[ Read Online N. C. Wyeth: A Biography Ø paranormal-mystery PDF ] by David Michaelis ì izmirescort.pro

[ Read Online N. C. Wyeth: A Biography Ø paranormal-mystery PDF ] by David Michaelis ì N.
C WYETH is so many things a great biography, but also an amazing psychobiography of a family, a magisterially incisive art book, a heartbreaking chronicle of America s passage from thumping, Teddy Roosevelt ian certainty to nuclear anxiety, from a pastoral Eden to a subdivided automated monster So many things, and yet what I keep coming back to is how keenly David Michaelis has brought this man alive, in all his greatness and fallibility, his humanity Forget about the arbitrary divisions between fiction and nonfiction this is an absolute literary achievement.
His Name Summons Up Our Earliest Images Of The Beloved books We read As Children His Illustrations For Scribner S Illustrated Classics Treasure Island, Kidnapped, The Last Of The Mohicans, The Yearling Are Etched Into The Collective Memory Of Generations Of Readers He Was Hailed As The Greatest American Illustrator Of His Day For Forty Three Years, Starting In , NC Wyeth Painted Landscapes, Still Lifes, Portraits, And Murals, As Well As Illustrations For A Long Shelf Of World Literature Yet Despite Worldwide Acclaim, He Judged Himself A Failure, Believing That Illustration Was Of No ImportanceDavid Michaelis Tells The Story Of Wyeth S Family Through Four Generations A Saga That Begins And Ends With Tragedy And Brings To Life The Huge Spirited, Deeply Complicated Man, And An America That Was Quickly Vanishing I discovered NC Wyeth accidentally as he is not known at all in France I already had a book with some of his illustrations without any text attached to it so it was with great pleasure I read this enthralling book What moved me the most was his profound sense of failure regardless of all the praise he was receiving Michaelis is not so much making Wyeth s pictures talk as making Wyeth s voice heard It is also a very vivid description of the passing of an era, through the eyes of someone, Wyeth, who is desperate for its passing As for the book, it is a beautiful edition with carefully chosen illustrations A great read.
Amazing book but overpriced for an old edition.
The Wyeth family and the dynasty of painters it produced have always intrigued me So this well reviewed and substantial book about N.
Wyeth seemed a good way of discovering.
I thoroughly enjoyed it Unlike many biographies it was as gripping as a novel and was exhaustively researched but completely lacked the overly reverential tone many other biographers adopt The author is particularly good at stripping away the legends that accrete around famous people and discovering the facts of what did or didn t happen Having total access to the huge Wyeth family archive to consult must have helped but also explains the years of research The Wyeths seemed to have kept every scrap of paper for decades It is copiously illustrated on nearly every page and there are two large sections of colour plates which really gives

Although I was familiar with the paintings of Andrew Jamie Wyeth, I wasn t aware of N.
C until I read his letters in Dorie McCullough Lawson s wonderful collection, Posterity Letters of Great Americans to Their Children The brilliant writing in those letters, and the story of the tragic accident that killed him and his little grandson, made me want to know It led me to this book I ve just finished it, and can t stop thinking about it If a novelist made up this saga, one might say it was just too fantastic And yet the most fantastic thing of all is that it s true David Michaelis weaves the tale, not just of N.
C Wyeth, but of his family and his times Although so many people are introduced, the writing is clear and vibrant, and one never loses track of who s who No novel could be compelling than this saga, with twists an David Michaelis has exhaustively researched N C Wyeth s life, poring through literally thousands of letters and other materials preserved in the Wyeth archive, but his biography is no dry recitation of facts Through it, N C comes alive as a forceful presence, living through an amazing era and NOT exemplifying it Although his life spanned almost half of the twentieth century, the insular family world he grew up in, then created for himself, was a monumental attempt to preserve the values and morals of the nineteenth century Barry Moser highly recommended this book to me back in August, and I thank him for it as a work of history it is excellent, and as a biography is second to none.

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