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¹ Read à Old Yeller by Fred Gipson ↠´ This was rough and cruel not in a bad sense and heart breaking I think I am not capable of writing a proper review for this Not now, not ever I can t believe this is for 9 12 ages.
Just one thing I started this with an audiobook from HarperCollins The narrator s voice sounded like a character from an old western film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly In this way I could feel the old American spirit of the story, kind of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn mood But then I dropped the audio and started to read when I reached the emotional parts, because, well, I couldn t bear the insensitive reading and needed to read it myself.
Oh, and I am not a big crier view spoiler even when Dobby died hide spoiler Now Travis, he said, you re getting to be a big boy, and while I m gone, you ll be the man of the family I want you to act like one You take care of mama and Little Arliss You look after the work and don t wait around for your mama to point out what needs to be done Think you can do that Yessir, I said.
His father had to go away to get some cash money by selling his steer But the boy wanted a horse The upshot being that if he acted as a man when his father was away, he would be rewarded with his wish upon his father s return.
And on that note his father left with the other steer herders and they went off to the cattle market in Kansas to return in the fall.
I acquired this book on another whim I wanted something light to read and I read an excellent review by Jim on Goodreads, so decided this was the book for me and a qu At First, Travis Couldn T Stand The Sight Of Old YellerThe Stray Dog Was Ugly, And A Thieving Rascal, Too But He Sure Was Clever, And A Smart Dog Could Be A Big Help On The Wild Texas Frontier, Especially With Papa Away On A Long Cattle Drive Up To AbileneStrong And Courageous, Old Yeller Proved That He Could Protect Travis S Family From Any Sort Of Danger But Can Travis Do The Same For Old Yeller This 1950s Pocket edition, purchased from a Sonoma used book store, presented today as a gift to my eight year old daughter on this later After thanking me she asked me what it was about I told her it s about a boy and his dog She asked me if the dog dies I told her he does, but that it is still a good book She asked if I had read it I told her I hadn t only seen the movie She asked me to read it for her first to make sure it wasn t too sad She s on to meOur 14 year old protagonist Travis comes of age when his father leaves him to be the man of the house while he does a cattle drive from Texas to Kansas Gipson s frontiersy narrative and dialogue feels right, sounds right, for a book written for children in the 1950s about life in West Texas in the late 1860s My memories of the movie are hazy, but it seems that the film Amazing There is a reason this book is such a classic I cried at the end What a dog that Yeller A frontier family survive with the help of this scoundrel dog This book is so grounded and down to earth They had a lot of ingenuity living on the land as they did I appreciated how Fred handled the emotions of the characters Everything and everyone felt so real I felt like they were living and breathing Travis s emotional arch is touching This is a work of art, it really is I m so glad I gave this a go You should too.
Let me say first that some love this book and to be fair I never read it except to get an idea of the story You will find in my books low ratings for Black Beauty, The Yearling, Old Yeller and any books that have the pain of life motif in common By the way this includes Cold Mountain Look up my review and you ll see I try to give recognition that it s well written but just not a book I can like And these ratings are how I feel and what I think of these books Some will say how they love these books and how possibly there was just no other way to realistically end the story I grew up in the Smokies and without going over my childhood, I had 2 dogs killedshot I ve lived through the loss of beloved animals, beloved people and beloved relationshipsI don t need a This review is for mothers and fathers of sons written by a man with no children Forgive my presumptuousness, but please don t let my lack of experience stop you from reading Here s the story of Old Yeller Daddy, Mama, young son, and early teenage son live as a family on the Texas frontier To provide for the family, Daddy has to go on a cattle drive to Kansas Before he leaves, Daddy takes the oldest son aside and tells him he is going to have to be the man of the house since Daddy will be gone the next few months.
When you get to this anachronistic charge, you may be tempted to throw the book down and dismiss the entire book as patriarchal and condescending If you have sons, keep reading You might even consider having your sons read this book In truth, Old Yeller is the timeless story Gipson s simply told tale of a boy and his dog living in the Texas Hill Country of 1860 is a genuine classic of children s literature Travis Coates is only 14 years old, but while his father is off for months on a cattle drive, he is the man of the house, left on the homestead with his mother and younger brother, 5 year old Arliss A stray yellow mutt of a dog, with one ear virtually chewed off, and only a stump of a tail, shows up one day He s a no good, thieving rascal taking their meat and stealing eggs when he can but he proves himself to be a key defender of the family when he faces a bear that is targeting Arliss Just as Old Yeller worms his way into the family s hearts, this book will burrow into the reader s heart I am not a dog person, but I really connected with this book I think this in part due to th

I can only conclude that there must be something terribly wrong with me, that I would embark on a third reading of Old Yeller.
It s madness It s the only explanation.
I just felt as though my 10 year old was ready And she was I guess I felt ready again, too.
So we took on this 117 page classic from 1956, together, even though it had broken my heart twice before.
I was wondering if this daughter would consider the language dated, but, no, she took it all in stride She was surprisingly unfazed that Pa had once had to kill a Comanche, Ma had to skin a deer, and Travis had to shoot several small animals It was life in the 1800s, in the wild frontier that was Texas, and times weren t what they are now And, yet, when we got to the first of the two pivotal parts of the heart breaking plot, she jumped up and shouted, WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME LISTEN TO THIS I asked he I read this book because I love dogs and I m a masochist.

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¹ Read à Old Yeller by Fred Gipson ↠´ izmirescort.pro Also known as Frederick Benjamin Gipson He is best known for writing the 1956 novel Old Yeller, which became a popular 1957 Walt Disney film.