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Ý Nightmare At 20,000 Feet: Horror Stories ↠´ Download by Ý Richard Matheson NIGHTMARE AT 20,000 FEET DRESS OF WHITE SILK BLOOD SON THROUGH CHANNELS WITCH WAR MAD HOUSE DISAPPEARING ACT LEGION OF PLOTTERS LONG DISTANCE CALL SLAUGHTER HOUSE WET STRAW DANCE OF THE DEAD THE CHILDREN OF NOAH THE HOLIDAY MAN OLD HAUNTS THE DISTRIBUTOR CRICKETS FIRST ANNIVERSARY THE LIKENESS OF JULIE PREY I think it s needless to talk about the way Matheson wrote his stories The above ratings have nothing to do with his writing style and were given while always having his brilliance in storytelling as an undeniable fact That is to say that the 2 and 3 star stories were also good but simply not as good as the rest As I was reading this amazing collection, I couldn t help marveling at how many later films, novels and shows were inspired by this brilliant author beside the ones that became episodes of The Twilight Zone Without extreme horror, splatte Like Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson has created timeless stories filled with the surreal, eerie and bizarre, and each one is certainly worth reading.
Remember That Monster On The Wing Of The Airplane William Shatner Saw It On The Twilight Zone, John Lithgow Saw It In The Movie Even Bart Simpson Saw It Nightmare At , Feet Is Just One Of Many Classic Horror Stories By Richard Matheson That Have Insinuated Themselves Into Our Collective ImaginationHere Are Than Twenty Of Matheson S Most Memorable Tales Of Fear And Paranoia, Including Duel, The Nail Biting Tale Of Man Versus Machines That Inspired Steven Spielberg S First Film Prey, In Which A Terrified Woman Is Stalked By A Malevolent Tiki Doll, As Chillingly Captured In Yet Another Legendary TV Moment Blood Son, A Disturbing Portrait Of A Strange Little Boy Who Dreams Of Being A Vampire Dress Of White Silk, A Seductively Sinister Tale Of Evil And InnocencePersonally Selected By Richard Matheson, The Bestselling Author Of I Am Legend And What Dreams May Come, These And Many Other Stories, Than Demonstrate Why He Is Rightfully Regarded As One Of The Finest And Most Influential Horror Writers Of Our Generation Nightmare at 20,000 feet is a collection of short stories by horror and weird fantasy genre trailblazing master Richard Matheson The collection begins with the title story, a favorite of Twilight Zone fans, both from the show and an episode starring a very young William Shatner and the film featuring John Lithgow in the lead This is an excellent way to begin because it highlights Matheson s psychological style of horror blending the surreal and fantastic Matheson s genius is close, subtle, the kind of insanity that covers the distance between the face and the mirror A stated favorite of Stephen King, Matheson serves as a literary bridge between King and the earlier horror master H.
P Lovecraft This can best be seen in the Lovecraftian Children of Noah and in Mad House which must have inspired Stephen King when he wrote The Shining Whil I love Richard Matheson His short stories are some of the best examples of the craft I ve ever seen He has this way of making me feel like I am a part of the story in a way that works brilliantly, especially considering that Matheson loves an open ending He lets the reader carry on where he leaves off, and that s one of my favorite things about reading his short stories Many of the stories in this collection are ones I ve read elsewhere, but listening to them on audio this time was fantastic Blood Son has a manic, urgent needy quality that the reader brought, and I loved it Long Distance Call was creepy and made me turn on the lights, despite my knowing the story already the raspy whispered Hello gave me chills In the best way.
Mad House is one of my favorite Matheson stories It s so good, so detailed in the way that frustration builds and builds and builds I seriously love thi This is my first real foray into Matheson s work that I can remember I readI Am Legenda very long time ago and can t quite recall it I knew he was an important and influential author but I had no idea to what extent It feels to me like he s the author that had the strongest influence on Stephen King Their style of storytelling and pacing at least in the short story work is very similar And you can also see why he was tapped to write The Twilight Zone episodes and why that show adapted a few of his stories If you re a fan of the show, you ll love this collection as the stories have a very similar structure.
I listened to this on audiobook throughout the span of several months I really enjoyed most of the tales in this collection and was constantly impressed with how clever and creative Matheson was in his storytelling The Fine Creepfest collection.
with no gore.
These 20 works of horror by Richard Matheson kick off with an introduction by Stephen King who says Without Richard Matheson, I wouldn t be around And a book dedication that reads To Stephen King, with much admiration for taking the ball and running with it all the way Aside from the iconic first story, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet and last Prey, the remaining 18 were all new for me.
the oldest from 1951 and newest 1969, with the majority written in the 50 s.
My top four favorites The Distributor reminiscent of Stephen King s Needful Things.
Wet Straw revenge at its most deadly best.
hehehe So well deserved.
Long Distance Call the creepiest most chilling kind.
Through Channels when F E E D turns to F E D.
Definitely recommend NIGHTMARE would make a great October pick, but nothing really I found Nightmare at 20, 000 Feet and Other Stories at my excellent public library The titular story is the basis for The Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner Well if you like the show, read the book Your heartbeat stays erratic the whole time I love the detail in which Matheson describes the harrowing experience the protagonist has He knows the gremlin is there but the darn thing disappears when he tries to point him out The flight crew getsandconvinced that the protagonist is off his rocker But he knows he s sane He is frightened out of his wits, but knowing that he s the only hope for the plane The reluctant hero comes up with a plan to save the plane because the gremlin is steadily and I must add gleefully, tearing it apart The climax is short, quick, wonderfully executed You heave a sigh of relief when the story ends This volume has other classic st

Remember the Twlight Zone episode with William Shatner seeing gremlins on the wing of the plane Well, that s the title story And many others in this collection are just as good.
Good horror stories make you experience the world differently Unexpected noises make you jumpy Your slightly odd neighbour begins to look decidedly sinister You lie in bed thinking that you ll be safe if you don t peek your head out from under your blankets When you read a good horror story, fear leaks from its pages and infects you.
Richard Matheson s collection Nightmare At 20,000 Feet Horror Stories is mostly made up of these sorts of stories.
You ve probably read I am Legend Matheson s story that was recently cinematically butchered by Will Smith If you haven t it s one of the greats a fantastic read that will blindside you, and blindside you hard Matheson was a twilight zone writer and he excels at stories with surprising endings that will horrify you, and occasionally even make you laugh.
There are some real gems in here the titular Nightmare at 20

Richard Matheson

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