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[John Grogan] é Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog [mysticism PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Ahhh I loved this book I laughed, I cried, I remeneniced I thought about my beloved black labrador, Duff Just like John said, They really are they when you need them Duff was always there for me Walks down the hill, over the streets, down by the Golf Course, with the sunsetting Sitting on the couch together watching a movie Sitting out on the hill, at my sunnyspot on the hill, writing or listening to music Duff was always there Sometimes he slept on my bed, but usually he had too many fleas I fed him, gave him water, took him on the most walks out of all the family members, he helped me lose weight that way Then he got sick in his old age, he was 13 years old I was there for him during his last months I was living at my pa To be honest, I couldn t even finish this because it was so stupid Life and Love with the World s Worst Dog Owner For crying out loud get this poor dog some exercise and a trainer I hate books and movies like this The zany antics of poorly trained, poorly raised, poorly managed pets and their self centered, moronic, owners I m always afraid stories like this will encourage other ill informed, clueless people to adopt dogs they can t handle.
I ve owned dogs all my life and never had problems like this I adopt dogs that I can manage, not large hunting breeds that need exercise than I have time to give them I train them I keep training them so we both don t get out of the habit of them following the rules I don t set them up for failure by spoiling them and failing to provide boundaries The result I ve never owned a problem dog I ve even adopted John And Jenny Were Just Beginning Their Life Together They Were Young And In Love, With A Perfect Little House And Not A Care In The World Then They Brought Home Marley, A Wiggly Yellow Furball Of A Puppy Life Would Never Be The SameMarley Quickly Grew Into A Barreling, Ninety Seven Pound Streamroller Of A Labrador Retriever, A Dog Like No Other He Crashed Through Screen Doors, Gouged Through Drywall, Flung Drool On Guests, Stole Women S Undergarments, And Ate Nearly Everything He Could Get His Mouth Around, Including Couches And Fine Jewelry Obedience School Did No Good Marley Was Expelled Neither Did The Tranquilizers The Veterinarian Prescribed For Him With The Admonishment, Don T Hesitate To Use These And Yet Marley S Heart Was Pure Just As He Joyfully Refused Any Limits On His Behavior, His Love And Loyalty Were Boundless, Too Marley Shared The Couple S Joy At Their First Pregnancy, And Their Heartbreak Over The Miscarriage He Was There When Babies Finally Arrived And When The Screams Of A Seventeen Year Old Stabbing Victim Pierced The Night Marley Shut Down A Public Beach And Managed To Land A Role In A Feature Length Movie, Always Winning Hearts As He Made A Mess Of Things Through It All, He Remained Steadfast, A Model Of Devotion, Even When His Family Was At Its Wit S End Unconditional Love, They Would Learn, Comes In Many Forms I have a dog my first and like all good, over excited, enthusiastic first time parents, when I got it I had every intention of reading every single goddamned book on the topic Marley Me by John Grogan was the next on a long and ever expanding list It had been on the bestseller lists for quite a long time and so I was expecting it to be a light, enjoyable read The kind palatable to the masses and easily read between Mitch Albom and Nicholas Sparks.
With Marley Me, I was expecting a dog book, a man s book I mean, right on the cover is a picture of a cute little puppy looking up at the camera with innocent, loving eyes and a subtitle reading, Life And Love With The World s Worst dog So I was expecting a book about a man and his dog.
W Os Mestres Do Amor IncondicionalSeja na vida real, no cinema ou na literatura, os c es conquistam nos Partilham alegrias, consolam tristezas s o seres ador veis e uma fonte inesgot vel de amor incondicional.
S o peritos e mestres nessa arte e Marley n o excep o.
Por estranho que pare a, o conv vio continuado com o c o faz de n s, humanos mais humanos You have to read books your grandma gives your for Christmas Having said that, Marley s antics were mildly amusing I guess , but I couldn t see past the fact that the owners were simply moronic Example they know their dog goes bananas and tries to claw its way to perceived safety anytime thunderstorms hit, tearing the house to shreds in the process So what do they do to prevent it from ripping apart the house in the event of a thunderstorm in their absence They put it in a little dog crate while they leave And can you guess what happens It tries to claw its way through the metal bars and hurts itself in the process.
No kidding I never would have foreseen that.
If you can t handle a dog, don t get one.
What a beautiful book I read this too soon after losing my 10 year old golden Labrador to cancer, so I found it made me extremely emotional It s very well written and some of the antics of Marley are so typical of a young Labrador Hilarious, heartbreaking and beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
This is a book for dog lovers, and for those who have been loved by a dog The Grogans may not have been the best dog trainers in the world, and they may have made a common mistake of buying their dog from a backyard breeder, but what they did right was they loved their dog, and stayed devoted to him through his whole life, from puppyhood to old age In this throwaway society, where many people consider pets to be disposable , to be dumped at the pound when they are no longer a cute puppy, or when they start misbehaving, the Grogans did what all responsible pet owners should do They stuck with Marley, they tried to learn, they tried obedience classes, they worked with their vet to help control Marley s issues, and they actually considered their dog a part

This is the first book that has ever, and I emphasize EVER, made me laugh so hard and cry so much All in one book Marley Me is the predictable and somewhat cliche story about a dog and his owner If you pick up this book expecting a unique story, put it down and look for something else If you pick up this book expecting to learn about how to train your dog, put it down and look for something else If you pick up this book wanting to read a touching, but very entertaining story about being a dog owner, you ve come to the right place.
This book basically chronicles the Marley s life with the Grogan s from puppyhood to his last few breaths.
Most of the negative reviews I ve read about this book criticized the author s poor training methods No one s perfect And just like parents, dog owners can make mistakes too Addition SO my mom sent me this book because she thought I was all down after a stupid break up, and she wanted to cheer me up I wasn t really down I was totally fucking pissed off I went into reading this book seeing red Maybe that s affected how I interpreted it, but I really think this John Grogan guy and his wife are complete idiots There is no reason to ever buy a dog, ever Ever There are dogs dying all over the country because people abandon their animals or neglect to have them spayed neutered, and these two roll up to a backyard breeder to pick out and pay for a puppy Total bullshit I am so against the mentality that a certain breed has the traits someone is looking for or is the kind of dog they grew up with and have fond memories of, and therefore has to be bred, sold and paid for Go

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[John Grogan] é Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog [mysticism PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ izmirescort.pro John Grogan has spent than 25 years as a newspaper journalist Previously he worked as a reporter, bureau chief, and columnist at newspaper in Michigan and Florida He is also the former editor on chief of Rodale s Organic Gardening magazine His work has won numerous awards, including the National Press Club s Consumer Journalism Award His first book, Marley Me, is a number one inte