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ò Odd Thomas Î Download by ì Dean Koontz The Dead Don T Talk I Don T Know Why But They Do Try To Communicate, With A Short Order Cook In A Small Desert Town Serving As Their Reluctant Confidant Odd Thomas Thinks Of Himself As An Ordinary Guy, If Possessed Of A Certain Measure Of Talent At The Pico Mundo Grill And Rapturously In Love With The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Stormy LlewellynMaybe He Has A Gift, Maybe It S A Curse, Odd Has Never Been Sure, But He Tries To Do His Best By The Silent Souls Who Seek Him Out Sometimes They Want Justice, And Odd S Otherworldly Tips To Pico Mundo S Sympathetic Police Chief, Wyatt Porter, Can Solve A Crime Occasionally They Can Prevent One But This Time It S DifferentA Mysterious Man Comes To Town With A Voracious Appetite, A Filing Cabinet Stuffed With Information On The World S Worst Killers, And A Pack Of Hyena Like Shades Following Him Wherever He Goes Who The Man Is And What He Wants, Not Even Odd S Deceased Informants Can Tell Him His Most Ominous Clue Is A Page Ripped From A Day By Day Calendar For August Today Is August In Less Than Twenty Four Hours, Pico Mundo Will Awaken To A Day Of Catastrophe As Evil Coils Under The Searing Desert Sun, Odd Travels Through The Shifting Prisms Of His World, Struggling To Avert A Looming Cataclysm With The Aid Of His Soul Mate And An Unlikely Community Of Allies That Includes The King Of Rock N Roll His Account Of Two Shattering Days When Past And Present, Fate And Destiny Converge Is The Stuff Of Our Worst Nightmares, And A Testament By Which To Live Sanely If Not Safely, With Courage, Humor, And A Full Heart That Even In The Darkness Must Persevere Odd Thomas is a 20 year old fry cook, and he can see dead people It s either a gift or a curse In less than twenty four hours, Pico Mundo will awaken to a day of catastrophe, and it s up to Odd to try and prevent it The thing with this novel is that the plot was terribly slow Koontz served up a lot of character building, a lot being the first 1 3 of the novel That is pretty normal, but the result should be satisfactory While I am really liking Odd as a character, I just don t see him as a 20 year old kid He seemed like someone who s 30 years old He seemed to have so much knowledge crammed in his 20 year old brain It s just not normal I m 19 years old, and I don t think like he does He was planning marriage as soon as possible, and that is really not normal Stormy was also quite unrealistic I don t see why she keeps up with Odd, to be hones I usually do not read supernatural books When I read Chain Letter 2 back in high school, I went against popular opinion and rated Chain Letter 1 higher, because 2 was a premise with supernatural events.
Back to Odd Thomas, I loved reading even the low key chapters Dean Koontz has a knack for oozing interesting things from even the most mundane thoughts or settings.
I feared who would die in the end, and I was surprised I cried like a kid and I recommend Odd Thomas, and I m going to read book 2 for sure, sooner or later These days I rarely cry because of books, but here I was overcome.
Best read of 2004 Wow What a way to start a new year This is the first book I ve read by Dean Koontz and I m kicking myself in the behind for overlooking the man for some many years After this review, I will make it a point to get my hands on a copy of everything the man has ever written I first mentioned this book to my ex husband after coming across it in the bookstore early December Back cover seemed interesting enough but, not being a fan of Koontz, I decided to put it on my wish list A few days later, my husband handed me the book God Bless The Man grin and with the first words My name is Odd Thomas I was hooked There are no simple words to describe this book it is a literary masterpiece There were times when I forgot that I was reading a book and felt as if I were r I ve not read much Koontz but this seemed like a popular one, I m even planning to watch the film afterwards.
I liked how the story was narrated through Odd, it was really easy to get a feel for the character Whilst working as a short order cook young Odd has the ability to see dead people, I instantly thought of Sixth Sense.
In truth this novel reminded me of a few other well known books, the most obvious being Stephen King s The Dead Zone as Odd has a premonition that something bad is about to happen.
One of the ghosts that hangs around near Odd is a well known celebrity, I won t spoil the surprise but he has also appeared in another supernatural book series.
Even though it felt like treading old ground, Odd is such a great character who I was happy to spend time with.
I definitely want to readKoontz, I d be happy to continue with this series.
This book wasn t supposed to make me cry This book was supposed to be simple, mindless fun I wasn t supposed to fall in love with the tortured and unloved by family Odd This story was supposed to be easy So why am I still crying I had not asked to be born Only to be loved.
Review to come.
As a kid, the first thing I did when I was coming back from school was stop by at the library I used to check out various mystery novels like those with The Three Investigators, a saga that has remained a favorite and to this day I m fond of it and one day the librarian God bless her decided that I was mature enough meaning I started growing whiskers and recommended Stephen King.
Needless to say, I started to read one King book after the other in quick succesion, sometimes even two at the same time I was addicted, much like a heroin addict that needs his fix, I checked out a new King book every day And then came the unavoidable sad day when there were no new books by King on the library shelf Since my memories were still too viv This was one weird story that ramped up to great 4 star finish I was skeptical through the first 3 4 of the book or so, I even had a hard time staying interested, but the end was great I look forward toin the series.
Hooray for Odd Thomas That s really his name, by the way.
Dean Koontz has made a winner with this 2003 publication that spawned ten other works as of 2015 and a 2013 film.
First of all, Koontz crafted in Odd a very likeable hero Notice I did not use the term protagonist, as Odd is a real hero, doing what is right, having fun with it, and being an all around great guy Odd s heroism is emphasized by his comparison to his thoroughly unlikeable and completely unsympathetic parents By showing us Odd s parents, Koontz also adds depth and character to the already interesting storyline.
And he sees dead people.
Odd also sees what he calls bodachs These are wolfish, shadowy creatures of unknown origin that might be demons, or they might be something else Koontz crea My sister and I listened to this in the car on our trips around town In that week orwe spent together, I felt like Odd became part of my life I was rather sad when it ended I appreciated the audiobook format very much I think it was very immersive, and Koontz words were very poetic Odd is such a unique guy He s got a pure heart and that s saying something His gift has made his life very difficult, but he doesn t take it like a curse It s his life, and he takes ownership of that He protects his town of Pico Mundo with a steadfast and vigilant dedication, and his only aspiration in life is to be with his true love, Stormy Llewellyn Odd Thomas is a story about a young man who sees ghosts and who does his part to resolve what has wronged them When he meets a very strange man on what seems like a typical day, his life will change inevitably This bo

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