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Ö Read Ù My Life with the Chimpanzees by Jane Goodall Ö Inspired By A Stuffed Toy, Jane Goodall Became The First Woman To Study Chips In The Wild And In The Process Made HistoryAs A Child, Jane Goodall Was Given A Stuffed Chimpanzee Named Jubilee, And She Has Said Her Fondness For This Figure Started Her Early Love Of Animals While Others Thought Jane Would Be Terrified By The Toy, She Adored It And It Inspired A Life Long Love Of Animals In Her Jane Dreamed Of A Life Spent Working With Animals, And When She Was Twenty Six Years Old, She Ventured Into The Forests Of Africa To Observe Chimpanzees In The Wild During Her Expeditions She Braved Many Dangers And She Got To Know An Amazing Group Of Wild Chimpanzeesintelligent Animals Whose Lives, In Work And Play And Family Relationships, Bear A Surprising Resemblance To Our Own Through Her Work At Gombe Stream National Park In Tanzania And Her Own Roots And Shoots Program She Has Become A Tireless Advocate For Animals And The Planet As For That Stuffed Toy, Jubilee Still Sits On Goodalls Dresser In London read this with my 9 year old in conjunction with a school project, along with three other books on Goodall that my daughter got through pretty quickly I had assumed this would be our favorite, that it would present an in depth look at Jane s early years in Tanzania but we struggled to finish it There is really only one chapter focusing on Jane s life with the chimps and you have to get through than 1 2 the book to get there Although I still found the book to be interesting, my daughter had a hard time finishing it and much preferred Who is Jane Goodall.
My 8 year old was assigned to do her monthly book report on a biography She wanted to read about Abraham Lincoln until she found out she had to dress up as the book s subject Regrouping with a week to go and a driving vacation looming, I rushed to to find a children s biography available in audio download and stumbled upon this gem We all listened to the abridged audio version on the trip, and I do think that hearing it read by the author added a great deal My daughter read the unabridged book with fascination when we got home, though I suspect she might have had difficulty relating to the book had she not heard Jane Goodall speak her own words first At any rate, the report outfitted with khakis, a notebook, and a velcro handed stuffed chimp was a great success, and my daughter has met a role model of determination, compassion This book was so broing I couldn t even get through the whole thing She was putting me to sleep Great descriptions of the difficulties and obstacles she faced, the delays that occurred and readjustments that were made, yet she was undeterred in her goal of observing chimpanzees in their natural environment Her steadfast determination and great discipline is evident in this personal narrative The early support from Louis Leakey and her mother gave her initial support in embarking on what would become her life s work, leading to her later conservation efforts.
The only suggestion would be to have made the photos full page size and to have of them, including detailed maps.
I just loved the stories about the chimpanzee families she talks about The relationship she developed were as real as a friend or family member Her connection to nature struggles of raising her own family, setting personal goals achieving them She literally created a very simple lifestyle in the jungle, brought awareness to the rest of the world to poaching the importance of conservation yet remains humble secure in the life she created The richest woman on the planet in my opinion Very inspiring I think this book serves a good purpose as it shows how a single minded noble vision can be pursued to success The world needs Jane Goodall s thinking than ever, and of course, all of us need to believe we can make a difference Her work attests to that and this book not only shows how she has done it, but suggests some areas of focus for the rest of us to continue in her footsteps It s a quick read intended for younger readers I suppose and I recommend it, but I don t believe it is great literature and it certainly skips a lot Nonetheless, it makes a great textbook case for trying to lead an exemplary life in the natural world.
My daughter loves apes, and we all love Jane Goodall I bought this book for her as a birthday present I would guess that it is written at at least a 3rd to 4th grade reading level I read it aloud to my 8 and 6 year old girls It is a short autobiography We all liked the fact that it started with Jane s life as a young girl and then detailed how she ended up working with chimps It also discussed her life with the chimps in detail, how she set up camp her mother stayed with her at first, which I think is a charming detail and various adventures that she had The only part of the book that I did not care for so much was the final chapter which gets a little preachy about taking care of animals and the world But even that doesn t bother me so much because she s RIGHT and my girls did listen and take what Jane Goodall wrote to heart.
This is a lovely A must read book.

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