty big BEE fan, and I love his cool, detached writing style, and how all his books are slightly deranged I love how the protagonists are always a bit off a big part of you detests them, a little bit of you feels sorry for them, and a tiny piece of you is jealous of the seemingly glamorous lives they live the sex, drugs, parties, dining at Spago with supermodels stuff not the ax murder Patrick Bateman stuff.
Lunar Park is a bit different, because while I felt the expected pity and disgust toward the main character in the beginning of the novel, toward the end he made a turn for the better and I found myself somewhat invested in him The story follows

This novel could have been really something but it turned into a real dog s breakfast Crap all over the place What a mess Reading Lunar Park was like watching one of those jovial interviews with major serial killers you can find on youtube The reporter is alarmed mortified astonished to find himself quite liking this monster who slaughtered 17 human beings You get this kind of dialogue Hey Jeff, can you explain a little what would be going through your mind when you were drilling holes in those guys heads to make them into sex zombies Oh, you know, pretty much the same that would be going through your mind when you re trying to finish a tricky bit of DIY, John Aw, that so, Jeff Yeah, pretty much, John they laugh ruefully For the first 40 pages, Lunar Park sideswipes you with what appears to be a bizarrely truthf Hear ye, hear ye I am SUCH a liar, you guys I ve always admitted to having read the whole B.
E collection, but have lied This one makes it done Complete I am very VERY much done with Ellis at this point in my life it couldn t have been sooner.
The one striking thing about this one is its description of the fall of the once mythical, once impressive B.
E once famous and rich relevant, he grabs at past glories in a very saddening fashion, grabbing at straws really, trying to relive transplant various episodes of his once victorious and literary career Esp borrows heavily from American Psycho.
This is very lame I ve been curious of where to place this book on the bookshelf Top Shelf Rules of Attraction 1 , American Psycho 2 , Glamorama 3 Mid Level Less Than Zero 4 OR the trash, along

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