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[Linwood Barclay] ê No Time for Goodbye [disabled-communities PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Fourteen Year Old Cynthia Bigge Woke One Morning To Discover That Her Entire Family, Mother, Father, Brother Had Vanished No Note, No Trace, No Return Ever Now, Twenty Five Years Later, She Ll Learn The Devastating Truth Sometimes Better Not To Know Cynthia Is Happily Married With A Young Daughter, A New Family But The Story Of Her Old Family Isn T Over A Strange Car In The Neighborhood, Untraceable Phone Calls, Ominous Gifts, Someone Has Returned To Her Hometown To Finish What Was Started Twenty Five Years Ago And No One S Innocence Is Guaranteed, Not Even Her Own By The Time Cynthia Discovers Her Killer S Shocking Identity, It Will Again Be Too Late Even For Goodbye I thoroughly enjoyed this book it was written from the point of view of the woman s husband, and he takes you through the past, what little they knowstarting with the 25th anniversary of her family s disappearance About 1 3rd of the way through, you start to get pieces of the puzzle, but they throw in a lot of speculation about who could have done it Parts of it kept me guessing right until the very end LOVED this book Holy crap on a cracker This book was fantastic Definitely a 5 star novel I love Linwood Barclay because his writing is so similar to Harlan Coben s and I am a huge fan of Coben and am becoming an even bigger fan of Barclay This book gave me goosebumps than once and in my book no pun intended that makes it a 4 or 5 star Cynthia Bigge, a fourteen year old girl is drug home one night by her father after he catches her drinking and making out with a much older boy When she gets home she has a spat with her father and wishes them all dead The next morning she wakes to an empty house No mom, no dad, and no brother Fast forward 25 years, Cynthia Bigge now Cynthia Archer is married and has a daughter of her own She still

It is a mystery to me why I have not read of this author s books I picked this one up for a Challenge Canadian author and it was really good The premise was excellent Teenage girl wakes up one morning and finds her mother, father and brother have all gone There last night, gone this morning, and twenty or years later there is still no sign of what happened to them A mystery indeed.
As incidents occurred to bring back the past I tried to guess where the clues were leading and who was responsible I got bits right and other parts totally wrong but it was all good exercise for the brain it all got very tense at times and the ending was very satisfactory.
Recommended for anyone who likes a smart thriller and, oh look, there is a follow up book as well I gave this book five stars simply for entertainment value It was almost like watching a film, the characters came to life and the whole book was great fun to read who cares if the plot was a little implausable It s not the sort of book you ll want to keep and read again but enjoy it as a fast food treat If you read it over a weekend as I did, beware, you might not get much else done.

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[Linwood Barclay] ê No Time for Goodbye [disabled-communities PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ izmirescort.pro Linwood Barclay is the 1 internationally bestselling author of seventeen novels for adults, including No Time for Goodbye, Trust Your Eyes and, most recently, A Noise Downstairs He has also written two novels for children and screenplays.Three of those seventeen novels comprise the epic Promise Falls trilogy Broken Promise, Far From True, and The Twenty Three His two novels for children