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Trailer Ò Mill PDF by ↠´ David Macaulay I read this book aloud to my 4th and 7th grader as we studied the early 1800s in history this year It is a beautiful book, full of wonderful details but at times we found it to be a little dry and monotonous we were also aiming to read it all in one week, so we trudged through several pages at a time But the depth of understanding of how Mills work and how they influenced the landscape of New England proved to be invaluable Some of my favorite literature is set in the 1800s and reading this book gave me a deeper understanding of how life was back then A few weeks after reading Mill, we moved on to the Civil War period and read another wonderful book, Turn Homeward, Hannahlee The main characters in that story are Mill hands, so we felt like we enjoyed that story even , armed with our new knowledge of life around a Mill Now I m The Mills At Wicksbridge Are Imaginary, But Their Planning, Construction, And Operation Are Quite Typical Of Mills Developed In New England Throughout The Nineteenth Century A wonderful story that takes the reader through the life and times of an infant small village Mill into the mature years of a 20th century factory Mill Excellent illustrations, and fun storyline that allows the reader to become involved with the life of the Mill I loved it.
This is a fascinating account of the life and times of a Millwright and his trade Details on choosing a location for the Mill, building the Mill, and how the machinery to grind the grain worked puts the reader in the position as the Millwright himself This book is written as part history book, part informational, and even part journal, using fictional diary entries to give the reader a sense of the everyday life of a Miller A touch of drama is thrown in as we read of Mill workers who are injured and or killed while on the job 1864 August 15 Mary McDonnell was drawn into the machinery by the belting today and lost her right arm below the elbow I fear the heat will not help her recoveryAugust 17 Mary McDonnell died today, the infection having spread too quickly from her injury I will send her wages on to her mother in Southbridge This book is supposedly wri All the David Macaulay books are awesome He is a superb artist and illustrator You feel like you ve traveled in a time machine to the distant past His books are absolute treasures The pictures are almost jaw dropping, they are that good Wish he had written many , they are real reference works in history and old technologyThis book is an excellent introduction and insight to Project Management It broadly details the issues of materials, manning, infrastructure, site evaluation and construction The wonderful drawings of David Macauley makes it feel very real to the reader It jogs the imagination to include other other items not detailed This book could serve as an example for teaching the use of Project Management software.
While the fictional story creates the thread by which the development of the Mill can be followed, it s the detailed drawings and descriptions that bring a lost industry that once was critical in our early world to life Macaulay s renderings provide a rich insight into an 18th century Mill from site planning to the development of the dam and the initial Mill works The growth of the Mill is then seen over the decades as it expands and finally falls into disuse as economic conditions contribute to its demise Anyone who is familiar with the writing and illustrative stories of artist author Eric Sloane will enjoy this work as well.

Loved this book, because in our grade school introduction to American history, nothing was said about these Mills or about their critical part in a developing American economy I wanted to know the parts of the story that had been omitted, and this was one of the best tellings of what these Mills were and who engineered them This story and all Macaulay s other books will be easy to share with young students some day, and for that, I am truly grateful.
This is an important book Written for children, it can be used just as effectively by adults to comprehend the beginnings of the industrial revolution in the United States Learn and see how men tamed our rivers and how men, women and children were swallowed up in these great monuments to progress.
The illustrations are remakable David Macaulay deftly describes and illustrates how the technology that made America a world industrial power came to the young new country and how American ingenuity improved it and made the nation into a world class economic juggernaut.
The author is a superb story teller, and anyone who would like to visualize the nature of Mills and to understand the profound impact of this technology on Mill is, simply put, remarkably well crafted In it, David Macaulay gives us a brief history of the beginnings of the textile industry in America, walks us through the planning and construction of four successively complex Mills, lavishly illustrates the buildings, the machines and their power sources and, at the same time, manages to thoroughly convince us that we would never want to work in one.
This last trick is subtle and, to my knowledge, doesn t appear in any of the other books in this series From Cathedral, City and, to a lesser extent, Castle, you get the distinct feeling that these were great and noble projects that you would have loved to have been a part of You get this sense too from Mill, but the heady rush that come

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