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Download Epub Format õ Le Complexe de Di PDF by ↠´ Dai Sijie HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK SUCKED I couldn t even MAKE myself finish it Full of ridiculous psycho babble, with a main character or perhaps an author who is FAR too impressed with his own intellectual feats to make a coherent story Didn t even make it halfway with this one Dumped like a rotten date back into the library dropbox.
Booring, booringthe title should have been The Authors travelling mind I don t know what he was smoking when he wrote this dilapidated piece of dodo And, this from the man who wrote Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress, a book I really liked.
This book is a surrealistic trip through China told by a most improbable protagonist Muo, a Chinese psychoanalyst trained in France, takes a bizzare trip across China looking for a virgin to sate the jaded appetite of a sadistic judge, a former executioner of Chinese prisoners who took an unseemly pleasure in his job, and who now holds the keys to the freedom of his childhood love If this novel were a painting, it would be a twisted dreamscape by Dali and if it were a play, it would the stepchild of Waiting for Godot Certainly, the entire book has a dream like atmosphere, and it is hard to tell where reality ends and dreams begin But maybe that is the point The book has many targets for its wicked sense of humor, not the least of which are Freud, psychoanalys I have a bit of a conundrum with this book I love the author s style of writingthere s something lyrical about the structure of his sentences that just engulf the reader Balzac and the Little Chinese seamstress hypnotized me with some of its passages That being said, Mr Muo s Traveling Couch is written with the same artful style, and yet somehow never struck the same chord with me I like quirky books, so the whole approach of the main character being a Chinese scholar who traveled to France to study the works of Freud was an amusing backdrop for exploring the culture of modern day China His obsession with dreams and sex open the door for him ending up in some very odd situations But I never really connected with the characters originally published in France as Le Complexe de Di by Gallimard, Paris, in 2003.
I ve truly grown to love Asian writers This writer happens to be Chinese born but lives and works in France Either way, the culture and wit of Asia and its artists have overwhelmed and enthralled me Mr Muo s Travelling Couch included.
Dai Sigie s second novel Mr Muo s Travelling Couch follows the experiences of the title character as he goes back to China after studying psychoanalysis in France He idolizes Freud and uses Freud s theories to achieve what he wants in his many escapades The irony of Muo s practice is that he is a virgin He constantly analyzes others according to Freud s sexually driven theories, yet he s never had sex himself.
Mr Muo s character is lovable and pitiable at the same time His quiet, intelligent manner makes the predicaments he finds himself in that muchlaughable This boo Quirky, darkly funny, bizzare yet believable characters running like lab rats through the maze of a totalitarian and often contraditory and confusing state of both the country and mind in China West meets east with the incorrigable Mr Muo and his psychoanalytical belief system that has him analyzing,questioning, finally experiencing his own freudian belief system and obssession with the libido Mr Muo is the ultimate example of man s complex make up of psycological paradoxes While trying to free an imprisoned female friend he feels unrequited love for, he seems about as lucky to the people that cross his path as a blackcat, crossing theirs and knocking a ladder on their head causing them to crash into a mirror being moved into their path only to shatter into a thousand shards each reflecting the bad luck that spills out onto the barren wastle land of unfufil Having Enchanted Readers On Two Continents With Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress, Dai Sijie Now Produces A Rapturous And Uproarious Collision Of East And West, A Novel About The Dream Of Love And The Love Of Dreams Fresh FromYears In Paris Studying Freud, Bookish Mr Muo Returns To China To Spread The Gospel Of Psychoanalysis His Secret Purpose Is To Free His College Sweetheart From Prison To Do So He Has To Get On The Good Side Of The Bloodthirsty Judge Di, And To Accomplish That He Must Provide The Judge With A Virgin Maiden This May Prove Difficult In A China That Has Embraced Western Sexual S Along With Capitalism Especially Since Muo, While Indisputably A Romantic, Is No Ladies Man Tender, Laugh Out Loud Funny, And Unexpectedly Wise, Mr Muo S Travelling Couch Introduces A Hero As Endearingly Inept As Inspector Clouseau And As Valiant As Don Quixote AudiobookWhat a romp Travel along with Mr Muo, China s only registered psychoanalyst as he seeks a virgin in China to offer as a bribe to a crooked judge, in order to free his friends, The Embalmer and Volcano of the Old Moon from wrongful imprisonment Along the way, you will roar with laughter at the dry wit of the author as he offers such tidbits as popular children s songs from the Revolutionary Re Education period which laud the joy of Communism Also, enjoy the dream analysis offered by our Mr Muo as he takes his office on the road Step into the inner dream and fantasy world of Mr Muo, whose training in France has enhanced his openness to his own stream of consciousness.
Marvelous I picked this up since I had enjoyed Dai Sijie s previous book Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress but this was nowhere near as good There were a few unexpected entertaining twists that kept me from giving up but it felt like a short story that had been drawn out unnecessarily long leaving the ending up to your imagination I did enjoy being transported along with Mr Muo from life in France back to life in China and the initial culture shock that went with it and to see how the worlds overlap in Muo and presumably the author s life.
Yeuch Mr Muo the creepy little pervert slithering along the train to try and fondle a girl s ankles gave me the horrors I d have smacked him in the personables if he came near me It started bad and got worse with embalming women and washing machines that eat clothes while creepy boy hunts down a virgin to sell Shudder

Dai Sijie

Download Epub Format õ Le Complexe de Di PDF by ↠´ Dai Sijie Dai Sijie was born in China in 1954 He grew up working in his fathers tailor shop He himself became a skilled tailor The Maoist government sent him to a reeducation camp in rural Sichuan from 1971 to 1974, during the Cultural Revolution After his return, he was able to complete high school and university, where he studied art history.In 1984, he left China for France on a scholarship There,